Read the Fine Print Before Accepting a Casino Bonus


Casino bonuses appear attractive, which is why players grab them without reading their T&Cs. Most players fail to realize that online casinos design bonuses to promote their services, attract new players, and benefit the house.

We do not want to paint a bleak picture of casino bonuses because players can use them to build bankrolls. Instead, we intend to stress the importance of reading bonus terms before claiming a bonus offer. You can profit from a bonus only if you read and understand the fine print.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of being able to benefit from casino bonuses like the ones listed on NoDepositGuide. But the fact of the matter is, you’re inadvertently entering an agreement when accepting this, and other kinds of bonuses. This is why it’s super important to read through the fine print, also known as T&Cs, before committing to any bonus. Sometimes, a bonus may have certain wagering requirements you might later find out are hard to fulfill. So it’s best to know what you’re agreeing to, before agreeing to the T&Cs, this way, you won’t set yourself up for disappointment down the line.

T&Cs Give You the Complete Picture


Bonus T&Cs give you all the details of a bonus. When online casinos advertise their bonus offers, they hide details such as wagering requirements, win caps, game restrictions, and so on. Instead, they display the bonus amount with the word “free” in bold.

For example, the bonus advertisement of an online casino may say that it offers a 100% bonus of up to $100 on your first deposit. You have to read the fine print to learn that you need to deposit at least $20 to claim it. The fine print may also tell you that a wagering requirement of 50x applies and that you have only 15 days to meet this wagering requirement.

Online casinos hide all these terms in fine print, but experienced players always read them to avoid disappointment in the future.

Let us now have a look at some bonus terms and why you must read them:

Wagering Requirements

The most important and least understood bonus term is wagering requirements, also known as playthrough or rollover requirements. Online casinos ask you to wager your bonus amount a certain number of times before requesting a payout. The wagering requirements apply not only to the bonus but also to the qualifying deposit at some casinos.

Assume that you deposited $50 and claimed a bonus of $50 subject to a wagering requirement of 20x. You have to wager $50 twenty times or $100 before requesting a payout.

If the 20x wagering requirement applies to the qualifying deposit as well, you have to wager $100 twenty times or $2000 before cashing out.

When you learn to read the bonus T&Cs, you will also learn to avoid bonuses with high wagering requirements that apply to the bonus plus deposit.



Bonus validity is closely related to wagering requirements. Validity is the number of days the bonus remains valid and varies from casino to casino. Bonuses remain valid for anywhere in the range of 2 – 30 days.

You have to meet the bonus wagering requirement before the bonus becomes invalid to cash out your winnings.

Can you withdraw money before meeting the wagering requirements? Some online casinos allow you to cash out, but they remove the bonus winnings plus whatever remains of the bonus from your account. Reading the bonus terms will help you understand all these fine details about the bonus offer you want to claim.

Max Winnings

Also known as win caps, max winnings restrict the amount you can withdraw as bonus winnings. Since online casinos want to maximize their profits, they do not allow you to cash out all your bonus winnings. Instead, you can withdraw only the specified amount.

Assume that you won $100 while playing with a $50 bonus and the online casino has a win cap of $30. In this case, you can withdraw only $30 of the $100 you won.

Do you feel that this is unfair? We suggest claiming bonuses with no win caps. You have to read the fine print about the bonus offer to ascertain if the online casino allows you to withdraw all your bonus winnings.

Conditions Of Casino Payment


A majority of online casinos have a provision about payouts or withdrawals. Here, they talk about how casinos will distribute a huge victory or bonus. Certain casinos will immediately pay you the whole balance, while others may limit your withdrawals to a weekly or monthly cap.

This implies that you may have to wait an extended period of time for the online casino’s terms and conditions to be satisfied. Certain casinos may impose a maximum withdrawal restriction on the amount of bonus money that may be withdrawn, and any excess balance is refunded to the casino. As a result, it is prudent to thoroughly read all agreements before agreeing to anything.

Clause Of Acceptance

The acceptance clause is another critical section of any terms and conditions contract. This provision is included in almost all online casinos. It says that the players agree to all of the casino’s terms and conditions.

Players who agree to these terms become bound by them once they begin playing and using the casino’s software. Any online casino’s terms and conditions should be reciprocal. They should safeguard the casino’s as well as its players’ interests.

While these clauses are sometimes extensive, they nonetheless provide an overview of how the casino operates, what they provide, what they allow, and what they do not allow. As a result, it is critical to properly understand the terms and conditions prior to signing up or accepting a bonus.

Requirements For ‘Know Your Customers’ And Privacy Terms


All registered online casinos, mainly authorized US casinos, are required by licensing organizations to authenticate their players’ identities, contact details, and payment details via a procedure called ‘Know Your Customer‘ (KYC).

KYC is used to prevent minors from gambling, money laundering, organized crime, and internet fraud. Another provision that all casinos must adhere to is the protection of their customers’ personal information.

The privacy conditions should specify that casinos will not disclose consumer information in any manner. This clause is critical for maintaining the security of your personal data as well as the casino’s legitimacy.

Final Word

When you begin gambling online, you will encounter a plethora of alternatives in terms of casinos, online games, and guidelines. However, keep in mind that they come with their own set of rules! When you register with a regulated online casino, you will be presented with a number of terms and conditions to agree.

At this point, we often scroll to the bottom of the page and click the ‘Agree’ option to expedite the process. Who wants to spend time reading tiny print disclaimers instead of playing? However, failing to read these terms and conditions attentively might be quite costly to you.

The player and the casino enter into a contract via the terms and conditions. They safeguard both parties and guarantee that agreed-upon responsibilities are met. In this article, we have taken a closer look at these phrases and the reasons why they are so critical. Thus, make sure to read the terms and conditions properly before you cash out your bonus.