What Sports Can Handicaps Be Used For – 2024 Guide

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Are you a betting man? We bet you are! These days everyone is a betting person. The world of sports betting is around us, and even if you wanted to escape it you couldn’t. Nor you should. In good measure, betting on sports is amazing. The thrill of it can’t be compared to anything else. Putting your faith in the eleven or more or fewer men down on the field is a great sensation. Of course, no one is putting their life on the line, so we exaggerated here a bit, but you get the point. The blood pumping, the sweat going down, and the handshaking is all part of this world. It’s not against the odds to feel like this.

So, how are you standing with the odds and handicap? If you’re even remotely into sports betting you need to know about these things. The latter especially comes in useful when you’re pitting yourself against a tight match. Playing games under a handicap assigned by the bookmakers is a great way to elevate the odds and bring them close to what you’re ready to pay. For today, this is going to be our subject. In this article, we are going to talk about what sports can handicap be used for. As you’re going to see, many sports are using this way for accommodating their players.

Handicap works both ways; it can be beneficial for both the players and the bookmakers. It all comes down to how much of a risk are you prepared to take on with your wager. Many bookmakers offer lower or higher handicaps on certain games which bodes well with some players. It is a great way to attract new players, especially if you’re a new company on the market. If you want to associate yourself with a new player on the market who has great offers for new players be sure to visit this website. Now, we can get back to our subject. Before we focus on the sports that get covered with handicap odds, let’s what are we actually talking about.

What is Handicap Betting?

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Handicap bets are a great way to have a hand over the bookmakers. It allows you to bet on the same events with odds shifted a bit, either for them to be higher or lower, depending on what bet do you choose. The best way to explain this is through a metaphor. Let’s say you have a prime Mike Tyson going against your Average Joe who only boxed in his youth before committing to a life of alcohol abuse. Iron Mike is the clear favorite here, and there would be no point in making a bet on this match. This is where handicap betting comes into play. What about we give you the same odds for both of them to win a match, but it only goes for the Average Joe if he survives the first round, that’s deemed as a win on his part. Without a handicap like this one, it is a clear win for Mike. But, with it, it is a much more interesting contest. You’d immediately start thinking that he has a chance like anyone can run around the ring for a minute or two even with the world’s greatest champion on the other side.

Which Sports Use Handicap Betts

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As we said, many sports rely on this type of betting. It is available for most sports that rely on scoring points. Basketball, football, soccer, handball, volleyball, golf, and even water polo are all reliant on this type of betting. Like we already said, it can be applied to boxing and even on sprinting. It is a great way to give players the feeling of having odds playing to their side. We’re going to bets explain this on the example of teams sports of basketball, soccer, and football.

For example, let’s have the Green Bay Packers lined up against the Detroit Lions. We know how this divisional rivalry always ends. Aaron Rodgers is a clear-cut favorite to win this duel and you’d win nothing by betting even a$100 on this match. But, this is where the handicap comes in handy. Once the handicap of 18.5 points is set on Detroit Lions it means that GB needs to win by a score differential of 19 points. Now, that’s not easy, considering they need to have two TD advantages and a field goal, and they still wouldn’t reach the 19 points difference. The odds would be the same for both teams to win standing at 1.85. This would make this game more interesting, wouldn’t it? In the end, Packers would have won, but would they win by 19? We’re sure it would be closer than that. Betting on Lions? Only handicap makes this possible.

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When it comes to soccer, the situation is also similar, just the handicap is way smaller. Teams would have only +1 or +2 handicaps assigned. Let’s say Manchester City is playing Burnley at home. It’s a sure win, but the odds would be close to 1.10. but, if you assign two goals Burnley or even three the odds would grow to 2.0, which is fine by any margin. Another big sport giving handicapped bets to the players in basketball. When it comes to sot this sport it is quite interesting considering there are hot and cold streaks by both players and the teams, and the possibility of scoring two points and threes too. So if you have Phoenix Suns playing Oklahoma City Thunder. The odds favor the Suns and the CP3 by a wide margin. But, if you add a 20 point handicap on the Thunder, it changes the picture significantly. Soon you’d be seeing them as favorites. This is what handicap does to betting. It adds that flavor to bland games. That’s why the players love it, and it is an essential part of every ticket. If you haven’t tried it out just yet, now it’s the right time. Bet your luck against the odds about aligned with the handicap. That’s the way to go.