8 New Age Cake Trends That Are Changing The Ways Of Celebrations in 2024

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A cake is one of the best ways to express emotions to our loved ones on their special days. Any moment of pleasure calls for a cake and celebration. It is a way to catch up with the near and dear ones. The amalgamation of flour, sugar, eggs, milk, butter and flavors is indeed a powerful tool when it comes to brighten up any occasion:

  • It is one of the ways to elevate happiness and joy.
  • It helps in taking the celebration a notch higher.
  • There is a variety of flavors and cakes for various tastes and emotions.

The year 2024 has seen the rise in the number of chefs and bakers whilst the global lockdown. The synthesis of the essential ingredients required to bake a cake saw changing patterns in the way a cake is baked. Today there are many cake trends that people usually prefer on their table, instead of the traditional, round cakes.

1. Metallic Cakes

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The metallic effects on a cake, such as silver or gold, is achieved by application of a relevant edible luster dust. This effect makes any cake ooze with sophistication and glamour. The dust can be painted on either the entire cake, or just the certain parts of it. The metallic shade is available both in the form of a liquid as well as a powder. It was 2016 that can be considered as a year of metallic cakes with silver leaf, lustre, shimmer and even edible glitter.

Another fact about these cakes is that they are perfect for weddings and related parties. Though today they are used on occasions like birthdays as well. Edible leaf sheets can also be used as a decorative item of the cake. Edible lace and flowers are perfect for decorating and beautifying the cake. The tiered metallic cakes are the perfect fit for any wedding.

2. Storybook Cakes

Do you have a story to tell about? You can now get your cake customized accordingly. For example, if you want a married couple to celebrate their special day, then you can think of this cake. You can get the cake to do the talking in a literal sense.

Apart from weddings, you can also go for storybook themed cakes on someone’s birthday, retirement, bridal shower, bachelor or bachelorette parties, etc. you can choose from either fondant book cakes or the non-fondant ones.

3. Doll Cakes

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They are a perfect fit for a child’s birthday. You can customize her favourite doll on a cake of her preferred flavour. This cake was a hit in the 90s when girls loved playing with their favourite Barbie dolls. Today’s kids have more choices owing to the many female-centric dolls on the rise.

4. Action Figure Cakes

This is a perfect birthday cake for your beloved son. All that you need is an inedible cake topper of the required superhero. You can even choose to get an edible fondant figure on the cake. The rest of the cake and the decoration is done accordingly.

5. Retirement Cakes

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Don’t let the years of hard work and the thought of letting go off a well-established career let you down. If it is your or anyone else’s retirement, a cake is a good way to celebrate. The cake can be customized accordingly. You can opt for a cake that has date and time on it. Fondant cakes, photo cakes, sprinkled cakes, even the buttercream painting cakes can be considered to be retirement cakes options.

6. Fault Line Cakes

With cakes one can get as creative as he wants to. This is especially true for the bakers at Milk Moon Kitchen on Instagram who came up with the concept of this category of cakes. This made an appearance in 2019, and is becoming a new age drip cakes. It is suitable for all occasions. It is a visible underlayer peeking through the midsection. It has contrasting colors, embellishments, and patterns.

7. Message Cakes

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These go well on occasions like baptism, birthday, wedding, reception, anniversary, thank you, goodbye, farewell, housewarming. You can either write your own message on the cake or you can choose from the internet. Such cakes are indeed heart-touching. In short, these cakes are personal in nature and cause a good impact on any occasion. These cakes are available in a variety of colors and flavours.

8. Engagement cakes

You can go for practically any fondant cake design on someone’s engagement. You can even go for a buttercream painting cake to make the cake look more artistic and colorful. Though Swiss meringue buttercream is often the perfect choice for couples who want their wedding or engagement cake to have great flavor.

Cakes come in handy at all times. Name any occasion, there are cakes for it- birthdays, celebrating milestones, conferences. There are even various textures of cakes. Smooth, textured, naked, glazed, sugar-free and low-carbs, macarons. For those who don’t know, naked cakes are those cakes that have minimal or no outer layer of frosting at all. Macarons is a cookie cake or a small cake. They are made from ground almonds, coconut or other nuts. One thing that we can all be sure of is that regardless of time zones period, the art of caking and baking will never stay stagnated. Since centuries, the world has seen evolution in the art of baking. The world must also stay assured of the fact that this evolution is a never-ending process. There are plain cakes, fruit cakes, flavoured cakes, painted cakes, rainbow cakes, eggless cakes, sugar-free cakes, and many many other cake options. Some cakes look and taste good even when they are half-wrapped.

The 17th century got familiar with the concept of cakes for the first time. Ever since then, the world has seen many shifts in the trends and pattern of cakes. This evolution is unstoppable, and we make sure that you stay updated to the latest cake trends. to learn more about the various cake styles and trends.