6 Mattress Buying Tips When Shopping At A Mattress Store

Having a good night’s sleep isn’t just allowing yourself to wake up refreshed, but it can also benefit your body in numerous ways. With a good rest, you can ensure that your body will gather all of the energy you need for the next day while reducing any possible body pains, especially from an old and broken mattress. With that, you can ensure that having a good bed plays an essential role in your sleep quality.

Mattress shopping isn’t easy as it looks. While you can always purchase a mattress that appears comfortable, there are plenty of things that you should consider. You can start right by visiting a good mattress store like the QueensWayMattress, or other similar companies, and you should see various mattress options, allowing you to have a perfect sleep.

With that, here are the mattress buying tips when shopping at a mattress store:

1. Identify Your Sleep Position

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Before you get your hands on any mattress you see in-store, you should first identify your sleep position. It can help you determine what kind of firmness you should have in your bed, allowing you to have a good and comfortable sleep at night. You can either go with a soft, medium, or firm mattress, and they should help you sleep soundly without worrying about others’ pains as you sleep.

Either a back or stomach sleeper, having a firm mattress can help you provide maximum support for your body. Alternatively, having medium-soft or medium-firm mattresses can allow you to sleep comfortably at night for a side sleeper. Since you’re shopping in-store, you might want to try to rest your body on it and see if it is cozy enough for you.

If you’re sharing your mattress with someone else, you should consider their sleep position as well. If you have a different sleep position, you should consider going for a medium mattress to meet each other halfway.

2. Don’t Forget Your Body Type

Apart from your sleeping position, don’t neglect to consider your body type. A person with a heavier weight might find a medium mattress too soft or plushy, not providing enough support for their body. With that, you should check your body type and consider that when purchasing your mattress.

A lighter person should consider a soft mattress, while a heavier person should go with something firmer. It will help ensure that the body gets the proper support as they sleep, giving comfort every night.

3. Recognize Your Sleep Concerns

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According to bestmattress, with the latest technology the mattress world has today, a mattress isn’t just something that you can lay your bodies on, but allow it to target any sleeping concerns you may have. It will help you get the most out of your sleep, disabling the possibility of waking up at night due to discomfort.

There are plenty of sleep concerns that you might be experiencing. It could be being a hot sleeper, light sleeper, prone to allergies, or merely wants the softest mattress out there. As you identify your sleeping concern, it’s time to look for the perfect mattress that can accommodate your worries and provide you with a good night’s sleep.

4. Check Out Various Materials

Mattress making isn’t just about using the same cushion over and over again. With the innovative time today, there are various mattress materials and types that you can choose.

One of the most traditional mattresses you can purchase is an innerspring mattress, as they can help provide enough bounce and airflow. Alternatively, if you’d like one that contours to your body as you lay at night, going for a memory foam mattress can easily do the trick. Moreover, if you have enough budget and would like to get the best of both worlds, you should consider getting a hybrid mattress as it can provide maximum support, comfort, and breathability. While they might be a little more expensive, they can ensure quality sleep every night, making them a good home upgrade.

As you check out mattress materials, you should consider any allergies that you may have. Some items might make you uncomfortable at night, giving you major health concerns. If you’re on the allergic side, you should consider getting an all-natural mattress or look for ones with hypo-allergenic materials to guarantee a safe and goodnight’s sleep.

5. Consider Mattress Accessories

Apart from the mattress itself, you might consider purchasing a mattress topper for added comfort. In this way, you can customize it exactly as how you want it to be. You could get all of the support from the mattress while allowing yourself to enjoy the softness and breathability of what a mattress topper can offer.

With a mattress topper, you can freely change it whenever you have a changing preference with how you want your mattress to be. Alternatively, you may consider getting a mattress protector to maximize the lifespan and quality of your mattress.

A mattress protector is responsible for keeping dust mites away from your bed, promoting good hygiene. Depending on the protector you purchase, they can also provide waterproof features, keeping stains and spills away from your bed.

6. Check The Warranty

The last thing you’d want to happen for your mattress is to bring one home, only to see that it’s faulty, breaks easily, or doesn’t provide the comfort as the brand promises. With that, you might want to bring it back to the store and ask for a replacement or a refund. However, if the mattress doesn’t come with a good warranty policy, you might just be throwing your money out of the trash.

A good mattress warranty will help to ensure that your purchase is in good hands. In most cases, a mattress warranty can last for up to eight to ten years, depending on the brand. Some can even offer a 100-day free trial, allowing you to test the mattress itself before confirming the purchase. It will help ensure that the investment is applicable for you, saving you from spending hundreds to thousands of bucks.


There are plenty of things one should consider when it comes to mattress shopping. While budget should always be a concern, looking for suitable material and firmness will help to guarantee a good night’s sleep. As people say, purchasing a quality mattress is a good investment as it can help you feel better for the entire day.