Fun Games to Play With Your Curious Child


Meeting up with your ever-curious child might be really tough at times. And that’s exactly when you need to have the perfect list of games ready to play with them. It’ll not only increase their knowledge and engage them but will also bring out their creative side.

So, to help you with the entire process, we’ve developed a list of fun games that your little kid will love. So, let’s check out what they are:


1. Scrabble

Scrabble can be the best way to increase kids’ vocabulary and thinking power. The entire idea of creating some new words with the help of a few letters can be fun and exciting. Overall, this is best for kids of all ages. The moment they start learning the letters, you could let them play scrabble with you.

However, you’d find different types of scrabbles for each age group. For the little ones, a set of scrabbles comes with pictures (which overall excites the kids). So, choose the right one for the exact age group and see how your child learns new words.


2. Wooden Grand Piano

Does your child have an extra ear for music? Well, if you’re nodding your head in agreement with us, we’d suggest you get him/her this. With this, they slowly develop their musical side, which may allow them to explore a career with it.

If you know how to play the piano or even know some chords, your curious little one will surely enjoy this. And if you think you’d have to visit a big musical instrument shop to get one, then let us relieve you a little. By visiting the famous website, you’ll get a wide range of pianos appropriate for your little one.


3. Dummy Kitchen Set!

Every child loves pretend-play! Seeing their parents in the kitchen making up food daily excites them. So, why don’t you give your little one a dummy kitchen set to play with? Your little child with a curious mind will come up with various questions while you’re in the kitchen, all of which can be answered in the dummy set. Then, ask your kid to prepare something for you that will be fun to watch.


4. Jigsaw Puzzles

Another board game that curious children love to play is jigsaw puzzles. And when you’re with your kid playing this, you will see the creations and imaginations ooze out from them in no time. But again, you’d have to choose the type of jigsaw puzzle according to the age group. At times, it can become really tough for your child if you happen to select the wrong one.


5. What About A Science Experiment?

There are a bunch of things you can do, and science experiments indeed amaze a child. Moreover, it allows them to think about larger aspects and do all the new things in life. But try out the simple ones with your little one and ensure that it’s done under your vigilance.

Some of the experiments you could try are: ‘paper towel rainbow,’ ‘apple with toothpick building,’ ‘dancing rice in water,’ ‘revealing the different chemical colors,’ and dancing colors in the milk. These are simple yet attractive ways of teaching your child new things.


6. Charades

No matter how old you grow, charades are something that’s going to be an ever favorite. If you’re playing alone with your kids, you could have some names written on a piece of paper and jumble it up for a surprise. If you want to make it even more interesting, you could put the names of characters your kid is fascinated by. With what you enact in charades, curious kids can stay engaged for a really long.


7. Chess

A very famous and old classical game is chess. It not only tests your patience levels but also helps develop the brain. Children who play this game from a young age often learn how to deal with the community, learn social behavior, and in some cases, develop the idea of dealing with situations they confront.

While a kid is curious, he/she definitely looks out for ways to become more and more accustomed to their environment and be prepared to deal with the outside world. By playing chess, children can slowly learn a lot of effective things which help them in the long run.


8. Mapping The Neighborhood

When you’re talking to children and playing games with them, you can be sure that you’re teaching them some important skills. And mapping can be an interesting thing that your child might like doing. So, you can take out some crayons and ask your child to map out the entire neighborhood.

In that way, they learn the skill of road learning and much more. This overall gives them the idea to read a new map that they might visit with you as well. So, once your little one learns how to map the neighborhood, you can easily talk to them about someplace on the world map they might want to go to.


9. Pictionary

Another thing most curious kids love is this one. Try out stimulating their brains furthermore with the subjects they like in general. You can use math, science, and many more subjects in Pictionary.

Playing this game can ensure your child becomes more focused and concentrated. But make sure you’re choosing the subject that interests your child.


10. Remembering the Sequence

Another brain-stimulating game that one can play is this one. Remembering the sequence enhances a child’s memory power and helps them develop the required skills. Children who like to know the hows and whys of everything they see love to play this interesting game.

Final Thoughts

As we end our blog today, we hope you’ve got quite a few gaming ideas to have a fun-filled time with your kids. So, go ahead and get the types of games we’re sure your curious child is going to love. And don’t forget to let us know which one you thought was the best among the list above.