Where Is It Better to Live: In a House or an Apartment?

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The apartment seems like a cramped cage, but a private cottage outside the city is a paradise: nature is closer, neighbors are farther away, there is less noise, more space to live in.

There is no definite answer to the question what is better – an apartment or a private house. The decision should be based on your needs and capabilities, taking into account the lifestyle and interests of family members.

By answering the following questions, you will be able to decide whether to choose a house or an apartment.

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Do you have the right idea of rural life?

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Those who grew up in the big city and have always lived in a comfortable apartment don’t always have a good idea of what out-of-town life is like.

New homeowners are often faced with the problem of arranging the usual urban conveniences. If when there is no water in the faucet, a city dweller needs only to call the management company, find out the reasons and timing of the disconnection, and calmly wait for the problem to be fixed, a homeowner will have to look for the source of the problem. It can be frozen water in the well, siltation of the well or pump failure. And you will have to solve the problem yourself.

Similar problems can arise in other autonomous systems: water and sewage, electricity, heating.

You need to invest effort, time and money in your home. All communications systems require regular maintenance, the site – at least minimal care: periodic cleaning of snow in winter, leaves in autumn.

Homeowners who are personally familiar with the realities of life in the countryside, able to perform a minimum of necessary works with their own hands, ready for a little trouble, are usually happy to move out of the city apartment. Those who were not prepared for the difficulties, however, are likely to be disappointed after buying a cottage.

Estimate the financial costs adequately

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Choosing what is better, to build a house or get apartments for rent in Chicago, you should think about the financial side of the issue. When you have in your head a plot of land and a contractor ready to start construction, an estimate is made, in which the final cost of the finished cottage is approximately equal to the cost of a city apartment, there is a great temptation to invest in the construction of suburban housing.

In addition, paying for utilities outside the city is usually lower: there are no costs for water if equipped with a water supply from a well, electricity is paid at a preferential rate, an autonomous heating system is also often more economical.

However, many people forget about the cost of maintaining autonomous systems and the maintenance of the house, which at the end of the year may exceed the monthly utility bills for a city apartment. There is always something to spend money on in a cottage: landscaping, buying tools and materials to take care of the house.

Who is more comfortable living in a house than in an apartment?

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A country house will be a great solution for nature lovers. It is ideal for people who want to grow their own garden crops and fruit trees.

It is a convenient option for families with children if parents work at home. Or if trips to school or daycare are solved by buying 2 cars. Owning your own home will allow children to spend more time outdoors.

The large square footage will comfortably accommodate several generations of the family, if necessary. There is a room for everyone. In a two- or three-story house, you can allocate a floor for each generation.

Rely only on your opinion

If you are faced with the choice “apartment or house”, the pros and cons of buying different types of housing should be evaluated without regard to the neighbors, friends with positive and negative experiences with country living, strangers on the Internet. Everyone has different desires, needs and opportunities, and you should focus primarily on your own.

Renting a house for several months

If you still haven’t decided what is better to choose – a house or an apartment, try renting a cottage for a few months. This way you can evaluate all the pros and cons of country housing, as well as experience the difficulties and joys of living in your own home.

A few more advantages

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If we talk about the satisfaction of personal space, the house has a sufficient amount of interior space. Each family member has his own room, you can organize a dining room, study, conservatory, etc. If the family is large and / or consists of several generations, then the high comfort of living is possible only in the house. In an urban apartment such conditions are achievable only for a family of 3-4 people, provided that there are 4-5 comfortable rooms. However, it should be taken into account that the bigger the house, the more expensive will be its maintenance.

Thinking about comfort, people usually take into account that in the house behind the walls are not noisy neighbors, it is quiet and peaceful at night. In an apartment, however, due to poor soundproofing, you often hear everything that happens at the neighbors. In addition, there is a constant noise background in the city, which does not always subside even at night. So in terms of acoustic comfort, the house

wins over the apartment, but it is important to make sure that the owners of the area behind the fence are decent people who do not make a mess and do not create problems for others.