3 Signs of a Clogged Plumbing Vent and How to Fix It in 2024

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Having issues with clogged pipes represents a serious problem, especially in residential buildings where you are risking putting other apartments in danger if you don’t pay enough attention. For example, they could lead to flooding of apartments below yours, which could become an even bigger mess in case that you have clogged vents in the bathroom. Moreover, this problem is not so rare. Therefore, the best solution is to upgrade the system by installing the plumbing vent. This system will help with the regulation of pressure in pipes and eliminate the odor and gases from them.

These vents represent the extensions of the drainage system and lead the waste outside of your house or apartment to the septic tank. Also, it regulates the oxygen in the pipes, which is an important feature since it allows the bacteria to reproduce and degrade the waste. On the other side, if the pressure is not even on both sides of the system, that might lead to issues with clogging. If you are not familiar with the process of unclogging the vents, the best solution is to hire professionals like DAZ Plumbing & Locating.

Furthermore, it is essential to notice the problem on time since that could save you a lot of time and money that you would have to spend if the clogging leads to some more critical issues. Therefore, you should learn more about the location of these pipes and what could cause common problems that you will have to recognize at the right moment. Here are the most common signs of clogged plumbing vents and how to deal with them.

1. Unpleasant Smell

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One of the most common signs of clogged pipes is the unpleasant smell. The function of vents is to remove the gasses and waste that could cause this issue, but if the pressure is not regulated properly or there is a clogging problem, the first noticeable problem is related to bad odor. In that matter, you should never ignore it and think that it will go away by itself, which is not a rare case. Since there could be deposits of methane in the pipes as well, you have to be aware of the danger that it can cause, which is poisoning with carbon monoxide. Therefore, you should call a professional in the case that there is a strange smell in your bathroom or kitchen.

2. Water Bubbling in Toilet and Pipes

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Another common issue that you can easily notice is the bubbling sound after you flush the toilet. If the air pressure is not regulated correctly, the water won’t be able to get through the pipes, which can cause the flooding of the bathroom. Also, there could be an even bigger issue when the pipes are clogged. For example, if you don’t pay enough attention and avoid dealing with this problem for days, the clogged pipes might cause the flooding of your house. Moreover, if you live in a residential building, letting this problem wait might represent the danger who lives on the lower floors since they could have their apartments flooded. In that matter, it is very important to have a proper insurance policy for these cases since such a scenario will require a lot of money for repair.

3. Slow Drains

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If you notice that the water in your sink or a toilet needs more time to go away in the pipes, that is most certainly an indication that the pipes are clogged. You can try to fix that issue by yourself by using the unclogging tools, but if you don’t have any experience with it, the best solution is to call a plumber. That is especially important if you have this problem with the toilet since it can cause the water and waste to return and flood the whole bathroom, which can create a mess.

Other Signs of Plumbing Issues

Besides the common signs related to clogged vents, there are also many other factors that could cause all sorts of issues with the system in your home. Therefore, you should check it from time to time and see if any potential indications might require the assistance of professionals. For example, if the pressure is low, the water flow in the faucets will become weaker. Also, if you are suddenly getting bills that are much higher than usual, you should call a more plum to check for potential leakage of water. Besides that, if the water has a color right after you open the faucet, you must immediately call the expert to replace the pipes that are causing that issue since you could get an infection because the pipes are not clean.

The Bottom Line

The main issue is that most people avoid dealing with this problem and wait for it to become more critical. However, you have to know that it won’t disappear by itself in most cases and even a minor indication like the lower pressure in the pipes can be the first sign of something much more serious. Nevertheless, you have to know that proper maintenance of the pipes is crucial, and the system requires occasional replacements of parts.

There are various tools that you can use to deal with some simple cases that don’t require the assistance of professionals. However, if you notice that the same issue is coming back more often, contact the plumbing service immediately. Also, leakages and low pressure in pipes can affect many other issues. For example, it can cause deposits of mold, corrosion of pipes, and more. That will increase the expenses even more.

As you can see, it is not complicated to recognize the most common signs of problems related to clogged plumbing vents, and you should be aware of the fact that reacting on time can save you from some more serious cases where you might need to renovate the whole apartment. In that matter, always have a number of your local plumber who can quickly come to your address to deal with any potential case with the plumbing issues.