How to Find an Escort – 5 Simple Steps for Newbies


It is very easy to find escort services these days as there are plenty of online directories. These services often come in handy for single guys and couples in open marriages. In most countries, this kind of service is legal, making it easier for tourists to hire escorts without worrying too much about breaking the law.

If you’re planning to hire them soon, there are a couple of things you need to consider. There are plenty of scammers out there, and chances are you might get conned if you’re not careful. Below are five simple steps for newbies on how to find an escort.

Do Your Research

Research is critical when looking for the best directories. The type of directory you use will affect the experience you get. You should avoid using directories that use photos of famous models to advertise their services. There are high chances of you getting catfished or scammed.

A good directory using their original photos. The profiles are verified and the escorts have their contact information listed. You can also filter the escorts based on race, rates per hour, gender, and location.

Why not ask for recommendations on social media? You can get good referrals from sites such as Reddit or Quora. To cut your work, navigate to these guys, they offer the best escort services and have a wider pool of comparation to other directories.

Set Your Budget


Most professionals bill their services at an hourly rate. Some of them will also request a deposit as a commitment fee before the appointment date. In most cases, they do so to avoid jokers or getting stood up. Some of them may be willing to accept gift cards in place of cash, but you need to ask them in advance.

Another thing you should consider is hotel room fees if they do not offer in-house services. However, this shouldn’t be an issue if the escort is willing to come to your place. A tip or gift could be a nice after-service gesture, but it is not a must. Most escorts value their rates depending on the range of services, looks, and age.

Communication is Key

If you’re planning to have a good time with your choice, you need to build chemistry. It would be best if you were respectful when communicating with your escort. Avoid using vulgar language; we suggest referring to the escort by names listed on their profile.

The escort may ask you some personal questions for security reasons. For example, the escort may ask about your employment information. They often do this for security purposes, especially when they get calls from newbies. This may seem unnecessary for you, but don’t get worked up or be rude.

While you’re at it, ask about any special services you would want to be offered. Most of them list the services they provide on their profiles. However, if you have something extra you would love to try, be sure to ask before setting an appointment. They may ask for more money for the additional service.


The timing and duration of your appointment are also very important, and the escort might offer different alternatives if your preferred time is booked. Getting your preferred appointment time can be tricky if you are on a tight schedule.

The duration may vary depending on your budget. In most cases, dates take around an hour or so. However, some of them offer sleep-over services at a discounted rate.

The last bit is on small talk: your escort will bring up small talk to break the ice on your first date. Avoid getting too personal with the questions because it will be an invasion of their privacy, but it will also make them feel uncomfortable. Stick to general topics that will generate open conversations.

Look Good and Smell Nice

It would help if you were ready for the occasion. We understand the nerves might get because it is your first time. Make sure you are well-groomed, trim your nails, take a shower, and wear some decent clothes. The idea here is not going all out on your fashion but looking neat and fresh.

Escorts take matters of hygiene very seriously. If you look all shabby and dirty, chances are that they might even cancel the appointment. Whether you’re having sex or not, looking good will make the meetup more enjoyable.

If the escort is coming to your room, make sure it is clean. This will not be very much of an issue if you’re checking into a hotel. Make sure there is a clean towel and other necessary toiletries available for your guest. If you have spent a night there, you could request room service to clean your room before your date arrives.

Be Punctual


Nobody likes getting stood up or last-minute cancellations. Professional escorts value their time since most may have multiple appointments in a day. It would help if you planned to ensure that you would be available on time.

Make sure you have the directions right if you’re going for an outcall appointment. Leaving your place ahead of time will give you plenty of time to arrive at the location on time. If you think you might be late, you can call early and ask them to reschedule your date. As mentioned before, the best days for booking an escort are when you do not have a tight schedule.

Wrapping Up

Booking this service shouldn’t be that hard if you do it right. Ideally, everything will revolve around your approach and how you communicate. We understand that sometimes, the nerves can get the better of you.

If it is your first time booking an escort, ensure that you do your research. There are plenty of scams going on, and most of them trick their victims using fake ads. If you’re pretty overwhelmed, hit up your friends who have used the service before for some recommendations.

The tips we have shared in this article will come in handy, especially the communication part. Most professional escorts can be pretty strict for their safety, which can sometimes be intimidating for newbies.