Skating Through History: How To Authenticate And Evaluate Hockey Memorabilia


Everyone has at least one sport they are fond of, and for many, that’s hockey. Knowing this, it’s no wonder why hockey memorabilia are so highly valued, but what about authenticating them? Well, keep reading, and you will learn more about that.

Purchasing from reliable organizations


The best thing to be sure that the memorabilia you own is authentic is to buy it from reliable organizations specialized in selling them. Since there are too many sellers online, and not all of them are trustworthy enough, people who are searching for hockey memorabilia should visit and choose the one they like the most.

Reliable organizations always provide proof of authentication, which is usually in the form of certification, and all the items they sell are always original. On the other side, for people who own some memorabilia and want to check whether it is authentic and valuable, we will focus more on different ways to prove it in the text below.

Check online


We already do so many things online that we can rightfully state that we are simply dependent on the internet and browsing through the net.

Now, the bad thing is that most of the time, we scroll and browse the net for so-called “interesting” or even “funny” videos and photos without even realizing that we can also use that time to make some money or create something interesting and worthy while online.

The simplest thing one can do when getting any sports memorabilia is to take a close look and check if there is any trifle that seems potentially suspicious and can prove that it is not an original.

Since we live in a digital era, we can check much relevant information in a few minutes, thanks to the internet, and the first thing we should do is to check if there is something important online.

We can check almost everything, from the signature of a certain player to the look of the jerseys used in a certain season, and the next step is comparing them to the memorabilia we have.

If there is anything that does not match, it is, unfortunately, a good sign that the item we have is fake, but if everything matches, it is not a sign that it is original, and we need to perform more checks to be sure.

Don’t make rash decisions

Another common mistake is making an offer for something without even checking whether it is legit, especially when the price is “so good” that you simply couldn’t resist and simply had to act immediately.

Keep in mind that almost all worthy things and items have a high value, and when you start creating your own hockey memorabilia, if you come across a certain piece that has a high value and its price is extremely low, make sure to double-check all the facts before purchasing.

Of course, if that something costs just a few bucks, you don’t need a background check, but if it is a transaction of several hundred dollars, then it is a much better option, and highly recommended one, to check the authenticity before taking any action.

Overall, this process will not last that long, and as a benefit, you will know precisely how much the item you have bought is worth.

Use authenticator companies

When something interests us, even as a hobby, we tend to believe that the more time we spend doing something, the more we actually know, which is yet another common mistake people make, especially those who collect things.

Namely, it’s always a much better option to take certain items to experienced professionals, as authenticators have vast knowledge and know precisely what to look for and what to check.

There are various authenticator companies that can be used to prove whether the memorabilia is original, but it is important to do some research before choosing the best one since all of them charge some fees for their services.

Yes, once again, spending some time doing that much-needed research is a must, but it really is the only way to really be sure that you find the right company, the one that will tell you the truth so that you know whether you have acquired a worthy piece or not.

The most popular and reliable ones are PSA, JSA, and BAS, and if you do not want to go with any of them, we highly recommend reading online reviews before the final decision to avoid being scammed.

Reliable companies use modern technology to check every single detail on the item you give them, and once they prove it is original, you will get the certificate as proof.

Why it is important to prove the authenticity


It is important to know that people around the globe are crazy about sports memorabilia, and many of them want to have at least one item that belonged or is signed by their favorite player.

Because of that, demand for various sports items is on the rise, which is, unfortunately, a great opportunity for fraudsters who wants to make easy money. All they need to do is to fake the autograph, which can be done even by stamps, put it on anything they want, post it online, and sell it to gullible people.

It is a common fraud, and it is important to double-check every memorabilia before purchasing, or you can easily spend a little fortune on an item without any value.

On the other hand, if the goal is to collect items with a higher personal value, buying items that aren’t original and creating memorabilia out of them is okay.

Of course, even here, you wouldn’t want to go with the cheapest item there is, which is also why checking the authenticity is important, as they will say precisely whether that something is original or not, and if not, how great a copy it is. Remember that it is a hobby, and if you want to create something that makes you happy, even this option is good.