5 Lovely Indoor Fountain Styles for your Home

If you are looking for an indoor decoration that will automatically enhance the interior design’s look in your house, you might consider getting an aesthetic and elegant indoor water fountain.

There are a variety of choices available for indoor fountains that you can try searching online. Websites like Indoor Fountain Pros offer vast options of outdoor or indoor water fountains that come in different shapes and sizes.

But if you want to focus more on improving the look of your interior design, getting an indoor water fountain in one of these styles mentioned below will surely enhance your indoor decoration to a whole new level. Here are some 5 lovely indoor fountain styles that you can place in your home.

1. Tabletop water fountain

Source: indoorwaterfountains.com

Tabletop fountains are a type of style that is more convenient and easy to acquire than the other types. They are purposely made for table decoration which means they are small, handy, and could blend into other things. Here are some examples of tabletop fountains:

  • Electric Tabletop Fountain with LED Illuminated Crystal Ball

This indoor water fountain is an example of a fountain in a tabletop style. This electric tabletop fountain accentuates a translucent crystal ball that rotates elegantly together with the flow of water.

The LED light adds beauty to the crystal ball by illuminating it with rainbow colors. The light colors are warm, making a calming effect, especially when the lights are turned off. It is only 6.7 meters in height which makes it easy to transfer and fits any table perfectly.

  • Tiered Tabletop Fountain

This fountain is also an example of a tabletop style with tiered round containers as the fountain’s main star. It also has blue LED lighting that radiates the surrounding water below. It is soothing to look at because of the constant change of the water’s color.

2. Sculpture Water Fountain

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This water fountain style is unique because it is a water fountain with a statue or a sculpture as the decoration’s highlight. This style’s concept is also well-thought and extraordinary because the fountain sculptures are created with missing pieces to allow the flowing water to complete it.

An example of this is a young woman’s statue, and the flowing water forms her skirt. Creating an image of a woman with her skirt made out of water. Here are more examples of sculpture water fountains:

  • Buddha water fountain

The Buddha water fountain inherits a sculpture water fountain style with the Buddha as its main focus. There are three bowls beside the sculpture where the water will flow by, creating a calming sound of flowing water.

  • Wing Sculptured water fountain

A sculpture of a woman formed by clay then turned into bronze has wings formed by the fountain’s flowing water. The idea is to let the water complete the parts and the stories of each sculpture, which is why the water will flow on the shoulders of the statue and create an illusion that the wings are made of water.

3. Wall Water Fountain

Source: indoorwaterfountains.com

Another style of a water fountain that we will be talking about is the wall water fountain. This style is mostly made from 4 essential materials: fiberglass, resin, stone, and concrete.

This style can create many vintages, luxurious, and classy designs, making this style of indoor water fountain popular. The central concept of a wall fountain is basically just a wall with circulating water flowing downwards. It sounds simple right? But wait until you see how designers transformed a regular wall water fountain and gave it a classy and luxurious twist.

  • Sensory LED Bubble Wall

This wall water fountain is different from the traditional one. Instead of the usual water flowing in a circular motion, the body of water in this fountain remains still and does not flow. The fountain has an internal pump that sends a continuous stream of bubbles through the divided panels. The LED light illuminates the bubbles with 8 different warm colors.

  • Grandeur River Floor Water Fountain

The grandeur river floor designer gave this water fountain a sense of luxury and created this to be an embodiment of elegance. This water fountain contributes unmatched versatility, which allows the owner to customize the wall. You can either place your picture frame on this wall fountain and surprise your family with it.

4. Floor water fountain

Source: decoratorist.com

A floor water fountain is a type of style that is user-friendly and allows customization. This is why many homeowners prefer this style of water fountain because you can design and customize it whatever you want with endless possibilities.

Floor fountains are mostly slate fountains, mirror fountains, and glass fountains which all are customizable. Here are some examples of floor water fountains:

  • Glass Floor Fountains

This water fountain has a mixture of two well-known materials being used worldwide, and these are glass and metal. These materials have been around for thousands of years already, yet combining the two materials in one product would still give a modern impression even though both materials are old.

This product is no other than a water fountain. A water fountain made from metal and glass will totally give off a trendy look, plus the soothing sound that flowing water produces will be a fantastic combination. Because the glass is transparent, the viewers will have the chance to watch and enjoy the flowing water view from all angles.

  • Mirror Floor Fountain

A mirror is a material that is versatile enough that it could go along with other materials smoothly. This is because mirrors are refined and can complement any area that it inhabits.

But placing just a direct mirror to each area of your house may seem odd, and you might create an angle that exhibits a bad Feng Shui. This pushed designers to create something that would still instill mirrors inside your house in a fashionable way, thus making a mirror floor fountain.

5. Stone designed water fountain

Source: amazon.com

If you want to experience an entirely natural environment inside your home, you should consider looking for an indoor water fountain with a stone-designed style. Natural stone combined with flowing water calms the surrounding area and allows total relaxation.

Looking at it feels like you are outside enjoying nature because it resembles a mini waterfall. Here are some examples of indoor water fountains that acquire this captivating style:

  • Tabletop Cave Fountain

This water fountain is 14 inches tall and is 8.5 inches which look like a cave with flowing water. The rocks are made from polyresin rocks that resemble the natural stone that you usually see on waterfalls. The water is also 4.5 inches deep, completing its purpose of looking like a mini cave waterfall.

The water fountain comes with an LED light which illuminates a soft glow on the water. Many people love this type of water fountain because the water flow sounds like the actual sound of a waterfall but is more delicate and softer than the sound of a waterfall.

  • Modern Stone Fountain

The materials in this water fountain are not natural, and the tiered-shaped stones are composed of resin and fiberglass. It also has an LED which produces a white light for a soothing glow effect.

With that, you probably have an idea which indoor fountain to install in your home. If you’re still confused, you might want to consult an indoor designer.