7 Beginner Tips for Creating a Farmhouse Style Kitchen in 2024

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The kitchen could be someone’s haven to any person in the household. More often than not, one person loves to cook, bake, and do kitchen chores. That’s why it deserves a little sprucing up once in a while.

Well, there are plenty of kitchen ideas around the world and to achieve these, we might have to do some extra work. In particular, one of the popular kitchen designs is the farmhouse style.

What is a farmhouse kitchen? From the words itself, “Farmhouse Kitchen” is an architectural term used to refer to a type of kitchen that typically is composed of natural materials, unpretentious, all for serving the purpose of enabling someone to cook, prepare food and make a space of socializing. They are also designed to accommodate large meals.

As said earlier, it is popular, especially nowadays. Even in the proliferation of modern kitchen styles in most households, there is still a fraction of a population that prefers kitchens that have a rustic farmhouse style. That’s why, if you are fond of having this type of kitchen, this article will give you tidbits of ideas that will help you build and achieve your dream.

1. The refreshing color combination is a plus!

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Just like in choosing the “right” contrasts of colors in your house, spaces could be very tricky, especially when selecting the blend of colors in your kitchen. For a farmhouse-style kitchen; blue, gray, and white shades are considered to be “refreshing” colors and would create that farmhouse vibe in your kitchen space.

Colors are one way to soothe the mood of the one who’s doing the household chores; that’s why choosing colors isn’t just for creativity’s sake, but it’s more of a mood neutralizer. Ensure that the refreshing colors blend well in the ceilings, walls, and other kitchen portions.

2. Add some fun through decorations.

Every kitchen deserves a decoration! The thing is, there are plenty of ornaments that you could choose from if you prefer a farmhouse kitchen. Most popular nowadays are wooden signages engraved or written in them, and it does add beauty to your kitchen. Putting these decorations would give a farm vibe like someplace you see in the middle of the woods or barn.
One recommended wooden signage would be having phrases about cooking or love for food which will all be fit for that farmhouse vibe! Just don’t overdo the decors because instead of making the kitchen conducive for kitchen chores, it may turn into a place for arts and crafts to the point where doing tasks becomes a hassle.

3. Consider putting up a coffee bar.

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Coffee lovers are almost everywhere, and it’s most like you have a family member who’s a caffeine lover. Coffee jumpstarts your day after a long night’s sleep, and putting this into your farmhouse kitchen is truly lovely. But, aside from just putting this portion into it, try to put some dedication as well. Ensure that the “coffee bar” is a cozy, warm portion of that farmhouse kitchen of yours where a person could snuggle and feel a different kind of gratification.

As part of the art, you could place a cabinet where your coffee mug and other kitchen wares collections are situated. Coffee shops are very good at doing this, and you could do this on your coffee bar as well. There’s plenty of coffee area ideas on the internet that you could apply to your farmhouse kitchen.

4. Add those farmhouse-related elements in the kitchen.

A farmhouse kitchen wouldn’t be a farmhouse kitchen without any elements that create a farmhouse vibe in the kitchen. You could achieve this if you add decorations to it!

Adding earth-like elements into your kitchen will surely help you do this task. But what are the everyday things to put?

  • Wooden baskets: Wooden decorations and rough, weaved baskets depict a farm or barn atmosphere; thus, it would be good to put these into your kitchen mainly when used as containers of vegetables, fruits, and other food they will look more authentic.
  • Wreaths: Although this is entirely optional, putting ornamental wreaths will enhance the look of your kitchen. Typically, wreaths are hung on the door, making it look like you’re staying in a cabin in the middle of the woods. It would be best if the wreath you will use is made of leaves or organic materials to make it more realistic.
  • Put plants: Plants will finish the whole look. They will make the kitchen indeed a farmhouse kitchen because naturally grown decorations surround it. For plants, choose those that only require minimal care not to exhaust you taking care of them. Choose indoor plants, to be specific. These plants typically don’t need extra care because they can endure indoor states. There are tons of plants that have health benefits. It is said that some indoor plants absorb negative energy making the whole farmhouse building have a double purpose.
  • Fabrics for image: You would need some clothing for your kitchen! Table napkins, curtains, and table cloth are good opportunities for your creativity.

5. A window for a ray of sunshine.

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Having natural light in the surroundings of your kitchen would ease all negative tension in your kitchen. A ray of sunshine is what it needs to illuminate natural beauty. Imagine cooking while seeing a glare of the sun in your window. Isn’t that refreshing?

Letting all that natural light come inside your kitchen gives it a bright ambiance. Aside from allowing you to work on your kitchen with sufficient lighting, it also transforms your kitchen into an Instagrammable space. Everyone knows that lighting is key to a good photo, and when you have that in your kitchen, it would be a great place to take photos of your food or even share your recipes online.

6. Have that farmhouse sink

This is also one of the iconic features of a farmhouse kitchen. This sink is more aesthetically-pleasing and functional compared to ordinary ones and is composed of different colorful elements. If you don’t know where to start looking for a farmhouse sink, AnnieandOak.com offers a wide variety of kitchen sinks and other accessories to choose from.

7. Walling is everything.

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You could opt to use bricks as your walls to make it look like you’re in the middle of a farm for a nice vacation. Imagine if your kitchen looks like this. It’s as if you have a break every day in a cozy farmhouse! It makes you feel that you’ll be served some good food.

Choosing a motif for your kitchen may cost you some of your time, but results could be delightful both to your eyes and mind. The kitchen is where you cook your hearty meals, and it deserves some make-over. Whether it’s an ordinary kitchen or a farmhouse kitchen, you should invest a little in making a good kitchen.

Final Words

Creating a farmhouse-style kitchen may seem like an intimidating task. However, with a little imagination and the tips we’ve provided above, anyone can do it without any prior experience. The farmhouse vibe gives a rustic, homey feeling to your kitchen, so it’s no surprise that many want to have it in their homes.