The History of the Appearance of Online Roulette and its Main Varieties


This game attracts millions of players around the world. It has existed since the beginning of the casino and is very popular. Today, we will talk about how it appeared and what types of it are common today. And figure out where you can find the largest selection of this game online

How Did This Game Come about?


There are many versions of how this entertainment arose. The oldest references send us to Ancient Rome and Greece, where a spinning wheel with sectors was used for divination and casting lots. It was also used by the indigenous population of North America.

If you do not go so far, then it makes sense to recall France in the 17th century. At this time, Blaise Pascal was known, who worked on the creation of a perpetual motion machine. As part of his experiments, he tested the operation of a spinning wheel on which he threw a ball. According to another version, he tried to calculate the probability of winning the lotto, where there were 36 tickets and used the wheel for this.

It is believed that the wheel created by Pascal is the prototype of modern roulette.

According to the second version, the prototype was Hoka, which was played in the Parisian casinos of the 17th century.

There is also another version according to which it was invented as an alternative to card games. And the chief of the French police did it in the 18th century.

Most references to the creation of this game, as well as its name, suggest that it was in France that it was invented.

How Did Online Roulette Originate?

The first online casino roulette was the French variety, which confirms the idea of its origin. In the late 90s, and early 2000s, the active development of online casinos began, and roulette was among the first games that were offered to visitors to virtual clubs.

Over time, the classic version has changed, and many different types of this entertainment have arisen. Today, many software providers are developing interesting variations. For example, these brands:

  • Relax Gaming;
  • Wazdan;
  • Pragmatic Play, and others.

Now there are options with bonuses, unusual features, and other features.

How Do the Games at Brick-And-Mortar Venues and Online Differ?


In land-based gambling clubs, entertainment is usually more dynamic. It has a different atmosphere as there are many people around who support and participate in the gameplay.

In the online version, the atmosphere is different. There is a variant of the game with live dealers, where a real croupier participates in the process, with whom you are connected via video link. And there are ordinary slot machines that simulate real roulette. They work on a random number generator.

In both cases, the casino cannot influence the outcome of the game in any way. But online casinos have an advantage. On the site, you can always try the free demo mode to understand how everything works.

The Main Types of the Game

Even though each software provider develops its own game with original features, there are only 3 main types:

  • American;
  • French;
  • European.

Each of them is different from the others. The changes relate to some rules and the appearance of the table. They also have different house edges. So that the player can navigate and play online roulette, which suits him as much as possible, then we will consider the features of each variety.


If in other types there are 10 bets, then in this option there are 11 of them. This is because in addition to standard bets, here you can bet on 5 numbers at once.

The American gaming table is smaller. And most importantly, the markings of the wheel itself are different. If in other types the zero sector is 1, then there are two of them: zero and double zero.


The French version of the game is considered more popular. French terms are used here and some types of bets are not found in other places. There is a special rule here called La Partage. It allows the player to take half of his bet at a certain stage.


In the European view, the wheel is divided into three sectors, which allows the player to make quick bets. The rules in this game are simpler, although there are special bets. This pastime is safer as the house edge is low here.

The House Edges of All Kinds of the Game


House edge is an indicator that shows the advantage of the casino. That is the percentage of the money spent by the players, which the casino takes for itself when they lose. Depending on the type of game, the percentage varies. And even in different types of roulette, the percentage is different. The averages look like this:

  • European — 2.7%;
  • French — 2.7%;
  • American — 5.2%.

Thus, the American type is the most disadvantageous. This is due to the presence of two zero fields.

The game manufacturer sets the house edge. The casino cannot influence this indicator. Online roulette is based on a randomizer. This means that the result of the rotation is chosen randomly, and there is no possibility to change the result.

If there are some bonus features or additional features, then the house edge will fall. Players will have more chances to win. Considering that it is difficult to apply any strategies for this entertainment, such features are very valuable.

Play Roulette

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