10 Things You Should Upgrade in Your Home

Since most people are staying in their homes because of the current situation, it can feel very dull to walk around the house. Probably one of the reasons why people want to renovate their homes. You dont really need to go all out and renovate your entire house. Try checking out your entire house and see if there are upgrades you can do.

To help you with that, here are 10 upgrades you might want to consider:

Let’s start with the major upgrades first.

1. Sofa

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Furniture creates a big impact on your home. It can make or break the entire look of your house. Its placement, color, style, and design are vital to the overall theme of the area. Different sofa styles call for different aesthetics. A vintage and luxurious themed area are perfect for a chesterfield sofa from a legit Chesterfield Sofa Company. A modern minimalist room would complement well with sofas that have steelworks or have thin legs.

Each area of your house that has sofas or cushions, may it be in your indoor living area or outdoor patio, you have to consider if it’s time to upgrade it or not. Know that indoor and outdoor furniture must be made out of different materials since environmental factors significantly impact a furniture’s life.

For outdoor furniture, you might want to gravitate towards synthetic rattan or resin, teak, or polypropylene materials. Something durable that can withstand changing weather. Indoor furniture would work well with any textile, leather, suede, or even velvet material if you’d like.

2. Lighting

Quite similar to sofas, lighting can differ for both indoor and outdoor areas of the house. Personally, I find warm light really attractive for outdoor patios or the front yard. It just gives a soft yet elegant look to the house. You can install lights on the sides of your front lawn if you have. It does really make a difference at night.

For indoors, you can have a fancy chandelier, but nowadays, a led-lighted ceiling makes a great impact, plus it’s cheaper too. What’s great with led lights is they come in different modes, warm, cool, and middle. You can adjust the brightness of it too, in case you want to dim the lights a bit. Led lights are available in different styles, which is perfect if you plan to have creative wall art, maybe neon signs with your favorite quote or name.

You may want to consider upgrading your lighting system too. Instead of using the manual switches, you can install home automation instead to access smartphone control or voice control. You can connect it to Alexa if you’d like. If you do this, you would never go back to traditional switches since it’s convenience and ease of use is top-notch. Although it can be quite pricy, it is still worth it.

3. Drawers or Cabinets

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Displays look amazing, but you might want to store some of them when you renovate your house. It would be great to install drawers or cabinets in different sizes and closures to maximize the space. Consider repainting them or, better yet, use a different material like marble, granite, acrylic, or even glass-something that would complement the room’s overall look. Get organizers too. It makes a big difference in maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of the area.

4. Doors

One of the things that make a tremendous difference in a house are doors. It is the focal point of your front yard and your back yard. Replace your old pine doors with glass doors, a combination of steel and wood, or maybe hidden doors.

If you think that your door already looks amazing, you can consider changing its mechanism. Push and pull is so old school. You might want to consider replacing it with a sliding mechanism, automated system, folding door, or something even more creative and unique!

5. Windows

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Tall windows create an illusion of a bigger space. It also allows natural light to enter, creating a bright ambiance to the house. You can install it in the ceiling of your attic or have a really tall one that covers your first and second floor. However, you have to be mindful of its placement. Make sure that you still have privacy in your house.

Picking the materials is crucial too. You might want to get an industrial one for the space that leads to your backyard or a soundproof one for your office to keep you away from background noises. Get a heavily tinted one or a two-way tint so outsiders will see themselves (like a mirror) while you can still see them from the inside.

You can also do minor upgrades that don’t require a lot of work:

6. Door Locks

Sure, traditional and manual door locks are still reliable to secure safety in your house. However, if you’re deciding to renovate your entire house, you might want to consider upgrading your door lock system into an automated one. There are tons of electronic and automated lock systems you can choose from.

The most popular and common one is the Radio Frequency Identification Locks or RFID, commonly seen in hotels, condos, and apartments Where it uses cards to unlock the door. Next, you have the expensive ones, which are the password locks and biometric locks. Both of these locks are very convenient. Just make sure that your password lock is not easy to be guessed if you want to use it in your front door. I would highly recommend using a biometric lock for your home office since it’s the most secure lock to date.

7. Mirrors

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Do you still have those old and traditional mirrors hanging in your house? I hate to break it up to you, but it’s time to replace that one. At present, unframed full-body mirrors that just sit slightly on a wall are trending. However, the creative ones shaped like the sun or concave designs make the room look aesthetically pleasing.

The mirrors in your bathroom, bedroom, and dressing room should be upgraded. You can get the ones similar to a studio with the bulbs and warm light, or you can install led lights behind it if your lights change color according to your mood.

8. Pillows

Yes, it is time to replace your regular-sized pillows with bigger ones. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, but it is very comfortable to use. Big pillows create the illusion of a relaxing and luxurious house. Also, it creates an inviting ambiance for your guests. You can still have small throw pillows to accentuate the huge ones.

9. Covers

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Pillowcases matter. It’s just a little detail, but it creates a big impact on the room’s overall look. Silk and velvet cases look and feel luxurious. At the same time, soft fleece and fluffy cases create a cozy atmosphere. There are printed, textured, and plain colored ones too. The same goes for the covers of your cushions or chairs. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can always find covers that would complement well with the room.

10. Curtains

Curtains are the finishing accessory for the room. You have thick ones if you want completely block light from coming to the room or sheer ones that neutralizes the harsh natural light. Whichever you choose, it would still depend on your liking. The colors, length, and pattern of the curtain should supplement the colors and styles of the furniture or the primary color used in the room.

To sum it all up, both major and minor upgrades are worth considering. However, too much doesn’t look good too. So think it through and carefully visualize the look you want for your newly renovated house.