What is Transcription?

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The transcription process means turning video and audio content into text format. It can be used by people in various industries. As a rule, journalists, students, lecturers, businessmen, bloggers are those who order transcripts regularly for their needs.

For example, journalists can record interviews and then turn them into the text to make important notes. Students are able to record online lectures to possess the possibility to have important information that is contained in these lectures near them. Educators can look through transcripts of conducted lectures and make sure they do not forget to mention important points. Businessmen can likewise record carried out meetings and calls in order to stay focused on conversations themselves. Later they will have the possibility to share text transcripts with those members who are absent during online meetings. Bloggers can expand audiences by adding subtitles to videos.

As we can see, transcription gains popularity. Of course, you can try to transcribe your audio or video files by yourself. Still, this process is not as simple as it seems. There is a necessity to possess good hearing skills, be a fast and accurate typist, have a desire to conduct Internet research to find correct spelling, etc. Another solution for you is to assign this task to special transcription companies.

If you select the second option, it is important to know how to utilize transcription services like Transcriberry properly so you can preserve money and time. In order to save your time, we prepared tips to utilize the help of transcriptions correctly. Be sure that you will stay pleased with the cooperation.

Save Time by Cooperating with Transcriptionists

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As we have already mentioned, you can transcribe video and audio content with your own efforts. But you should be prepared for a challenging process. You may mistakenly consider that all you need to do is to watch videos or listen to the audio file and type them down. Unfortunately, you should note that the process of listening and watching may take hours. The reason is that you may not have abilities to type with the same speed as video or audio goes. Even if your typing skills are excellent, you may not always be attentive during listening to the audio file or watching a video so there is a need to return back at the beginning of recordings and check whether you do not miss something and fix typing errors.

The secret is that there is no necessity to bear the burden of a transcription job on you. You can easily find the most suitable transcribers online who will cope with this task instead of you. Expert transcribers possess all the required skills and experience to transcribe your audio and video content accurately. Moreover, they have special equipment so transcription would be easier for them. In its tune, you save money since there is no necessity for you to purchase such equipment. What’s more, is that you preserve time because professional transcribers can handle this job faster by maintaining the high quality of transcripts.

Have Recordings of Good Quality

In case you decide to rely on transcribing companies for business development, academic needs, etc., does not mean you should upload files you want to be transcribed of bad quality. Keep in mind that recordings of good quality will assist you to save money. The reason is that transcription platforms charge more money if your recordings are with poor sound and noisy backgrounds. Thus, before sending your recordings to transcription companies, make sure they sound quality. In order to do this, follow the next steps:

  • Make records in a quiet environment;
  • Utilize suitable recording applications and digital recorders;
  • Make test recordings before doing the actual one;
  • Keep the microphone closer to you;
  • Utilize good quality video conferencing platforms to make records (such as Zoom and Skype).

Saving money is not the only reason for making a record of good quality. Aside from relying on human transcribers, you can upload your audio and video files into automated transcription software. The accuracy of your future transcripts will depend on what quality of your records will be. If your audio and video content is full of noises, bad sound from speakers, then transcription software will likely create transcripts of low accuracy level. You will not have another choice rather to edit such transcripts by yourself. Thus, we can conclude that making recordings responsibly at the beginning will assist you to save time in the future.

Rely on Freelancers or Professional Companies

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We have already mentioned the automated type of transcription. Usually, this option is cheaper than others and all you need to do is to upload the required recording into the software. Transcripts will be ready within several minutes. Although the quality of transcripts that are created automatically is good, it is recommended to assign transcription to professional transcriptionists especially if your recordings contain several speakers, complicated accents, and difficult terminology.

Since the number of those people who need transcription help is increasing, a lot of freelancers and transcription companies appear. Thus, you should not worry since you will always find the fittest transcriptionist who will cope with creating transcripts for you of the highest quality. The decision is up to you whether to rely on freelancers or transcription platforms.

Freelancers offer cheaper prices on transcription but they can not guarantee security completely. Transcription companies are, in their turn, reliable, offer free trials, are always online, and make every effort in order to provide their customers with transcripts of the highest accuracy level.

Have Clear Communication

Sending your audio or video file to transcription companies is not enough if you want to get top-quality transcripts. You should set all the possible requirements and instructions while sending your request. Inform what’s needed out of recording, specify the desired format, indicate the required deadline, etc. If you provide such instructions to your selected professional human transcription service in advance, you will save both time and money as a result.

If you need to get transcripts of recorded video or audio immediately, you should tell this to the representatives of a transcription platform with which you decide to cooperate. Keep in mind that if transcriptionists possess a vague idea of what should be done with your request, the final results will probably not please you. Thus, take your time, think of details concerning your order, and communicate your requirements.

Convert Videos to Audio Files

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Transcription platforms can convert both video and audio files into text. Nevertheless, it is recommended to turn videos into audio for a reason. First, it will save your time when you upload a recording that should be transcribed. Even if you have a strong Internet connection, videos will be uploaded less quickly than audio files. Luckily for you, there are many different online applications that can convert a video to audio for free. Secondly, you will make the work for transcribers much easier.

How to Hire the Best Transcription Company

Before using the transcription service properly, there is a need to rely on a trustworthy company. Potential performers of your request are enough so you should select the most suitable platform with attentiveness. In order to decide on the right transcribers, focus on the following points.

Availability of Experience

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It is risky to rely on a company that has just appeared on the market. If you need to get transcripts in a serious industry, this newcomer company may not cope with this task because of a lack of experience. Thus, while selecting the fittest transcription platform, look at its length of expertise. Those companies that are operating for a long period of time possess more experience and are ready to create transcripts in various industries from medical to technical.

Customer Reviews

All reputable companies have testimonials to demonstrate to potential customers. This is another possibility to decide whether the transcription platform is worth your trust and attention. Do not analyze reviews of clients that are placed on the websites of transcription companies only. It is advisable to view testimonials on independent platforms of reviews. Do not rely on that company that has completely positive testimonials since this looks suspicious.

Level of Security

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Availability of experience and a good online reputation is necessary, still, you should not forget about your security. Make sure that your selected transcription platform sticks to data protection procedures. This is a guarantee that your information will be kept safe. Check if a website holds an SSL license, there is a clear Data Protection Policy, the company complies with Data Protection laws, etc.


Relying on the company that offers the cheapest prices will be a great mistake. The reason is that such platforms provide customers with transcripts of low quality. You can still find companies that utilize both AI software and professional human transcribers and offer affordable prices simultaneously.


For higher-quality and accurate transcripts you should select a reliable and professional transcription platform that will make every effort for you to stay pleased with the received results. After you decide on such a company, you can move to our tips on how to use the transcription platform properly for more effective results.