Fast-paced Online Slots

Online slots have become a significant market. Since the early 21st century, the industry has grown quite significantly. Back then, online slots were simple, digital video remakes of their land-based predecessors. However, nowadays, the games have entirely changed.

Many developers integrate music, visuals, mini-games, and other exciting additions to make the games more engaging. Online slots have come a long way from slow burns to fast pace games. So, if any of these games sound fun, head to any real money slot casinos to play on And now, to help you pick the best of the best, we would like to look at the best, fast-paced slot games available on the market.

Super Wild Race

As the name suggests, Reels and Wheels are about speed and fast cars. The 3×5 slot takes advantage of the latest developments in game design, creating a fast-paced, action-packed experience that any gambler would enjoy—especially those who love fast cars or motorsports.

The Super Wild Race slot brings fast-paced racing to you in a way that almost no other car-related slot does. With fast and exciting music, incredibly creative symbols (all of which are somehow related to cars and racing), and over 200 ways to win, what is there not to love?

4th & Goal


Football is one of America’s favorite sports. The National Football League has continuously managed to attract fans from all over the country. In recent years, European countries have begun warming up to the game. Due to this rise in popularity, many offshoots have come to prominence. An example would be the spectacularly entertaining and parodic Lingerie Football League.

So, as football grows in popularity, it is unsurprising that football-related slots have also attained mass appeal. Such an example is 4th & Goal. The slot transports the player to the football court. And while the symbols and visual effects could use some work, the fast-paced action of the slot is unyielding.

The slot consists of 5 rows and three columns and features caricatures of players and cheerleaders as special symbols. Apart from that, the slot also incorporates the standard slot symbols, which are the following:

  •   Ten – 10
  •   Jack – J
  •   Queen – Q
  •   King –K
  •   Ace – A

Fans of football, or any sport, should do themselves the service of checking out this game. Of course, Americans will enjoy it the most. However, many USA residents still believe online gambling is illegal. We are here to tell you that you can play online slots without legal risks if you follow specific guidelines.

Fast Lane Freddie


And we are back to the races. Freddie and Skylar are back at it, competing in a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping car chase. And you, the player, are here to help them. The 5×3-reel slot takes us for a ride every time. The relatively low minimum deposit makes this game perfect for newbies. However, the maximum deposit and payout are also quite hefty, meaning long-time gamblers will have something to enjoy.

But why choose Fast Lane Freddie? If the high-octave adrenaline action is insufficient, how about a love of cars? Whether you are a luxury car enthusiast or a fan of fast sports cars, the slot has you covered. The symbols are all modeled after impressive vehicles or the people driving them, including the game’s mascot, Freddie. So, if Super Wild Race did not convince you, Fast Lane Freddie surely will: Cars are excellent, and so is this slot.

Kensei Blades


We’ve all seen the fast-paced action featured in many anime series. From the high-octane action of Attack on Titan to the gorgeous animation of Demon Slayer, the anime industry has produced some genuinely great content. So, unsurprisingly, this anime-inspired slot brings the same level of action to the gameplay of slots.

The classic anime hero archetype, carrying a comically large sword, teams up with a pink-haired, magical girl. Together, they must protect the world from evil. And you are there to help. The reel is complicated, with five columns, each with a different amount of rows. The player connects the fantastically-designed symbols to win the prize.

And speaking of symbols, there are no basic symbols here. Each of the slot’s signs is entirely original and somehow relates to the fantasy that the world has set up. From a demonic helmet to an emerald shield to an incredibly intricate sword, Kensei Blades will keep any gambler engaged in the gameplay.

Cossacks: The Wild Hunt


The Underworld films may not be high-art, but they are the perfect series of movies for fans of both the action and horror genres. Vampires and werewolves facing down in a war, using fire and steel? What is not to love? The film series may not be around anymore, but they significantly influenced the popular culture at the time, which can still be seen today.

An example of this influence can be seen in Foxium’s Cossacks: The Wild Hunt slot. Two hunters team up to fight the legions of the night. Black wolves and wicked werewolves stand in your way, and it is up to you to clear the forest and prevent the Wild Hunt in this fast-paced, 6×6-reel.

The game offers thousands of different pay lines, a grand prize of your bet x 10.000 per winning line, and a maximum bet of $25. With a variable RTP and a medium-to-high variance, it is the perfect choice for veterans who like to take risks.

The game is also incredibly designed. A detailed, dark forest decorates the background, while the slot’s unique symbols tell a great story. Black wolves, red, demonic werewolves, a sexy huntress, and a big, burly knight are just a few of this fantastic game’s unique designs.

Honorable Mentions


The five games we have discussed thus far are worth checking out. However, if we had to list every slot worth playing, we’d be here forever. Instead, we would like to provide a list of honorable mentions that just barely didn’t make a list:

  •       Agent Jane Blonde: Max Volume
  •       Direct Hit: Money Zone
  •       Mighty Black Knight
  •       Raging Rhino Rampage
  •       Drive Multiplier Mayhem


The slots we listed in this article are perfect for fast-paced action and gambling fans. Due to the steep difficulty, some might be better suited for experienced gamblers. However, the challenge might be part of the appeal. So, if you are looking for high-octane, adrenaline-pumping action, these are the slots you should start with.