What to Know When Buying a Bed Frame

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The hardest part of finding the type of bed frame that is just right for you will be determining the size of mattress that will work best for your bed. However, there are a lot of other things to think about, such as the color, the material, and the style of the bed frame, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by everything.

The majority of individuals put off the duty of selecting the most appropriate mattress frame until the very last minute.

It’s possible that acquiring the correct mattress isn’t as vital as having the right mattress when it comes to enjoying a good night’s sleep.

On average, a human being will sleep for 26 years of their lifetime. It is essential to have a good bed that is comfortable for you because you spend a significant amount of time sleeping at night.

It is essential to choose a bed frame that is well-suited to your requirements, given that the frame of your bed serves as the primary support framework for your mattress and box springs.

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What are the main factors to consider when choosing an appropriate frame for your bed?

1. Consider the current size of your mattress

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Do you feel at peace and relaxed when you are sleeping on your mattress? It is possible to use your existing mattress, but if you are interested in upgrading the bed’s frame, it is possible to use the mattress to figure out the dimensions of your new bed frame.

It is imperative that the dimensions of both the mattress and the bed frame be identical if you want your bed to be comfortable.

Because certain mattress sizes are available in a number of different sizes, it is imperative that you be well aware of the product that you are purchasing.

The usual twin-sized mattress, for example, is five inches wider than the standard twin-size mattresses. The dimensions of the queen size mattress are 6 inches greater than those of the Olympic Queen mattress.

In contrast to a traditional king and a California king, the dimensions of a California queen are as follows: it is four inches narrower but it is four inches longer.

2. Look at your bed’s dimensions

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If you are also purchasing a new mattress at the same time as the bed, the choice of the size of the mattress is entirely up to you. For the perfect modern bed frame, we recommend click here to explore Amazon’s wide selection and find the one that suits your choice. Taking into account the dimensions of your bedroom will make it easier to select the furniture that will work best in the space you have available.

In an ideal scenario, there should be around two to three feet of space around the edges of the bed as well as at the foot of the mattress. You will have plenty of room to move around as a result of this, even in your bedroom.

Make a mental note of the space that is available, and then evaluate it in relation to the typical dimensions of your bed. Keep in mind that the bed frame and headboard may add several Your mattress adds inches to the breadth of your mattress, causing it to stretch several inches beyond the measurements that your mattress actually has.

Find out the measurements of the bed frame you’ll need to purchase so that you can narrow down your choices.

3. Choose the kind of help you need

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It is necessary to place a foundation or foundations underneath a mattress. When the mattress does not receive the appropriate amount of support, it will start to droop and will wear out far sooner than it should.

The two types of bed supports that are utilized the most frequently are box springs and platform beds.

In the event that you choose this alternative, the bed platform will be able to provide support for the mattress. This mattress can be used without the assistance of box springs.

Platform beds, as opposed to traditional bed frames that are typically supplied with box springs, have a tendency to be elevated off the ground more than regular bed frames.

4. Platform Bed Frames

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Platform beds have quickly become one of the most popular bed frame styles available for a wide variety of bed types. Frames for platform beds come in a wide variety of designs and typically have a streamlined appearance with a low profile. It’s easy to recognise a platform bed frame because of its flat base; with one, all you need is a mattress; there’s no room for a box spring.

The Advantages of a Platform Bed

Platform bed frames are generally more affordable than box springs because you don’t have to buy one to go along with them. This makes them a good option for those on a budget. Your platform bed is suitable for use with any kind of mattress you choose. They are an excellent choice for memory foam mattresses in particular.

The platform beds that are constructed in the style of a platform bed are one of the best options for bedrooms that are limited in space. Why? Because of their streamlined design, they take up less floor space, which will assist you in reducing the amount of clutter in your home.

The Cons of Using a Platform Bed

Because platform beds are typically placed at a lower height than traditional beds, getting in and out of bed can take some getting used to. Think carefully about whether or not you want to do this on a daily basis if you have issues with your back or knees.

A note for people who sleep on their sides: platform beds have a tendency to be firmer than traditional beds because the mattress sits directly on top of a solid platform or wooden slats. When you sleep on your side, a mattress that is too firm can put too much pressure on your body, leading to discomfort.


The bed frame provides the primary support framework for your mattress and box springs, which is why it is so important to choose one carefully. It is absolutely necessary to select a bed frame that is capable of meeting all of your requirements.

Because particular mattress sizes can be found in a variety of different sizes, it is essential to be familiar with the product that you are buying before making a purchase. In an ideal situation, there should be about two to three feet of space around the edges of the bed as well as at the foot of the mattress.

This space should be used for storage. It’s possible that the bed frame and headboard will both add a few inches to the width of your mattress, which will cause it to extend a good deal further than the measurements that are listed on the mattress itself.