What Is an Australian Citizenship Test and How to Pass It?

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Have you thought about moving countries? If so, you probably have your eyes set on Australia. The land down under is an amazing place to live. It has a perfect climate and high living standards. Education is amazing too. Yes, there are a few poisonous snakes and creepy spiders here and there, but nothing the ocean and beach can’t wash off. It is a great place to be, and as such there are not too many surprises when you know that it’s on everyone’s bucket list.

But, you know there’s a catch, right? While the number of those who want to move to Australia is growing as we speak, the number of those who get to go there is limited. Australia has strict immigration laws, and you can’t get in as you please. There are certain conditions everyone needs to meet to be able to enter the country. After that, you are awaiting an uphill battle to get citizenship. This is the final goal for most people who decide to spend the best years of their life on the Kangaroo Continent.

If you’re one of those people you’ve probably heard the term Australian Citizenship Test. Yes, that’s right. In order to become a citizen of this beautiful country you are obligated to meet a few conditions, and passing this test is one of them. We could say it’s vital to pass it to have any shot at becoming one of the people living in Australia as a citizen. If this is not something you’re familiar with, you’ve come to the right place as we’re going to talk about what is this test and how to pass it. If you want to know more, keep reading as we’re about to fill you in on the subject. We’re sure you’ll find the information below useful in more ways than one.

What Is It?

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It’s quite logical it is a test. Its purpose is to show that you’re eligible to become an Australian citizen. That’s why it’s essential to know how will it look, and what you should know. While the test is essential, you need to know that it’s only a part of the whole application process. In order to pass it, you’ll need to show knowledge of many things regarding the country which will signal your desire to become a citizen. First of all, it will test your knowledge of the language (English of course). Another crucial aspect is that you prove that you have a full understanding of what it means to be a citizen of this respectable country. Under this section, you’ll need to have knowledge of many things in Australia and to be aware of what you’ll be responsible for as a citizen, and what will be your privileges.

As you can see, it’s all about Australia and that’s understandable. What’s vital to know is that you’ll need to have at least 75% of all questions right if you want to pass. The catch is that you need to have the five that relate to Australian values right to pass, if you miss even one of those you fail the test regardless of the other questions. If you want to start the preparations right away click here.

How To Pass The Test?

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There’s no magic charm. You need to be aware of this. But, certain guidelines can get you to your goal. The first thing you need to do is to learn and practice. Australia has its rules but its’ not a closed country. You can pass the test if you learn. The books you’ll need include part 1 and part 2 of Our Common Bond. This book is provided by the Australian Government, which tells you a lot. Book 1 is what you’ll have on the test. Book 2 is what you read to show your commitment to the country. All questions can be found in book 1, so that’s where your focus needs to be.

As you can see the Australian government is doing its best to help you become a citizen. The best part is that it’s also available in audio format, which is a great way to learn it as you can listen to it while you sleep, in your car, or while you cook. If your English is still not good enough, you can find the book in some other languages. But, considering that the test will be in English, it’s hard to understand while you’d want to learn it in some other language.

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Once you’re into the fourth or fifth re-read of the book, you can start practicing the test. There are many options available online, some provided by the Australian government and some, as we suggested, by third parties. All choices are great and you’ll have use of practicing the test. By repeating the test multiple times you’ll get an understanding of how far are you from passing it. Once you start learning and practicing, you must understand just how important are the questions regarding Australian values. We’re going to repeat it once again – you need to get all five of them right if you want to pass this test. There are strict laws as well if you are looking to invest in Australia property, and you can check out this article by RealVantage.

If you are still not feeling secure after reading our article, reading the book, and practicing a lot, don’t worry there are still options left on the table. It’s never really the Endgame if Avengers have taught us anything. Of course, there will be no time travel involved with us, no Christopher Nolan, or Tenet scenarios, but you can always take a course. There are various courses both in-person and online that can help you pass this test. All you need to do is look around and find the one that suits you. Of course, many people see this as a shortcut, and for some, it might be. For the majority of you seeking Australian citizenship learning the book and practicing the test might be the only and the best route, you can take. After all, there are no shortcuts in life. Ensure that you have enough background knowledge to see yourself as an Australian citizen.