Why Living Abroad Is Better Than Staying in Your Home Country

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We know what you are thinking, and that is your new place in a foreign country. The space of your own that overlooks the beautiful view. You probably picture it all the time, but you are still hesitant to make it come true.

Well, nothing beats the place where you were born, but it is undeniable the multitude of opportunities and experiences you get to have when you move abroad. In addition to that, you get to be immersed in a new culture and see new places. To give you that extra push in moving abroad, this article will tell you why living abroad is better than staying in your home country.

#1 It Is A Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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Home country also means comfort. You are surrounded by familiar faces and places that never fail to make you feel better. Although this is such a great support system, it can keep you from achieving your full potential. When you are stuck in a bundle of comfort or the same routine, you do not get to experience conflict that will allow you to discover things about yourself.

On the other hand, you will experience a kind of independence when you live abroad that would enable you to become the best version of yourself. Living abroad on your own is a step out of your comfort zone, especially if you do not know anyone in the country you are moving to, but this will give you the space to learn how to manage yourself.

#2 Build Your Connections

If you love meeting new people or are just looking for a fresh change of scenery, then moving to a different country is perfect for you. Living abroad means that you get to meet new people who have entirely different experiences, which would make the storytelling all the more interesting because you will learn from each other.

In addition to that, living abroad also entails that no one knows you yet, which would give you the perfect fresh start. You would also get to build your personal connections worldwide when you live abroad. As we all know, connections help further your career!

#3 Get A Global Mindset

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When it comes to economic advantages, living abroad gives you an edge because you will learn about the global market. Staying in a foreign country will provide you with the experience you need to access the economic differences of countries. You will be able to assess the standing of living in the foreign country you are moving to rather than your home country. Moreover, living abroad would open multiple doors of opportunity for your career.

#4 Develop Your Cultural Mindset

If you love learning about people’s cultures, then moving countries is something that you would enjoy. Although traveling will allow you to see various places and meet new people, the knowledge that you will get by living abroad is still different.

Once you emerge yourself in that foreign country, you will understand how they live their lives. You will pick up on the mannerisms used every day, community culture that history books cannot even record, variation of languages that only they understand, and so much more. Living abroad would widen your cultural awareness.

#5 More Travel Opportunities

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When you move to a new country, you will have an abundant supply of new places to visit. You will be able to visit nearby cities and provinces on your weekends. Moreover, if your new country is near other countries and has a good relationship, it is cheap and convenient to travel between said countries. For example, Ireland is near Rome and Paris, and its residents get to travel without the hassle of long flights.

#6 Opportunity To Learn New Language

One exciting thing that awaits you when staying in a foreign country that speaks a language very different from your mother tongue is the opportunity to learn and adopt a new language. Sounds difficult at first, but hey, it’s actually good to hear to be called a “multi-lingual.”

Apart from that, you will be given a very open chance to communicate with a lot of people of different backgrounds. That said, you would eventually learn the best ways and approaches to winning the hearts of foreign people instantly.

#7 Help You Expand More Professional Connections in the Future

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The moment you want to achieve something more significant in your career, the more you’ll deeply comprehend the importance of having strong ties and connections in the very competitive world. And living in a foreign country is one wise step to better start it.

Knowing who’s the perfect guy that can help you get that good-paying job feels like it’s not a little hard on your part. That being said, once you decide to live in a foreign country, push yourself to attend any available networking meetings. And from those gatherings, don’t forget to add the person you meet on your social media accounts for easy reaching them in the future.

#8 Open For Better Career Advancement

It is undeniable that a foreign country will more likely prioritize hiring students after graduation from their own home country. This is perhaps one of the reasons why you decided to pursue your studies abroad for better opportunities to be hired and receive YES in your application.

If you also dream of working and conquering the international market, living abroad is the best way to start it. This way, you all have the chance to slowly learn about the culture and working environment of the foreign areas and eventually, help you quickly adapt to it.

Bonus: What You Need To Live Abroad

Given the numerous benefits of living abroad, it is no wonder why the number of people who want to migrate is increasing. If you find yourself wanting to make that abroad dream of yours come true, you should apply for indefinite leave to remain privileges in a country through bodies like iasservices.org.uk. This application would allow you to live abroad because you would have an indefinite visa which means that it has a longer expiry than the regular travel one.


Living abroad is better than staying in your home country because it gives you several opportunities. Moving to a different country is a step out of your comfort zone, which would allow you to grow. You will also be able to meet new people and build your connections. In addition to that, you will gain a global mindset and cultural awareness. Lastly, you will have travel opportunities.