5 Tips and Tricks for Promoting Your Music on SoundCloud in 2024

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One of the advantages of living in this digital world is absolutely about creativity because today, no matter if someone enjoys practicing traditional arts like painting or composing or new commercial arts, there are plenty of ways to do so. The possibilities are endless, and the only question is what program, company, website, etc., suits you and your goals the most. Each art branch has a vast offer of websites where one can showcase their skills, especially music-wise, as we may not be aware of, but music is of vast importance to us.

Each soul on this planet has their favorite music genre, band, song, or at least verse, and music inspires us, it brings up emotions, helps us deal with certain things in life, and brings happiness and joy to our life. With music being such a powerful tool, the number of websites created to help new musicians present their art and a place where others can discover new performers raised up but, eventually, several of them emerged and stood out from the rest, SoundCloud being one of them. Today, SoundCloud is one of the most recognizable music websites, but since it is so popular, it is much more difficult for your music to reach as many people as just a few years ago. There are two ways to deal with this problem, and you can either check smm-world.com and start growing audience right now or continue reading as we will further discuss this topic.

1. Comment and share

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Almost every person has a profile on social media, and we all know that someone wants to increase the number of followers, they ask the followers they already have to like, comment, and share their post. The same thing is if we want to promote our music on SoundCloud. Interaction with other people on the platform is crucial because they can help us a lot, and at the same time, we are helping them. You are still not sure how? Well, once we comment on share someone else music, it is most likely that person will check our music and share it if they like it. Of course, that does not mean that we need to write only compliments since every artist loves to get constructive criticism, and we should share only the content we like.

2. Don’t hesitate to use tags

In a world where hashtags play such a great role, there is no reason not to use tags to grow your audience and broaden the reach of your music. The concept is simple, and by using tags, your music becomes much easier to find for anyone searching in SoundCloud, and those who haven’t use them before, start doing so right away. As for the tricks on how to make the most out of tags, try tagging artists with similar names or songs with a similar name can do wonders audience-wise. That, and of course, using tags to describe the mood of the song, something most people already use for their social media posts, is a great way to start, and it’s also an easy thing to do but will provide great results.

3. Advertise on other platforms

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Advertising is the most important thing today, and no matter what we do, a good commercial can make us seen. Luckily, it is much easier to advertise today than it was 30 years ago because of the huge impact of social media. Almost every person has at least one profile on some platform, and it is easy to reach them. Because of that, the simplest way of advertising is sharing your music on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or any other you use. In that way, your followers will have the opportunity to check the content you share, and you will probably get new fans.

4. Make a remix

Sometimes we try anything we can to attract people to listen to our music, but somehow it is not enough. Well, there is no need to worry because there is always some new way that we can try. One of them is making remixes of popular songs that everyone is searching for. If we make a remix of a song that everyone wants to hear, then it is most likely that our remix will be among the search results once people type the name of that song. Once it is among the search results, there is a big possibility that people will listen to it, and our music will be heard. If the people like that one song, they will probably continue to follow our work.

5. Become a part of the group

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It is very important to be a part of the group because in that way we have the opportunity to communicate with people with similar interests. We can ask them to review our music, and even ask them for some advice. In the end, we may have new friends that will be happy to build our music career with us, and who knows, maybe it is the beginning of the great collaboration. Building a community is always great, and that means that at least people from the group will check our music, and if they like it, they will probably become our biggest support.

To summarize

These five tips should come in pretty handy, as they are not that difficult to perform and, more importantly, will do wonders for the audience and popularity-wise. Yes, creating music is the most important thing for the majority of new musicians, but everything is much better when we know that our song made someone happy or made someone sing it the whole day. In the end, SoundCloud is a tool, and you should use everything that this tool has to offer. So why not use it to grow the audience, because you never know who will end up listening to the tunes of your song, and who knows, you might be just the next big thing in the music world.