What’s The Difference Between Braces and Veneers?

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We are all looking for that perfect smile that immediately draws people in, and if this is what you are looking for, several cosmetic dentistry options are available to you. Options that can help you get that natural smile that immediately features your personality. But with many options available, it can be confusing on which one to go for to help you attain that perfect smile. This article shall look at the difference between braces and veneers to help you make an informed decision.

What are braces?

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These are orthodontist appliances that are used to move and shift teeth over time. Braces have been designed to come in many forms, suited for correcting structural problems. These have been associated with brackets that are used to bond to each tooth.

The traditional metal braces have been made with stainless steel, and these are noticeable each time you smile.

You can get the ceramic braces, a little similar to the metal option, but for this, you can add some colour. These can easily blend with your teeth’ colour, making them a little less noticeable than the traditional option.

Then, the option of getting lingual braces; these look like the traditional options but are placed on the inside of your teeth. Since these are placed inside, it is not suitable for severe cases.

If you don’t like the idea of braces being seen on your teeth, you can get the Invisalign. These have been designed to be clear and are removable whenever you want. It is made of clear plastic, but you will need a new aligner each week to gradually improve your teeth. If discreet is what you are looking for, probably this could be a good option.

If you prefer a less noticeable teeth-straightening method, Invisalign aligners might be the right choice for you. The aligners are nearly invisible and offer the convenience of being removable for eating and cleaning your teeth. Although they’re made of clear plastic, they’re surprisingly durable. However, discipline is key, as you must wear them for the recommended 20-22 hours a day to achieve the best results. Each new aligner, which you’ll switch to weekly, is part of a series custom-designed for your teeth, progressively adjusting them to their desired position. This method is a popular choice for adults and teenagers seeking an inconspicuous solution to improve their smile without the aesthetic concern of traditional metal braces.

But the type of braces that will be appropriate for you highly depends on the structural problems you could be having and precisely what you might be looking for.

Braces are a non-invasive way to get those perfectly aligned teeth and leave your teeth intact. However, the downside of getting braces is the long-term aftercare that will be needed to maintain the required results because, after braces, you might need to get some retainers.

Braces – Pros

Dentists use braces because of their certain benefits. Therefore, despite their cons, no one thinks that they are not worthy. So here are some of the cons;

  1. They will shape your teeth and jaw gradually. Thus, you can enjoy a flattering smile.
  2. Braces only align your jaw. There is no need for teeth filling. Therefore, the original shape and structure of your teeth will be the same.
  3. Braces are also helpful with teeth clean-ups.
  4. They can get rid of an unaligned bite that causes pain.
  5. So it will be helpful if you have trouble chewing or you feel pain in your jaws while eating.
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Although there are numerous benefits of using braces, there are certainly some disadvantages. These include;

  1. It takes a long time to align your jaw completely. Usually, dentists offer a one or two-year course, but it extends for some people.
  2. Even after the course period, some of you might have to wear a retainer for several years (but only at night). This varies from person to person and if your jaw needs that.
  3. They don’t look good and that’s what worries most people. However, there are now virtually invisible ones available in the market

What are dental veneers?

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It is a thin custom-made shell designed in your teeth’ shape to cover up the front surface and help improve your teeth’ overall appearance. And with this, it also comes in a list of varieties you can choose from.

The porcelain veneers have been designed to mimic that sparkling bright look when you smile while resistant to stains. And these are often used to fix a tooth that are overly discoloured to get that white sparkle. Or, if you have teeth that are worn down or irregular, the veneers can fill up the spaces and give you perfectly straight aligned teeth when you smile.

For the veneers to fit perfectly and offer you that alluring smile, some of your enamel will need to be removed. It is an irreversible procedure. But after the treatment, you will immediately get that beautiful smile of your dreams; your teeth will be properly aligned, in perfect shape and with that natural sparkly white look.

Veneers – Pros

Veneers are much more problematic in the long run if we compare the two. However, there are also some positive aspects, so why don’t we look at them first? Here are the pros;

  1. Your natural tooth will be hidden completely.
  2. It is a short time treatment. Unlike the other one, you will have to go through only 2 or 3 appointments.
  3. You don’t have to take some extra precautions or take care of your veneers. You can comfortably live a regular life. They will exactly be like the rest of your teeth.
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The cons of using veneers include;

  1. The dentist has to file down your natural tooth for the right fitting of veneers. Otherwise, they won’t fit right and won’t feel comfortable in daily use.
  2. Our teeth do not grow back. So once your enamel is removed, it won’t be growing back again.
  3. Veneers are a permanent solution to your tooth problem. You cannot remove it because your original tooth is already filed down. It will be smaller in size and will also be too sensitive to use regularly.

Most people still prefer Veneers despite these disadvantages. This is not about likeability but more about the need for time. If your tooth is in such a bad condition that it will pose a serious risk to you in the future, your dentists will definitely remove it. Thus, instead of empty space, most people prefer to use veneers.

Furthermore, some people do this out of fashion. They don’t like the natural shape of their teeth so they undergo filing and use veneers to get the ideal look they want. As veneer shells are made from porcelain, it is more than possible to get your desired shape and colour. So you will look natural but perfect.

Final thought

Deciding what is best between the veneers and braces is a lengthy discussion you will need to have with your dentist. You will need to look at each’s pros and cons and see what will help you achieve your desired goal.