Finding the Best Soccer Odds & Maximizing Value


When looking at sports and games to bet on, there are a lot of considerations that bettors must make, whether they’re long time bettors who have built a career around sports betting or casual gamblers looking to try their luck and win some previously unexpected money.

Those considerations can differ greatly for each bettor. You’ll have the objective considerations: number of daily matchups, availability of prop bets, consistency of results within a particular sport, etc.


And then you’ll have the subjective that are unique to each individual: knowledge of a specific sport, a particular feeling like you have an edge over a certain book or odds listing, having inside knowledge of a team or league, etc.

When it comes to betting on soccer games, there are certain factors that can be hugely beneficial to the educated bettor. In particular, the all-year-round nature of the sport (with the MLS running from the start of Spring to the end of Fall, while Euro soccer runs from Summer to the following Spring) and the sheer breadth of teams and leagues leads to the possibility of having an inside scoop on a team or league that a sports book might not have caught up to yet.

Of course, that can mean there’s a lot of noise to filter through due to how many options there are for teams and results to bet on, but by checking out & utilizing an odds aggregation platform & betting tool, maximizing value with soccer betting is easier and more efficient than ever.

Finding the Best Soccer Bets & Props an Odds Aggregrator


There are a lot of ways to find the best value using an odds aggregation platform for soccer betting.

Because soccer is the lowest scoring of the major sports, value can be found on both game results (including draws) as well as on player and team props. In most sports, betting on a draw is usually seen as a fun bet for a highly unlikely outcome (if it’s possible at all), but in soccer, draws occur anywhere from 20-25% percent of the time, depending on the league – betting on draws between two closely matched teams is a valid and highly recommended betting strategy in some instances.

One of the biggest indicators of success in soccer is through current form tables – these tables tabulate and analyze how teams have done lately, the injuries they’re currently experiencing, match-ups against common opponents, and a number of other factors to determine the strength of different soccer teams and their likelihood of success in a match-up. An educated bettor can utilize those current form tables to find the best bets and most appealing match-ups, and can then use their preferred odds aggregation platform platform to find the most value and the best lines for their preferred bets.

As an example, a bettor may look at an upcoming match-up between Nottingham Forest Vs Sheffield United. Because the scoring is so low in soccer, all of the possible three results (a Nottingham win, a Sheffield win, a draw) have plus odds. By using form tables, we can see that, even with significantly more travel in their recent record, Nottingham Forest has the better record in their recent schedule, and that they hold the most recent win over Sheffield. At that point, it becomes up to the discretion of the bettor if they think a draw or a Nottingham win is the more ideal bet. And by browsing an odds aggregator, a soccer bettor can ensure they’re finding the best line for whichever bet they choose.

As we noted, soccer betting is colored by the fact that soccer is a very low-scoring sport, so player and team props are also a strong way to find value, even in a game that may end with a 1-0 score. Because of the low-scoring nature of the sport, spread bets don’t have the value that they would in a sport like basketball or football, so looking for specific results & props is the key to maximizing value.

Since the lines for these prop bets can differ across different sportsbooks, odds aggregators take the pressure off of users to manually search around for the best bets, and puts the best soccer odds all in one easy-to-find place.

Why You Should Use Odds Aggregators when Betting on Soccer


Sportsbooks are competing against each other to be your primary destination for soccer odds and may also have some slight differences in how they’re calculating the odds for a particular bet, so a bettor who wants to maximize their profits and minimize their expenses is going to use an odds aggregator to find the absolute best odds available.

Let’s continue with our Nottingham vs. Sheffield example that we used earlier. If we determined that we felt a draw was the most likely result, a bettor looking for additional opportunities to increase their potential profit could then use their preferred platform to see the different odds available for certain score bets. For example, if they felt that it would be a scoreless match and end in a 0-0 draw, they could find the best odds for under .5 goals scored, and bet that result as well, or parlay it with their Draw bet. There are a lot of ways to take small bets for soccer results and parlay them together to maximize value – an educated users can check out to utilize their betting tools & parlay calculators and in doing so, they can make that process easy and efficient for when looking to find the best soccer odds. Click here to get more info!

To maximize the value when finding soccer odds, utilization of an odds aggregator is the perfect choice for comparing lines, finding differences in prop bets, parlaying various bets together for a maximum return, and taking advantage of the variations in juice that different sportsbooks put on their respective odds in order to incentivize bettors to pick their book and certain results.

Picking what bet you’d like to make is up to each bettor, but maximizing the value and reducing the risk of that bet can be done simply and easily using bet calculators and odds comparison tools.