3 Golden Rules of Gifting Alcohol For Any Occasion

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One of the most difficult tasks in the world is to pick up a gift for someone. Most of the time we end up buying merchandise for our friends and family when it comes to gifting. If the same old concept seems old school to you, try something different. How about gifting alcohol? It can be one of the best 40th birthday gifts for him, as gifts for men are usually complicated to find. You can take alcohol to any event, as it almost fits every occasion.

To help our readers make a definite choice when it comes to alcohol gifting, we have created this comprehensive guide. No denying the fact that gifting alcohol is just as difficult as thinking about what to gift. You may know that the person is a whisky drinker, but what kind would be the best? This is a tricky choice.

Don’t worry, we have helped narrow down the available choices by listing a few tips to make sure you are not lost in the maze of options.

1. Know the person or your audience

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This tip goes without saying and is pretty straightforward. Before you go hunting for the best bottle of liquor, try to research a few things about the person, and answer a few questions yourself. Doing so will pay you off in the long run. If you have had a drink before with that person, try to recall the drink that they ordered. If you have some common friends, maybe try asking them, if they know the choice of the person. You can also consider gifting them customized items and getting alcohol delivery service from CelebrationBox

No matter in what way you get the reconnaissance done, doing it is important to make an ideal choice. Having said that, this way you will have some idea about your pick and the budget before you head to a store.

2. When buying wine or beer, pick seasonal options

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If you want to shop for a pack of beer that has six exotic flavors, the choice can be daunting, if you are not friendly with the choices available, local options and what’s trending. You should know that there is a beer available for each season. It means, considering the season you are shopping in, make a choice.

Don’t search for that Grapefruit beer in the winter season just because your friend likes it. That choice may be available all year round, but will not be appropriate according to the season. Stay steer clear of the summer options. Rather go for some winter styles, like Scotch Ales, Belgian Strong Ales, etc. Having said that, if looking to buy some for the holidays, my favorite options are The Flagship Porter, The Peppermint Version of Victory at Sea, etc.

3. Don’t be a boring person

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Finally, when you have shortlisted a few available options that would be great for gifting a beer this time, don’t take the easiest way out. That said, you should not snag a bottle of an ordinary option available and call it a day. This gifting option will show no effort and lack of interest. Instead, you should go that extra mile and try to find some variation.

Going local is not a bad idea either. There are plenty of local options available. Based on your budget and taste option of the person, try to find some of the most creative available choices and get the task of gifting done right. If you don’t have enough idea about the option available, call a person who has.

Best Occasions For Gifting Alcohol

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  • Birthdays: Think about it, when it’s your birthday, which gift would mean the most to you? The one in which someone has made an effort and put their deepest thoughts into it. In that case, when you have to give something to the birthday boy or girl, show some creativity in picking a present. If they are after a specific style, beer or style, search for a limited-edition, an interesting or new choice available. Extra efforts will go a long way and will also make your gift more valuable and meaningful.
  • Housewarming party or dinner invite: Key things to keep in mind when you want to gift alcohol at a party are; that they are probably going to consume the gift the same day, and you are not gifting for everyone at the party, it will be just for the host. For such scenarios, the best options are wine and beer. The best part is that when it comes to the price of alcohol, you can be budget-minded.
  • Gifting the boss: when you have to gift alcohol to your boss, you need to help manage your impression yourself. The rule of thumb for gifting alcohol to your boss is, don’t go for a too cheap option and try to stay classy. Remember that this will be a reflection of you. Moreover, if the boost will last one more day after opening, it will be a bonus.
  • Holidays: When it comes to giving a gift for the holidays, you will easily find several gifts giving options. The best alcohol gifted will make their heads pop like a champagne cork. Though, as stated above, the best way to do this is to go for the seasonal route. You can also think the other way round. Consider the options that would pair best with your food.

If you are going on holiday in warmer months, going light works. Choose some lighter wine options like white wines or roses. On the contrary, holidays in the winter months should have spirits, bold red wines, fortified wines, etc.

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind when buying alcohol for gifting purposes, is the message that you want to convey. Moreover, make your gift stand out from others by adding a delicacy option that pairs with the alcohol best.

The Bottom Line

When you have to pick the best alcohol to gift to someone, don’t stress too much in making a choice. After all, your gift should be enjoyed by the recipient and you will not have to always go the hard way to get there. Gifting a bottle should make a great impression and so you should make an informed choice.