What is The Average CPS of a Professionals Esports Gamer

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Esports is a competition or championship for video games. The gamers take an active part in it, because of their skills, but also for their dedication to becoming good at some game. It’s a new field in sports, but it becomes more and more popular, as time goes by.

Today, if some kid is enthusiastic about some game, they can tell they are training for their next competition. For a matter of truth, there are plenty of them who already are professionals, and earn money from their activities and services.

In order to check your click per second rate, you can use services like clickstest.com, to test it for 30 seconds or one minute, and the algorithm will calculate the CPS rate. But, how fast is fast?

What’s the average number of clicks for one second?

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For writers, the usual rate is words per minute. Gamers use the keyboard and mouse combined, and in most cases, it’s crucial to react immediately, because even the smallest part of the second can make a huge difference in the final result. It doesn’t mean that you will need to violently press over the mouse buttons, putting a lot of pressure on them. Just the opposite, you need to grab it nicely and put your hand over the device.

Use your eyes to track the movements, and the hand will work by itself. According to some researches, an average player can make around 500 clicks per minute, which is around 8 clicks per second. Some advanced-level professionals can even make 10 clicks every second. The average number is 5 or 6, depending on the performance, or the game. In their language, the clicks are also known as actions per second.

If you know someone who is a passionate esports player, you probably know that their hands and eyes move too fast, so you can’t even see and detect those tiny, but important movements. Everyone who wants to accomplish something big, or just to be good at what they do, knows how to complete the tasks with minimum effort and less time.

In this profession (it is!), the CPS is the most important metrics, even more, important than the knowledge. If you are an everyday person who is not into this type of activity, the whole gaming experience may seem dizzying and unusual to you. But those who are doing it every day, are professionals in that field, just like you are in what you are doing for a living.

The art of becoming a professional esports player

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It seems like it’s a simple way of living – just sitting in your room the whole day, and clicking on the mouse and keyboard. But first, every person must be ready to spend that active hour of sitting, coming up with strategies and quick reactions while they are playing, and being really fast when they have to make a move.

As we said, the CPS (clicks per second) rate is one of the most important advantages these people may have. Depending on the game, it can be crucial to make a difference between one player and another, or between two teams in esports.

Having the right gear for this purpose requires using a good mouse too. Specialized mice for gaming are made to be comfortable under your hand, so you can maintain a good balance, without causing pains in the joints and fingers. Also, they need to maintain a constant clicking rate, so they can keep the good result, or even become better.

According to experienced gamers, the usual average CPS is about 6, but it can also be 5 or 7. As we previously mentioned, some advanced-level gsamers can even click 10 times in one second. Even though it seems like a little time to do that, it’s possible if they have a good technique, and of course, a good mouse.

Practicing is an important part of all of this because, without practice, there is no place for that person in the esports world.

So, when you hear someone talking that these people are losing their time, and they don’t have essential skills, you can remind them that there are people who are professionals and really dedicated to this, they indeed earn some money from it. And of course, the CPS is making the whole difference.

How to improve your CPS?

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There are many ways to do that. You can start with measuring your performance online, to see how it goes, so you can know do you need some improvement, or you are good. But, keep in mind that the fingers aren’t the only part that is important in improving performance.

You need to know how to properly shake the whole hand, and even the whole arms, and which muscles to activate, so you can click faster. But, before you do that, don’t forget to enhance the settings on your computer. If you have a laptop, then it’s better to again use your mouse instead of a trackpad, because the hand position isn’t allowing you to be fast enough for that task.

Find online tests and exercises, so you can track your progress through time. Who knows, maybe you are the next champion in esports. Also, it’s important to choose the right gear, especially your accurate mouse.

Are there any “cheats”?

Surely there are automated clicking plugins and programs, and they are allowed in some specific cases, but not all the time. Many games and services can ban you if they spot unusual behavior, so our recommendation is to be sure you can use them in some situations.

But, in games and esports it’s crucial for the player to be fast enough, to accomplish the needed results. Bot activities and self-clicking software won’t help you become professional, even though with some of them you are able to make even 30 clicks per second. Remember, it’s important to be fast, but to be honest and accurate is even a better skill for every professional.