5 Ways to Help Your Mom Feel More Confident

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Being a mom is nothing to take lightly. Your mom is probably your biggest fan and your most enthusiastic cheerleader. Through all the bumps of life, your mom is there supporting you and your hopes and dreams. Because of this, your mom is likely a very special person in your life.

And even while you may be in awe of her, she may not feel the same way. After all, being a mom is a stressful, full time job! She may feel a bit lackluster when it comes to her appearance and her confidence. As her child, you can help your mom in this department. Here are a few ways to give mom a confidence boost, so she feels the very best in her own beautiful skin.

1. Pamper Her

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Who doesn’t like being pampered? Giving your mom the time and resources to prioritize her self care is a great way for her to feel better about herself. You can tailor this based on her own preferences and wishes. If she likes to take a bath, perhaps you buy her a basket full of new bubble bath, soaks, and scrubs. Or, if she would rather get her nails done, maybe you treat her to a surprise mani-pedi appointment.

Perhaps your mom is focused on her skincare, so then you can help set her up with an anti-aging routine. This can include prescription retinoids to help boost collagen and increase skin turnover. Retinoids may be a new product for her, so be sure she feels comfortable. You should also consider including a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and exfoliant. Visit here to learn more.

2. Plan a Night Out

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With the pandemic, it was harder for people to connect with friends regularly. If you think your mom could use a fun night out, then plan it for her! You likely know a few of her closest friends. Suggest a bar or restaurant for them to all meet at and make a reservation for the group. Taking any of the hard work out of planning an evening for your mom can make all the difference. She may just need a little push to meet up with her friends.

Additionally, you can also plan the night out around a particular event. If your mom’s favorite band is coming to town, purchase tickets for her and a friend to attend. Or, you could sign her and a friend up for a wine and paint night or some kind of class. A planned activity may seem less daunting to her than just a reservation at a restaurant. Not to mention, these tend to be harder to cancel, so there’s less of a chance for her to bail!

3. Remind Her With Words

If you live far away from your mom or just don’t have the chance to talk to her often, this tip is for you. Creating a jar of praises for your mom is a loving way to remind her you care. It’s also an easy project for you to do in just an hour or two. First, write words of encouragement and sayings on individual slips of paper. Then, fold these notes and stick them in a glass jar, box, or other container.

Send your mom the jar or give it to her the next time you visit. Each daily note can put a smile on her face during the times when she needs it most. It can also be part of her morning routine. Perhaps she opens a note while her coffee brews or before she looks at her phone in the morning. No matter how often or when she looks at a note, your mom will feel the love no matter the distance between you.

4. Say it With Style

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Everyone loves a little closet refresh. However, your mom may not feel that she needs new clothes. She may push you to buy nice things for yourself, while neglecting her own desires. Taking your mom shopping can boost her mood. Suggest an afternoon where the intention is looking for a new outfit for her, and avoid buying for yourself!

If your mom is overwhelmed by going to stores and trying on clothes, perhaps you set her up with a subscription style service. There are numerous options available today that make it easy for a fresh wardrobe update. These services will allow your mom to try on pieces at home that she may not have chosen for herself.

5. Learn Something New Together

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One of the best ways for anyone to feel confident is to learn something new. If your mom has been talking about a hobby she wants to pick up, suggest learning it together. From in-person classes to virtual ones, there are plenty of opportunities when it comes to learning.

For instance, you could sign up for a virtual cooking class together to make something fun, new, and exciting. You could also sign up for a month’s worth of yoga classes at a local studio. Or, perhaps you finally go to that neighborhood knitting store and sign up for a pack of classes. No matter what you two decide to learn, do it together. It’s just as much about creating memories as it is actually mastering new skills.


Everyone needs a confidence boost from time to time. If you feel like your mom is holding the world on her shoulders, take some time to focus on her. In addition to these ideas, you could simply start complimenting her daily. Thank her for all that she does, and all that she did for you growing up. You don’t need to wait until Mother’s Day or her birthday to give her the love she deserves!