6 Things to Consider When Buying Hunting Ammunition

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Basics Of Hunting

Hunting was one of the very first activities that humankind had to indulge in. Initially, hunting was a solo act. As humans started living in communities, a group of hunters used to hunt together. In ancient times, hunting was done by using medieval weapons like spears and rocks. As evolution took place, humans evolved, and so did the weapons.

Hunting became more of a sport as the need for actual hunting reduced. But the use of advanced tools has increased. These weapons also need the right ammo to work, and therefore you should know certain facts before buying them.

Firearms And Weapons

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Firearms that are used in hunting have various purposes. There are multiple types of animals that you may wish to hunt. Each of those animals has different features. Every animal behaves in a particular way that you may need to learn about, and for that, you will require different weapons. The distance from which you shoot might be unique for each setting. Not every weapon is accurate when shooting at long range. Therefore, select the best arsenal of weapons so that you can be professional when you go hunting.

Close Range

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Close range weapons are usually for those creatures that are smaller in their size. Smaller animals usually do not require any high caliber ammunition. They are not hunted as food either. Sometimes, such animals are simply required to be eliminated and are hence hunted down. For such short ranges, weapons like shotguns, double barrel rifles, single barrel stun rifles, and stun guns are sufficient for such requirements.

Short range weapons are not only meant for small animals. The Point 22 caliber and point 11 caliber weapons are used to neutralize animals that have been shot from the long range or medium range. It is quite handy and light to use. However, the damage is quite obviously lower. Larger animals may require multiple shots to neutralize them.

Medium Range

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Medium range weapons require a significant amount of experience and are meant for seasoned hunters. These usually include simple rifles at the beginner level but have a scope attached to them in order to have enough sight. They can shoot down larger animals as and how they are built. Some animals have a thicker skin to penetrate and, therefore, may need multiple critical shots to drop them down. Such animals will require ammunition of a higher caliber. Ten millimeter calibers are quite handy in such situations.

Medium range weapons are the most common ones for hunting as they deliver a good balance. Seasoned hunters can even use medium range weapons in slightly longer ranges too. However, it is not an easy task. Most beginners may soon start using such rifles which can shoot at a suitable distance. One fact about such weapons is that even fast moving animals can be shot down with medium range weapons, given that the weapon is mobile enough.

Long Range

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Long range shooting is one of the most pleasing yet the most difficult hunting ranges. Technically, in the long range, shooters only have one or a maximum of two shots to hunt an animal. The reason is that the very first shot either disables the target, or if it misses, the target is alert enough to run to safety. Therefore, in the long range, a lot of patience is required. The target is shot only when it is absolutely in the clear zone. Long range weapons are most commonly used in the case of animals that are agile and highly sensitive to movement around them.

Long range weapons include sniper rifles with powerful scopes. The usual rifles are bolt action. It implies that after every shot, the bolt has to be put into action by the shooter to clear the cartridge and load a new one before shooting. It is extremely slow compared to automatic sniper rifles but is lethal beyond comparison. Sniper rifles in this range use high caliber ammunition like the point 300 bullets and “44 Magnum”. The point 300 bullets are considered ideal for large animals like grizzly bears and mooses.

The Dimension

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If you already have a weapon, or you wish to know more about the ammunition before buying a gun, you must learn about the basics of ammunition dimensions. The imperial and metric systems may name the same size of cartridges differently. A common example of this difference is that the 7.62 millimeter bullet, as measured in the metric system, is the same as point 30 caliber ammunition. Therefore, you must learn about these slight naming variances before settling on one type of ammunition.

Material Of Bullet Case

The material of the bullet case is going to decide whether it will be able to sustain for long in unfavorable conditions of the wild. As a hunter, you may not want ammunition that rusts too easily and hinders your hunting spree. The way around such issues is that you can go for brass cased bullets, which are usually covered in nickel in order to provide maximum protection from corrosion. For those curious about the differences in bullet design and their respective applications, you can check out ProArmory’s comparison of FMJ vs. HP for an in-depth analysis.

Type Of Animal

As previously discussed, the type of animal you wish to shoot down must be considered when buying ammo. Smaller animals are generally fast and will require a weapon with a high rate of fire. Thus, smaller caliber ammo is suited for them. High caliber ammo is suited for large animals like bears, mooses, deer, and predators.

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Keeping the cost in mind, you must consider the factors which influence which type of ammunition is required for you. It is quite essential to find the perfect combination of both firearms and ammo so that the costs are low and the tools are well maintained.