Streamlining Your Staffing Process: Best Practices for Working With Agencies


The success of any business largely depends on its workforce and how the employees work and render services and impressions to potential customers.

Hence, it would be best if you had efficient people on board. The best way to ensure the same is to reach out to a staffing agency for the same. Did you know it takes 36 days to shortlist the right candidates and fill the required position? Hence, if you want to get the best agency so that they help you find the right people, you can check this link.

Further, the critical position openings and requirements should be filled properly so that they help the business and there is no hamper in the functioning, business progress, or team productivity.

You should streamline the process, and here are some steps to do it.

  • Understanding And Communicating Your Requirements To Them


When you plan to use staffing agency services to manage your talent pool, you should first know what you like and, more importantly, what you don’t like. The hiring process and, most importantly, the people you hire are long-term investments, and you should not do it while understanding the basic requirements.

Hence, when you are using the services of a staffing agency, you have to have a clear discussion with them and let out a specific job description for the same. Ideally, you should also discuss the skills required for your job opening. When doing these things, you should add suitable keywords for the same so that the ads make it to relevant searches and you get your hands on the best people.

  • Plans To Use The Right Technology

Physical meetings are not necessary every time. So, when you plan to work with agencies, you should combine your ideas with theirs and implement technological measures. The implementation of technology should begin with designing a modern and cost-effective virtual recruitment process to deal with staffing requirements.

Digiting the recruitment process will benefit you as you will learn different things about the candidates even before you meet them personally. You have the chance to broaden your talent pool.

Did you know that 71% of companies use the pre-employment assessment as a part of technological implementation? Hence, it is a great advantage for you. Also, you can think of using automation as it can help you get your hands on the best.

  • Focus On The Wrinkles And Smooth Them Out


The interview rounds are conducted in huge numbers, but what is the success rate of the same? Are you sure that you will get the best hiring?

You do not need to plan an elaborate series of interviews that the staffing agencies can do. The only result they will furnish is that you and the agency will be equipped with additional tasks and exhaust the candidate.

The best way to streamline the process is by designing a strategy that saves time and ensures a quick process. The process has to be well-divided, and these simple things will help fill the position quickly. Also, when you implement these steps, it can help you reduce candidate drop-offs, too.

The screening is also a part of this process which includes resume screening and helps in saving time. The shortlisting is followed by phone screening. You can use tools to help you arrange group meetings without the issue of back and forth for timing.

  • Get And Work On The Constructive Feedback

There can be times when you feel overwhelmed about the staffing process. But that’s when you need to maintain a positive outlook toward different things and have mutual respect for the agency professionals and candidates interested in working for you.

You should be professional, and instead of choosing to ghost people, you can send a canned response to anyone who has not made it to the next round. Also, you can reach out to them for constructive feedback. It is a bilateral process, and you can help them learn while knowing what works for your business and what won’t be the right fit for any business.

All these steps ensure visibility and also improve your credibility in the market. Also, if you think some potential candidates can help serve some purpose in the future, you can contact them if their previous experience is good.

  • Check The Obstacles And Think Of Steps That Can Remove Them


Sometimes, when you collaborate with agencies, it is normal for you, or anyone, for that matter, to get too picky about collecting all kinds of data that you can that can help in easing the screening process.

But, the reality is that if you have more information, shortlisting becomes a delayed process, and you can take days, sometimes even hours, to make up your mind for selection and rejections. All these things can intimidate the candidates, preventing them from filling out any lengthy things to be a part of the application process.

Streamlining should include that you induce steps with the help of the hired agency for an accessible and user-friendly portal. You can schedule meetings, interviews, and even reminders. The online world is filled with various tools that can help.

  • Move Away From The Opening Position

When you or the agency is interviewing anyone on your behalf, it should be done with a wide vision. A wide vision does not mean that you are hiring a person for multiple roles. Instead, it should help you identify candidates who can add value to your business and present the best skill set.

You have to qualitatively weigh the candidate based on their personality and also pay attention to the kind of mindset that they belong to. You must invest in someone who can contribute to your business growth. When you run background checks, you get better information about the candidates and learn their pros and cons from their experience.



As a business owner, you can form a good team with the staffing agents so that you can understand the candidates better and know how they seek any job opportunity. When you understand the market trends, selection becomes easy, and you can make the most of your staffing agency and its services.