Become an EU Citizen by Investing in Malta! 2024 Guide

Become an EU Citizen by Investing in Malta

Diversification is a key to safety in many areas, and citizenship is no longer an exception. Wealthy people have at least two (sometimes more) passports allowing them to solve all their problems: have visa-free access to many countries, relocate easily, and enjoy citizen’s rights in their second home if their current place of residence suddenly turns into a bad place to live, and open companies and accounts in other countries in a simplified procedure.

Malta occupies a special place in a plethora of countries that offer citizenship-by-investment programs as it is an EU member, so you will get an EU passport. Naturally, you will have to pay more than for similar Caribbean programs, for instance. Please visit our portal to read more information on investing in a second passport in Malta and other countries as you need to know all the details before you can make an informed decision.

We have excellent specialists who can give you practical advice on economic citizenship programs and help you receive passports for the whole family on a turnkey basis. You will need to collect a package of documents and send it to us, and we will take care of the rest. Some of our services are provided free of charge: if you think that Malta is not the destination that suits your taste or budget, we will discuss your needs and find a solution free of charge. You are welcome to visit the above link and reach our experts for more nuances!

Why Malta?

Why Malta

Malta is currently the only EU state that offers a citizenship-by-investment program. Cyprus used to have a similar offer but it is now suspended. Portugal had a Golden Visa program, but it is unavailable now. Possibilities in the economic citizenship market come and go – so if you want to obtain an EU passport, be sure to look closely at what Malta has to offer.

Under the Malta Individual Investor Program (MIIP), you will have to invest about one million euros into the local economy. The donation is considerable if we compare it with the cost of Caribbean citizenship, for example. However, the reputation of Malta’s passport is substantially higher. We are in no way trying to say that the Caribbean passport is bad: each document serves its purpose.

Investment is not the only requirement: you will also need to establish “close ties” with the country. In simple words, you will have to spend some time living in Malta.

Is Malta a good place to live in? Well, it’s simply marvelous! You will never regret the time that passed amidst stunning views of the seaside and nature. Wherever you go, you will always be close to the beach! You will also like the climate as it is rather mild: the temperature does not fall below 9°C in winter, and 32°C is a peak point for the summer heat.

Malta is a country with a time-proven political and economic system characterized by stability even in the face of recession: the global financial crisis in 2008 passed almost unnoticed. Malta’s banks are known across the globe, and the high-quality services you will get are a good reason to open an account in one of them.

In short, you cannot help falling in love with Malta if you decide to use its citizenship-by-investment program and become a temporary Maltese resident!

Maltese Economic Citizenship Program

Maltese Economic Citizenship Program

The Maltese Passport

When you get a Maltese passport, you become the owner of one of the strongest documents in the world: 160 countries will be visa-free for you, and the UK, the United States, and Europe are among the tidbits. And this is a really weighty argument worth considering.

Maltese Citizenship by Descent

When you receive a Maltese passport, your close family members are also eligible to get one. And if you give birth to children, they will automatically become Maltese citizens. If this is the future you want for your children, welcome to the Maltese program!

Social Security

The passport of Malta makes you eligible for the European social security system. Take advantage of top schools, prestigious universities, and world-class medical institutions.

How Long Does It Take?

Maltese passport

If you need a second passport quickly, Malta is not the option you need: there are programs that give much faster results. However, if a Maltese passport is the only document you need, be prepared to wait for a year (which is still not very long if we compare it with citizenship by naturalization). As for the European residence permit, you will receive it right after you apply.

Am I Eligible?

You have to be aged at least 18 and possess the required amount of assets to invest in two kinds of Maltese assets. Besides, there are more specific requirements:

  • “Fit and proper” test. Your criminal history will be thoroughly checked in all databases, and you will have to prove that your source of income is 100% legal.
  • Good health. You will have to submit a medical certificate to prove that you have no infectious diseases (as for chronic ones, they are not an obstacle).
  • “Close ties” with Malta. You are obliged to spend one year on the island before you finally acquire your passport.

Investment Requirements

Investment Requirements

You will need to invest in the local economy and in real estate:

  • A non-refundable payment to the National Development and Social Fund: EUR 590,000 to acquire your passport in 3 years or EUR 740,000 to minimize this term to 1 year. You will also need to pay EUR 50,000 per dependent.
  • Buy real estate in Malta that costs at least EUR 700,000. It can be resold within five years, and new citizens usually do it at a profit as prices are steadily growing. As an alternative, you can conclude a 5-year rent agreement with the price of at least EUR 16,000 a year. In this case, you will also need to donate EUR 10,000 to an official charitable organization.


Malta requires a considerable amount of investment, so it is not an option for everyone. Still, if you want to have an EU passport that gives a lot of privileges and EU citizenship to your children, you may as well take this opportunity. Click on the above link to ask questions, book a one-on-one session (we will help you find a suitable destination if Malta is too expensive for you), and get any help you need from our qualified team.

No matter what requirements you set – we are sure to find a solution for you!