Best Time To Water Lawn In Hot Weather – 2024 Watering Tips

best time to water lawn in hot weather

If you want a healthy lawn then watering is very important in achieving that. Less amount of watering especially during hot weather temperatures is what a well-established lawn needs.

One fact you should get familiar with is that hot weather conditions can be detrimental to the health of your lawn and that is why we thought it wise to bring you this article on the best time to water the lawn in hot weather. Your grass needs to feel cool when the day is hot.

Best Time To Water Lawn In Hot Weather

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Knowing when to water your lawn and the amount of water a lawn needs can be a bit tricky and watering your lawn about two to three times per week is actually a very good and healthy schedule especially when the weather condition is normal.

Feeding your lawn with water when the temperature hits around ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit would only lead to evaporation quicker than expected therefore causing a waste in effort and resources.

When the day feels extremely hot, the wisest thing for every gardener to do is soaking the soil into a one or two inches depth every week and just like the normal watering guidelines and tips that we have given out in other related reviews, the best time for you to water your lawn still remains very early in the morning.

This method proves to be very effective if you can tell how long to water during hot days or the quantity of water you should feed them.

Effects Of Not Watering During Hot Weather Conditions

Cool-season grasses are known to survive for long periods even in dry weather conditions and let us take the Kentucky seagrass, for instance, it only grows dormant for about six weeks and this is also considered to be a survival mechanism for most grasses.

The lawn would still be alive but it leaves would certainly go brown and you stand the risk of your lawn dying if it remains dormant for more than six weeks.

This is the reason why gardeners are always advised to water their lawn when the weather gets extremely dry.

When they do not have access to water, lawns are likely to develop brown coloring and when the summer heat comes, you should be obliged to water your lawn so as to prevent your lawn from suffering from drought stress.

This can be seen as true when there is a combination of strong winds and high temperatures.

You would also need to water your lawn more than the recommended number of times of thrice every week when the area that you are in has extremely high temperatures so when do you actually think is the best time to water lawns right now?

During early mornings and late evenings, the temperature is always at its lowest and this is also the best time of the day for every gardener to sprinkle water on his lawn.

One fact we also want you to be aware of is that there are tiny openings referred to as stomata and they would stay open throughout the day. The stomata are the means through which water gets evaporated.

You should water your lawn during the break of dawn and this is also healthy even if the weather is cold or normal. Watering in early mornings or late evenings is very effective and this is because evaporation is always a lot at that time.

Low evaporation at that time of the day also signifies minimal wastage of water and there is also less wind meaning water would still get to remain on your lawn for a while. Ensure that you do not water lawns when midday is approaching and most especially when there is full sun.

Watering early would cause your lawn to get dried during the day and therefore not creating a breeding ground for fungal infection.

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