Must Have Hunting Equipment 2024


Hunting prep is nowhere close to being as fun as hunting itself, but it is an indispensable part of every hunting trip. Treat it as a groundwork you cannot avoid, embrace it with resolve, and, who knows, it might open its enjoyable side to you. Going through your hunting backpack the evening before the hunt fills the air with anticipation and lets you get a taste of what’s awaiting you the following day. The same goes for trying on your hunting suit, freshly washed and almost scent-free, checking the condition of your binoculars’ lenses, sharpening the knife, blowing the game call just for fun – the list goes on and on. All these little rituals are as much a part of a hunting trip as traversing the forest, overseen by age-old trees, tracking the game you’re determined to bring home, holding your breath before pulling the trigger…

Every part of a hunt is poetry in its own right – you just need to discern the lines and catch the meter. To do so, however, you need to know where to look. If we talk about hunting preparations, it is your trusted hunting supplies that comprise the first verse, setting the mood for the whole poem. If you manage to find the right words and put them in the correct order, a.k.a get all the hunting must-haves you need, it will be a grand foundation for a more action-filled part of your poem.

Don’t worry, we are not letting you deal with rhyming and meter yourself. Our outdoor sports store is quite proficient in the art of hunting versification, and we are here to give you a helping hand. Here’s our hunting gear list you can take inspiration from. It covers hunting equipment that will come in handy regardless of what you plan to hunt, as well as some waterfowl and deer hunting must-haves.

Stanza One: Universal Hunting Materials

Some lines look good in any poem. In our case, those are universal hunting tools that will help you get the most from your trip, no matter what type of game you are after. We skipped the weapon part since hunters hardly ever leave their homes without a rifle over their shoulder or a bow and a quiver behind their back. We are not in an anecdote, and we won’t tell you to check your weapon of choice before the hunt commences. Maybe we just did, but in a very subtle manner, so that doesn’t count. What we do want to talk about is what you wear and what you carry in your backpack.

Hunting Apparel To Ward Off All Peril

Some hunters underestimate the importance of fitting attire, but hunting grounds do have a dress code of their own. Your hunting outfit is never about the looks – it is purely functional clothing that also happens to look pretty awesome. The functions hunting clothes perform are numerous. They keep you warm on colder days and well-ventilated on warmer ones. They don’t let your sweat build up and become another obstacle on your way to success. They gallantly suffer the wrath of thorns and branches in your stead. Finally, they hide you from the prying eyes of the animals you hunt. That list of benefits is too extensive to just ignore and put on a tracksuit that is gathering dust in your wardrobe instead. No other piece of clothing is tailored to assist the hunter in their endeavors the way hunting jackets and pants are. Don’t let some dubious opinions of random armchair critics throw you off: getting a hunting outfit pays off. The general rule is to choose it just the way you chose regular clothes. It should fit you and be generally comfortable. You need to keep one thing in mind: every camo pattern that hunting clothes feature is designed for a specific environment and animal. Returning to our declared promises, we note that deer camo and waterfowl camo are very different and not interchangeable. To sum it up, having a set of hunting clothing is good; using one set for all types of game is less so.


Hunting Boots To Jump Over Roots

Walking in the woods barefoot is an activity many romantic souls dream about. It looks graceful in movies but is hardly bearable in real life. The forest floor is littered with fallen leaves, sharp twigs, rocks, and whatnot. Spare your feet the preventable damage and get a pair of sturdy hunting boots. Some might say sneakers will do the trick, but they won’t – they are not adapted for rugged forest terrain and might not be up to the challenge. Both hunting and tactical boots are designed with durability as a priority. For that mission, you won’t find more deserving candidates.

Hunting Backpack To Keep You On Track

While the idea that one needs a backpack remains obvious, the type of backpack suitable for carrying hunting accessories and necessities remains debatable. If you are one of those people who never leave their home without a backpack (even if it’s empty), then you are likely to have at least several of those. The thing is, just as every other item on our hunting supplies list, it should be durable and functional. You’d want a spacious backpack with several compartments and outside pockets, and that is far from what casual backpacks look like. They are not cut out for carrying hunting equipment, which is fine, it’s not their purpose. Tactical backpacks, on the other hand, are unparalleled in their functionality and make for fine hunting companions.


