Experience Of Passing CCNP Exam By Self-study

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When she has passed the CCNP Exam for a while, she sighs with relief. Spending a few hundred dollars to take the CCNP Exam will boost more confidence in the certificate. CCNP has always been regarded as the final skill level of the self-learning network. After the exam, she doesn’t want to move forward. She just wants to do a good job at CCNP.

But after the exam, it may not seem like a happy feeling for her as she has a few more worries. So, she often becomes depressed for more than half a month without studying or working hard, but playing games, watching TV, and giving her a holiday, which was unpleasant.

Here is a quick discussion about passing the CCNP Exam by self-study. In the middle of the previous year before the exam, she bought books to prepare for the test. In fact, learners with poor self-control ability often read books and watch videos intermittently.

She reads books, plays with computers, and reads blogs and news day by day. There is mainly no learning atmosphere. She studies by herself, finds answers by herself, encourages herself, and cheers herself on. She read the book roughly in the last year and then did some experiments occasionally, but still had no motivation to take the exam.

The company’s performance was not good and no year-end bonus was issued. Because the salary was enough to spend at ordinary times, she felt it difficult to give some money to her parents in return without a year-end bonus. Parents don’t give much pressure, but they don’t feel well. As is often said, hardship can urge people to make progress and force them to move forward, while ease is to let yourself rot away in silence and colorlessness. So she came back from the Spring Festival this year, cleaned up her mood, took the CCNP Exam, and tried to pursue high wages.

She knows that it can’t be done by reading only. She was poor in English and lacked money, so she recited the question bank. Of course, it’s not pure recitation. With her own understanding, she watches the video to master the knowledge points. Basically, it’s not a problem. When taking the first subject, she was a little nervous, because she had been taking the CCNA Exam for more than two years, and there was no training.

A subject also costs USD 90, and she doesn’t know whether it will change the question bank. It’s really a headache that she didn’t pass it. After one subject, all the worries are a little superfluous. If she does enough preparation, there is basically nothing terrible. Later, she passed the two subjects quickly.

The learning process will not be mentioned, because there are not too many flashpoints in the memory, nor too many knowledge points will float in the mind. But in reality, she is not. Because of my shallow experience, she can’t use a lot of knowledge in her work and has no chance to practice. However, she has such a heart now. She hopes to stick to blogging, summarize the previous technology, not rot her roots, and then add more experimental summaries. It’s good if someone sees her article.

Many people change jobs in order to get better treatment because prices are rising and their treatment is not rising. She is no exception. Her current company is not bad, but she is already at ease in this environment. She wants to find a company that makes it technically difficult and forces herself to make progress. But sometimes, work is also a kind of fate. Don’t change your job blindly. Take your time to find it. She just hopes the waiting time is shorter.

Seems to be off the subject, Ha Ha! In the experience of CCNP, there is no experience of reading late at night or working hard for many hours. It’s all a good budget. She does it occasionally, so it takes a long time. She doesn’t make a summary in time and can’t remember things. Now she suggests that in your study or work, a good memory is not better than a pen. If you have time to summarize, it is a major capital for you to save time.

5 Tips To Prepare For CCNP Test

Here are the five essential tips to pass the CCNP test.

1. Observe Your CCNA in the Best Light

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CCNP Security is a detailed review of everything you studied in CCNA. As a result, CCNA certification is required to take the CCNP Security test. The CCNA certification lays the groundwork for the CCNP Security certification, and you have to see CCNA Best as such. The ideas covered in CCNP Security are not different, but they are more deeply embedded in what you studied in CCNA. Prior to taking the CCNP Security test, you need to finish the CCNA exam and grasp all the topics covered.

2. Understanding And Experience

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If you have achieved the CCNA certification, you will have the necessary knowledge to pass any Cisco test that requires experience. Prior to finishing the CCNP Security exam, Cisco advises having 1 to 3 years of expertise since you will be able to get full-on experience with all of Cisco’s CCNP Security equipment.

In order to familiarize yourself with Cisco devices, set up a lab. On average, Cisco tests take four to five hours of full-length training daily to grasp the format and ideas. The CCNP Security principles must be thoroughly grasped, which can only be accomplished by putting in a lot of rehearsal time in the lab until you master them. Practicing more will make you confident.

3. Extra Study Resources

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The easiest way to prepare for any Cisco exam is to read Cisco Press books. However, they might not be sufficient. Partake in online forums and get answers to your questions there. Pay attention to Cisco Blogs to stay up to date on the latest developments. Watch videos on the internet as there is a wealth of learning material available on the internet to assist you. You can visit cciedump.spoto.net for more study resources and CCNP training.

The best way to prepare for Cisco certification examinations is to complete more practice tests. The CCNP Security practice tests teach you how to manage pressure and time and provide you with a sense of how prepared you are.

4. Read And Memorize Single Topic At A Time

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Instead of reading the entire book at once, focus on one topic at a time. Read it, comprehend it, exercise it, and become an expert on it before moving on to the following issue. Learn and practice on your own until you have mastered it. A single topic at once will boost your confidence while also allowing you to completely prepare for the CCNP Security exam.

Try not to limit yourself to one book; consider all of your possibilities and learn accordingly. Make sure not to spend your time obtaining information if you are not going to read that. Select a theme, research, fully comprehend the notion, and then select another.

5. Read Up From Professionals

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Learn from Cisco Certified professionals since they have the knowledge, experience, and abilities essential to finish the exam. They will understand how to and what to educate you. They could assist you with creating a study regimen and ensuring that you comprehend all of the topics in a step-by-step manner.