How to Design Your Own Coffee Mug Design That Stands Out?


A customized coffee mug is the best gift you can give to anyone on their special days. You can get a plain mug and portrait any design on it. You can surprise your loved ones with special messages, images, and much more. If you want a coffee mug for your office space, you can also get transform it. There are many ways to customize the cup and make it look like you always want.

In the following write-up, we will discuss designing your own coffee mug design that stands out differently. You can get a romantic message, a collage of pictures, and much more. You can even buy Star Wars Coffee Mug from It can be the best and most memorable gift for your friends and relatives. Let us discuss how you can design a customized mug.

1. Plan a Design


Before you hurry to customize any random design, you need to plan it. The process requires enough research to produce a unique product. You have to think from scratch to the end. You have to take care of various things like the fitting of the design on the mug, appropriate colors, washable or not, permanent design, etc.

Make sure that you check whether the mug can be microwaveable or not. After considering everything about the design, you can think of its implementation.

2. Check its Durability

You need to buy a coffee mug which is made up of durable material. A durable cup lasts for more than five years if you handle it properly. But if you consider the one made up of plastic, then it can last for more than ten years.

You can easily microwave your mug and get your coffee ready. Make sure that it is dishwasher-safe and remains solid even if it falls accidentally. When you gift a durable mug to any loved one, they will always remember you.

3. Choose the Appropriate Color


It is necessary to choose the right color because it impacts the design. If you pick too many colors, then it can hide the appearance of images. You need to go for the light background when printing too many pictures on the mug.

Before finalizing the product, you need to check the print preview and determine whether the color you chose matches or not. But when you buy any mug with existing print, then there is no need to add other colors.

4. Pick the Big-sized Mugs

It is hard to satisfy yourself by drinking a small cup of coffee. You must gift a big mug for extra brews. The person must sip for a long time and enjoy their coffee time. Even if you want to serve shakes in these big mugs, you can also do so.

You can easily decorate the drink with whipped cream or coat it with sugar. But make sure that the mug is too big and does not fit well in both hands.

5. Write Motivational Thoughts


You can print numerous motivational thoughts on all the sides of the mug. Whenever you feel low, you will grab your coffee mug and read those thoughts. It will motivate your soul and help you think positive things.

You can also gift such customized mugs and inspire others. Your loved ones will remember you for the valuable gift. It is easy to inspire anyone by your thoughts printed on the mug.

6. Print Memories

If you want to give a coffee mug to your friends as a gift, it is better to print memorable pictures on it. You can make a collage or prepare a sketch of a memory that is quite close to your heart. It is a gesture that you will always remember your friend even he is too far from you.

Your friend will always keep that mug with him to keep remembering your friendship. Make sure that the pictures should be of good quality, and it should take the space of the mug properly.

7. Go for Unique Stuff


There is no sense in copying the design from another person. You can think of something unique design and print on it. If you want to check the uniqueness, you can research thoroughly. If you want to print any imaginary picture, you can make a sketch and edit some details if required.

You can choose any colors that complement you well. Having a unique design will surprise others, and they will love to have such a mug in their kitchen.

8. Wrap Your Coffee Mug Properly

Even if you worked pretty hard to design the coffee mug, you need to be innovative while wrapping the gift. You have to think of a unique packing idea and wrap the cup safely. If you want someone to get attracted, you have to pay attention to your wrapping skills.

You can also research many ideas and learn from many tutorials. You can also give this task to a professional for proper and crisp packing of your gift.

9. Go for Professional and Customized Mugs


If you are not too good at designing the coffee mug design, you should prefer the professional customized mugs. You will get already printed cups from the manufacturers. When you find something unique, you can buy it and gift it to your friend. In this option, you do not have to work hard on designing. It is an easy and quick buy option that anyone can go for it.

The Bottom Line

If you want to design your own coffee mug design that stands out, you can follow all the mentioned tips. You have to think creatively and develop a fantastic design in your head. You can make a sketch and try out different colors.

If you want to make something memorable, then you can add photos and print them on the mug. After customization, you can keep the coffee mug in your kitchen or gift it to your loved ones. Gifting customized mugs are quite trending these days.