8 Tips for Staying Healthy While Working From Home

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While working from home offers several benefits, it also has its corresponding set of challenges. Since working remotely is uncharted territory for several professionals, many of them are unable to find the balance between their personal and work life. One of the common struggles of employees working from home is taking care of their overall health. If you recently transitioned to working remotely, here are eight simple tips that can help you stay healthy and productive.

1. Stay active

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One of the most effective ways to keep yourself healthy while working remotely is exercising regularly. If you need an instant energy and mood boost, go out for a run during your lunch break or take your dog out for a walk around the neighborhood. Remember that you don’t need to buy the best outfit or do a strenuous workout to reap the benefits of exercise. The important thing is that you stay active to keep your body fit and strong. Make sure to commit to 30 minutes worth of exercise at least four to five times a week. Choose a physical activity that suits your lifestyle, and remember to make it as fun as possible.

2. Set up a dedicated work area

Working from your bed or your couch may sound tempting, but if you want to be productive, you need to have a dedicated space for work. If you have a spare room, consider turning it into your home office for the meantime. If not, choose an area in your home with the least distractions and preferably with the biggest access to sunlight. If possible, decorate your work area with office materials that can inspire you to work more efficiently. Choose a chair that can prevent back pain and help your posture. Remember to inform your family members, especially your kids, of your work hours so that they will be less inclined to disturb you.

3. Be mindful of your food choices

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While it is now relatively easy to run to the kitchen for a quick bite, fight the urge to do so. Mindless eating can only result in unhealthy eating habits, so make sure you pay attention to what you consume. Create a schedule for your meal breaks to prevent yourself from eating in front of your computer. Stock up your pantry with healthy snacks and refrain from consuming processed foods. In addition, make it a point to cook healthy meals at home. Remember to choose a brand such as RiceSelect that offers high-quality food products to ensure that you get the essential nutrients your body needs.

Keep in mind that eating healthily can help in increasing your productivity throughout the day. On the other hand, constantly munching on junk foods or sugary treats will only make you feel sluggish and listless. Maintaining proper nutrition should always be a priority regardless of your work setup.

4. Develop a regular sleep schedule

Getting enough shut-eye is another way to keep yourself healthy while working remotely. Working from home enables you to work more hours since you no longer need to commute. However, it also encourages you to work longer than you are typically required. Remember that losing a few hours of sleep can take a significant toll on your work performance and overall health, so make sure that you get at least seven to nine hours of quality sleep every night.

Try to commit to a consistent sleep schedule to help you feel well-rested. Remove distractions from your bedroom and stick to a consistent nighttime routine. Make it a point not to open your emails before going to sleep. To be safe, turn off your devices or store them away in another room. In addition, try to take a few short naps throughout the day but make sure to schedule them wisely to prevent them from affecting your work performance.

5. Create a daily checklist

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Start your day by writing a to-do list to make you more productive and efficient. Having a checklist will give you a sense of purpose and make you more focused. List down your urgent and not-so-urgent tasks. Once you are done with a particular work assignment, remember to tick it off your checklist. Doing so will make you feel more accomplished and prevent you from multitasking.

6. Take frequent breaks

It is relatively easy to lose track of time when working from home. Spending hours looking at your computer screen can cause several problems such as blurry vision, headaches, shoulder and neck pain, and difficulty sleeping. Remember to take a break as often as you can. If possible, go outside at least once a day to get some sunlight and fresh air. Going outdoors can help clear your head, making you more focused and determined to finish your work obligations.

7. Dress professionally

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As tempting as it can be to wear your pajamas 24/7, ensure that you dress up before you start working. You don’t necessarily need to wear a coat and tie while working at home, but make sure to put on something clean and presentable. Dressing up can increase your productivity and help you fully concentrate on your tasks. Remember to shower as well and do your morning rituals. If you want to wear makeup, go ahead and do so. Try to recreate the morning routine you had when you were still going to the office to instill some form of structure to your day.

8. Stay connected with your colleagues

Working from home can make you feel isolated, especially if you are living by yourself. Touching base regularly with your colleagues can give you some form of normalcy. It can also prevent you from being lonely and depressed. Make sure that you reach out to your coworkers as often as possible. Remember that we all need social interaction to some degree, so do your best to maintain your relationships with your peers.

Working from home should not be an excuse to disregard your health. Following these tips can help you take better care of yourself so that you can do your best at work.