What Was The Highest Price For A Skin on CS:GO?

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Are you a big fan of CS:GO? Then you must be aware of the skins that are a crucial part of the game. The game has several types available that have a range of price points for the players to choose from, according to their portfolio. Having said that, you must be thinking about what skins are the most expensive out of all the available options, and also what makes them this expensive.

A few players have been claiming that the skin helps them perform better while they play a game. Though this claim is a wild one, skin cannot help anyone perform in the game. Hence, this particular claim is quite debatable and people can spend hours proving their points over this piece of information.

No denying the fact that skin makes a player look cool, and their co-players may envy them because of the money they have spent on these items. You can check here for some of the best CS:GO skins. Every player of CS:GO agrees to the fact that kicking asses in the game and simultaneously looking good in this particular game is a match made in heaven. Well, as we mentioned that these items of different price ranges are available in the game, know that several factors influence the price.

To help our readers and CS:GO make an informed choice when they have to buy one of these items for their weapon, we have clubbed a few different and expensive options in our article. The available options and their prices may vary in the market, as a result of slight or major changes in the factors.

1. StatTrak Bayonet Crimson Web

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This is the beautiful M9 Bayonet from StatTrak. It has a vicious crimson colouring that adds to its overall look and gives the product an overall pristine status. When the game had an Arms Deal Update, the skin was updated at that time and is now one of the most expensive options available. From the beginning, its design was loved by the players. It has an attractive red colour and an enticing pattern which later converted it into the skin for the knife.

After being in existence for eight long years, this item is rising today as well in terms of its value and stands at somewhat around $9300 today. The skin has achieved this price because it is exceptional among other choices, in terms of age and rarity.

2. StatTrak Factory New, M4A4 Howl

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This particular choice is a ferocious skin available in the market and carries a neat history behind its existence. There was a scandal related to the design of this skin, and it was after this incident that its appearance changed. Its rich history resulted in making this skin valuable and is today priced at around $8000. This option also has some hardened case variants as well, and the designs of those cases are wild enough to entice the players.

In some rare conditions, the skin delivers beautiful and exceptional results. When paired with some out of the box and unique stickers, the value of the choice gets added to a great extent.

3. StatTrak AK-47 Serpent, New At The Factory

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This particular choice is not as flashy as people these days want their skin to have, but it is a go-to choice for players who like to have some vintage designs as well. No denying the fact that its scarceness makes the skin unique and valuable. The skin is originally manufactured from a case that was once quite an expensive choice, and hence, was a limited edition. Additionally, this skin is convertible, which is again a rare feature found in skin, these days.

Also, the skin has been in operations in CS:GO for 8 long years now, and all these factors combine to add great value to this particular choice. It has a price tag of around $8255 currently.

4. Souvenir Dragon Lore

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This particular choice is no doubt the most expensive and the most popular choice of all other options listed. This skin Dragon Lore is available in factory new condition for the players to flaunt their weapons to the co-players. Its uniqueness and popularity add to the price of this choice and it currently stands at a whopping price of $26,000. Now, this is an insane amount of money that players will have to spend for just one skin.

If you are of the notion that the price of this skin may drop one day, then bear in mind that the odds of something like that is quite low. No denying the fact that the high price of this skin makes it to be a very less opted option.

5. Karambit Crimson Webby StatTrak

Source: steamcommunity.com

This option was released in the same batch as the M9 Bayonet choice was released. This one is also a very beautiful crimson colour like that of the M9 and it chases the tail of its elder brother. The appearance of this skin is outlandish and exceptional which makes it a highly preferred choice. The weapon has a curved blade to give it a unique appearance and has distinct features from the usual knife as well.

This option is an equally desired choice as that of the M9 Bayonet and is not as rigid as that option. Speaking of the price at which this option is available, it is very close to its brother and is currently valued at $9000. The price is a little under the other similar options but has more or less the same colour and design.


After going through the above-listed options available in CS:GO, we now know that the market is worth millions of dollars. There is no limit to the price of these items available in the market and several hands trade on the skin almost daily. The economy created in the gaming market by these items is worth more than the in-game economy itself. The value of these items is determined by several factors and so the value of their value is worth the amount it is priced at.