Hunting Flashlight To Keep The Path Bright

Many of us enjoy the respite the night brings, and this is, honestly, what this time of day is intended for. We were never part of the nocturnal animal kingdom, and our eyes are ill-suited for seeing in poor light. Forests are initially zones of reduced visibility, and the onset of darkness doesn’t make the situation better. Even if you have no plans of overstaying your welcome, the twilight might catch you off guard. As you can imagine, the forest has no sources of natural light but the sun and the moon. Should the clouds conspire with tree tops against you and not let any of that moonlight in, a flashlight might be your only option to find your way. We strongly suggest opting for LED tactical flashlights that have no problems holding the battery and are durable enough to survive an occasional fall.

Hunting Game Call To Let You Enthrall

There is a certain pleasure in looking for and following the tracks, but fortune is not always favorable. The weather might cover them and leave you wandering the forest, hoping to come across something. To avoid this situation, you can use a game call. It is a device that imitates the sound of the targeted animal and allures it to come closer once it hears the call. There are game calls for practically every type of game, so the choice is not restricted to deer or waterfowls only.

Hunting Knife To Solve Any Strife

The title is purely for the rhyme’s sake – we do not support using cold weapons for conflict resolution. However, we encourage you to always have a knife in your hunting backpack. The possible applications are so many that there is probably a whole book on this topic. A hunting knife, regardless of its size, will always be very space-efficient.

That concludes our first strophe covering universally useful pieces of hunting equipment. We got two more left: one dedicated to must-haves for deer hunting, the other featuring waterfowl gear essentials.


Stanza Two: Deer Hunting Equipment

Break-Up Camouflage To Hide Entourage

Here’s the thing about deer perception. These animals cannot boast the sharpest of eyes but are extremely good at discerning silhouettes and detecting movement. No camo can fully conceal your movement, but it can help you break up your outline. Deer hunting camo doesn’t utilize patterns of the surrounding environment. Instead, they feature a complex blend of colors and shapes to keep you concealed. The deer will have a hard time trying to spot you, which will give you precious time to aim and shoot.

Scent Spray To Catch Your Prey

While most of us rely on vision as our primary sense, animals make use of all their senses, smell included. The human odor is naturally not present in the forest, so animals are quick to pick it up. This is how you can give away your position even before noticing the animal. Scent spray can take care of this issue and miraculously remove all the scents you emit.

Stanza Three: Waterfowl Hunting Equipment

Hunting Waders For Goose Fat Traders

There are very few words that rhyme with waders, so we play the cards we’re dealt. If you plan to hunt waterfowl in flooded timber or any other place that requires you to get wet, waders are an indispensable item. Many a hunter tried to adapt bibs for the same purposes by tucking in the pant legs and wearing boots tight around the lower leg. But water can find its way even through the tiniest of holes, and no tucking can help with that. Waders, on the other hand, are a one-piece item that combines boots and bibs. They are seamless and won’t let any water invade your personal space without your consent.

Mimicry Clothing To Hide That One Longing

Okay, rhyming is hard, God knows we tried. The final point we’ll cover is waterfowl apparel. Birds don’t rely on smell, but their eyesight leaves people jealous. Not every bird is as perceptive as birds of prey, but their vision deserves to be reckoned with. They are quick to spot any out-of-place colors, so mimicry camo is your best chance of remaining hidden. It helps you blend in with the surroundings by mimicking them through patterns and colors.

That is how your hunting poem can begin. By getting all the things we mentioned, you’ll get a solid foundation for a fruitful hunting trip. You will be kept warm, booted, prepared for some mishaps and, we hope, very inspired about the upcoming hunt. There are dozens of hunting gear brands that produce quality equipment, and we know a great place with all of them gathered. You might want to go back to the beginning, and it will be right there, underlined and eye-catching.