Throw Pillows In Interior Design: Things To Know


Designers and psychologists advise changing home textiles not only once a season, but for the holidays and just to improve the mood. After all, textiles can radically modify the interior design.

You can start with decorative pillows — this is a great option to refresh the atmosphere in the room without radical changes. Some people underestimate the importance of sofa throw pillows. However, this small element of decoration can completely change the perception of space. You can check out AC Vision for more interior design and renovation ideas to go along with throw pillows.

Bright pillows will help to create accents, make the decoration cozy and complete. Those who love bright, vivid interiors will appreciate the idea of ​​combining textiles. Solid things can be diversified with colored items and funny body pillows that can be found on AllAboutVibe.

Types of decorative pillows

  • The simplest — a euro sham pillow (euro pillow). The sizes of the soft accessory vary from 30 * 30 to 50 * 50 cm. The choice depends on the model of the sofa or bed: its dimensions, the headboard height.
  • The next most popular pillow is a lumbar pillow. It can be either close to a square or elongated, up to the entire length of the furniture.
  • The third form of a decorative pillow is a bolster. It can be of different lengths and diameters. It serves as either an additional armrest or supports the back or head during rest.
  • Some designers prefer to use round options with a button in the center. Round throw pillows are added to the classic style combination of euro shams and lumbar pillows. They make the overall picture more homely.

In addition to the standard ones listed above, there are also shaped items: a star, a cat, a moon, a crown. They are used in a children’s room, but they are appropriate in living rooms as well. Such items play the role of not cushions and elements of decoration only but toys.

What to consider when choosing throw pillows?

Decorative pillows should be harmoniously combined not only with each other but with the whole design as well.

The most common way is to choose items from the same collection, the prints of which are made in the same style and theme — animals, flowers, etc.

The most harmonious is to find pillowcases with colors that repeat in the interior. For instance, if your apartment has a gray sofa, black and white carpet, and yellow accents, look for pillows in black and yellow shades.

Decorative pillows support the design concept: textiles in the same style and tone set the mood and transform the space. It’s worth changing curtains and pillowcases to get a completely new living room.

If you are confident in your abilities, choose the difficult way: match completely different prints to each other. Geometric prints or abstraction, for instance, can be combined with various inscriptions.


How to arrange throw pillows correctly?

Cushions can serve not as a subject for a comfortable sleep only but as a stylistic element of decoration as well. After all, textile products are often used by experienced designers to emphasize the entire room style or to give it a more expressive look.

Here the shape of throw pillows you choose matters. Moreover, for each interior design, their quantity and arrangement are essential as well.


The composition is selected depending on the number, size, and shape of the sofa or bed. We offer the following ways of styling throw pillows:

  • Symmetrical arrangement. Take 2-3 pairs of different colors and mirror them. Leave the center empty or put there the only pillow different from the rest.
  • Asymmetry is used less frequently. To prevent the overall picture from looking awkward, use pillows in the same style. It is just that there should be more items on one side than on the other.
  • The perimeter. Put pillows on the bed, and duplicate them on the floor or at the edge of the bed.
  • Euro shams with bright prints or unusual textured fabrics are placed in a visible place.
  • Compositions. A great option for making your fantasy real. Make your dreams come true.
  • Some pillows are stacked horizontally, and some vertically. The order of colors is respected. Light pillows are arranged on the side, and darker tones — in the central part.
  • You can also arrange the pillows altogether. To do this, place large ones at the bottom horizontally, then build a pyramid on them from smaller pillows. But you can limit yourself to two layers. It is a great pleasure to crash on such a bed right after work!

What throw pillow designs and colors should you choose?


At this point, we will also give you some design tips.

  • Bright pillows will help to play on the contrast of shades. An important rule: in order not to overload the interior, try to avoid variegated patterns.
  • In any interior where a certain style is present, the decor and pillows should be in harmony and match the design. Classic decorating style, for instance, is well combined with quality textile pillows. The shape of such things is usually also classic: square, rectangular, round.
  • Today, style contrasts are in vogue, so the introduction of floristic ornaments into a strict laconic interior will become especially relevant for a modern space. For instance, northern flowers on decorative pillows will harmoniously fit into a minimalist style.
  • Choose pillowcases that contrast strongly with the color of your sofa upholstery. For more effect, use no more than two prints — similar or created using the inversion method.
  • Purchase pillows in the same colors that are already present in the room. It will be ideal to repeat even fabrics, although a correctly selected similar shade on a different texture will look even more professional.
  • Decorative sofa pillows with embroidery, characteristic ornaments, and tassels will perfectly fit into the oriental design of the living room. Bright pillows of different sizes are placed both on sofas and the floor. In the living room and dining room, bedroom, and kitchen — floor cushions are used throughout.

To sum up

For an interior with contrasting accents, solid textured elements without unnecessary details are ideal. Strict minimalism should be mixed up with floral motives; great decor for a loft — abstract prints.

A mix of the above will help create a playful mood in a versatile interior with light walls and moderate furniture.

Even a very simple interior design can be transformed with pillows. Therefore, they can be changed periodically, creating a different mood in the room with the help of color. It’s inexpensive, practical, and stylish.