Sports Betting Strategy – Which one is the Best in 2024


The betting industry is evolving day by day, and we can see many online betting platforms available in the market. Betting is always a risky task but also enjoyable at the same time. It helps to increase your income if we apply the correct strategy; else, you can lose your money quickly. In that regard, we have brought the best sports betting strategy that works in 2024 for any type of games.

So, let’s discuss the smart strategies that apply to all the major sports you have chosen.

Best Sports Betting Strategy In 2024

There are so many sports betting techniques that have been discovered till now. Most of them have become old, and some of them are still working. We are going to talk about the sports betting strategies that are used by professionals. And see which strategy is best for you in recent time. But before that you should always check the latest football highlights and livescore on to catch up with latest news from the football world.

Negative Progression Theory

This theory recommends that if you want to bet, don’t use ‘All In Betting’ as it contains a high risk of losing. ‘All In’ is a betting strategy where players invest all the money they have in one go. It only works if your prediction is very accurate. The best option is to adopt a ‘Negative Progression System’ to bet safely. It is one of the oldest techniques but still works in sports betting. You increase your stake by one unit each time you lose.

You might be thinking about if we are losing, how it will be profitable!

Well, here, the idea is to make up your losses with one win from the current bet. This method is beneficial until you start losing your cover.

So, there are three sub-techniques in the negative progression betting system that support the principle with a slight change. They are the Martingale staking Plan, D’Alembert Betting Theory, and Labouchere Betting System, which are discussed below.

a) Martingale Staking Plan


As stated, martingale staking says that you should progressively increase your bet on every loss. If you have $100 and you lose, then increase the bet by one unit. You must be thinking what is the benefit if you are losing. Well, this is the only trick you can use to cover your strike. Suppose you bet $300 for the third time and win, then you will get $600, and your total amount will be covered. But keep in mind don’t bet for more than the 4th time as it will get over your head.

b) D’alembert Betting Theory


The second method is very similar to the Martingale stake plan. But the difference starts with the small amount. The idea is to maintain the equilibrium state on every single bet.

If you have $100, then divide it into small units. Let’s say use 5% to 10% of your total amount. Increase your bet by one unit after every single round you win. But if you continue losing from the starting, then don’t bet after the 4th round as it will not cover your losing amount.

c) Labouchere System


This system suggests splitting your wager into several parts. Suppose you want to win $1000, then split your wager in a sequence that contains $1000 by adding. Let’s split your amount to $100, $200, $200, $200, $200, $100. Start with the first one and second wager with the last one if you win. But if you lose, try with $200 and start from the beginning. Follow the sequence until you win your decided amount. This is the most effective way to place a bid on sports betting.

Special Recommendation Strategy To Bet On Sports


Apart from the Negative Progression system, here are some honorable mentions that can help you with sports betting.

Each better chooses for himself exactly the strategy that will be the most understandable and explicable for him. And every experienced bettor places bets on a site they trust, most experienced sports bettors choose a reliable bookmaker at

a) Insurance Betting System

It is the same as its name. If you want to bet with $50, then break it into small amounts, say $5. At every loss, decrease one unit from the next move. Otherwise, follow the sequence that you have made. It may cover your loss, but it is not profitable until you are winning from the start.

b) Positive Progression Strategy

Positive Progression Systems are precisely the opposite of negative progression. The stakes are needed to increase by one unit with every single win rather than for every loss. If you are losing your stake, it will not help to recover your losses. There are two methods included in Positive Progression.

  • Paroli Formula: This formula works on even wager betting, and experts suggest having a 2% stake as a base. Increase the bet with 2X after weaning and decrease one unit after the 3rd round. Continue with the first unit until you win.
  • Parlay System: This method involves multiple wagers that allow you to reinvest the winning amount in the next round. But this plan only works when you choose a winning team. This makes the chance to win higher but can be risky as you can lose all the amount at once.

How To Do Effective Sports Betting?

  • Study the basics.
  • Plan your budget to avoid loss.
  • Search for the bookmakers for perfect planning.
  • Choose a reputed sports betting platform.
  • Do deep research about the sports you want to bet on.
  • Invest your money in small fractions.
  • Don’t lose your patience if you are losing.
  • Make a strategy to hold for a long time.


The craze of sports betting is increasing with time, and there are many options available to bet on. But it is hard to win on the first attempt as competition has increased. To stay in the competitive market, you need to adopt a perfect strategy to win the right amount. There are so many people whose experiences are available on the internet. Go through them and study their strategies to start safe betting.

Here we have mentioned the best sports betting strategy that works in 2024. We have suggested how you can invest in sports betting in a strategic way. In addition, you will learn to maintain an equilibrium state throughout the game. You can bet throughout the series by dividing the specific amount into small parts and following the strategy that you have. Finally, we recommend you not invest all the money at one time. The process is slow, but it is an effective way to strike and make a profit.