Beginner’s Guide To Online Bingo Chat Rooms


The social side of bingo has always been a big part of the game, and as we have moved from the bingo halls to playing online, there have been a lot of adjustments that we have had to make.

Online bingo chat rooms have taken over from the conversations we may once have had in person when going to the bingo and there is a lot to know about the type of chat rooms that are out there and how they work.

Most online bingo providers have some sort of chat room that is attached to their game, allowing players to have discussions among themselves while the bingo game is ongoing. Regulars in certain chat rooms and on certain bingo services might even get to know each other.

Why Does Bingo Have Online Chat Rooms?

Bingo has always been a very sociable game, allowing people to log in and talk to each other is a big benefit for casino companies.

This is also a way that the companies can communicate properly with their players and allow them to discuss the game that is ongoing.

How the Chat Room Works


The chat room will usually appear within the game itself, so it is either a popup or a part of the screen where you can type messages to each other, send congratulations, and more.

When you sign up for a bingo site, you will set a username, and this might be the name that is then used for you in the chat room, or you might get the chance to change your username or set a new one for the chat room. This is how people will get to know your persona.

There is usually a chat host too, a representative of the bingo site, and they act as moderators. They are trained to try and make sure everybody knows the rules of the chat and that they all talk to each other in a polite way. They can also answer the questions people have. The chat host is different from the caller, who is the person or the bot who is calling out the numbers.

Chat hosts sometimes also do extra little activities to spice things up and may even allow you to win different types of online bingo bonuses like in

A lot of the time, they offer little mini-games within the chat which are ways to boost everyone’s engagement and get people chatting. They can also offer rewards like free bingo cards.

Users might be encouraged to team up for things like trivia quizzes, which helps keep people amused during downtime and when they are waiting for new games to play.

It’s also possible that the users will be able to play other mini-games based on the bingo calling. For example, they might allow people in the chat room to guess what the first number called is going to be, the person who is closest may get a bonus.

Many bingo companies and websites are quite creative with their chat rooms and how they use them to help everyone have a better time. It is possible that a poor chat room could be the reason why somebody stops gambling on the site.

Bingo Lingo


There are some different parts of the language that play a part in bingo. Did you know that “1TG” and “2TG” represent when a player has one to go or two to go to get their win? Players are often happy to share when they are getting a win.

As people are often typing in a hurry too, there is every chance they will use some text language and abbreviations that you might use in texting your friends, such as LOL (laughing out loud), BRB (be right back) GR8 (great), ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing), JK (just kidding) and more.

In bingo specifically, you will also see certain people use language like “PJP” to represent a progressive jackpot, “JP” for the jackpot, and “WD” or “WDW” to represent well done, or well-done winners.

Bingo language is one of the quirks of the chat and something you will get used to. You don’t have to get involved, but most bingo players do enjoy the chat room side of things.

Bingo Chat Room Etiquette


Bingo chat rooms tend to have etiquette that should be respected at all times. If you don’t stick to the rules there is even a chance that you might get banned.

You shouldn’t spam or be overbearing in the chat, make sure you have left plenty of room for other people to have their input. Remember that other people will want to chat too.

Also, make sure you don’t use any offensive language and respect whichever language the chat is taking place in, usually English.

You should always be pleasant to the other players and congratulate them on their wins. Sometimes it is frustrating when you are close to a win and you don’t quite get it, but remember that just means someone else has won and you can congratulate them on their victory.

You can use the chat function to talk about the game or occasionally some other topics if they come up in conversation. Also, you are free to celebrate your wins and this is usually encouraged. Some people talk to each other about how close they might be to a victory, and as long as everybody is nice to each other, the chat rooms on online bingo tend to be a pretty positive and enjoyable place to hang out and add something to the game, especially while you are waiting for it to start.


The social side of bingo is one of the things that makes it such a fun game, and that is why bingo chat rooms are so popular. Even when you are playing virtually and remotely you can log in to your favorite bingo site and talk to your fellow players about the game (or another subject).