Digital Marketing Apps: 9 Tools For Your Business Success

Although mobile technology has taken a big step forward, most entrepreneurs habitually use a desktop PC or laptop to complete their business tasks. However, now you can take advantage of your smartphone.

Modern telephones are essentially mini-computers useful in all areas of our life. For example, your pocket device makes it easy to book a van rental in Cancun Mexico with Rental24h  for your family trip. All you need to do is install the corresponding car rental application.

With the help of renting car services, you will make your trip easier, more joyful and more comfortable. You can find all information in the application about the rental rules, suitable car models etc.

Yes, the same applies to business, so digital marketing with your phone is not only possible but also easier. What’s more, today there are many applications that will help you grow.


It’s a social media content management tool. It allows you to schedule post-publication, as well as track the activity in your accounts. In addition, Hootsuite can sync with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube accounts.

The app is free to use. In this case, the user gets access to manage three accounts and schedule up to 30 posts. The paid tariff plan offers you even more interesting and useful options.


Planoly is a visual Instagram planner. The app shows you how each individual post will look when combined with other posts in your account. Overall, Planoly allows you to create a holistic visual brand identity. It is extremely helpful if you are fan of Instagram and cant’s imagine your daily life without it.

Additionally, you can check the ER of each post by using the app. Internal analytics, the ability to plan Stories, work with hashtags, synchronization with Google Drive and Dropbox will become nice options for productive work.


IFTTT is a library of so-called applets. These are mini-apps or utilities designed to provide one or more simple features. Applets allow you to extend the functionality of applications and devices.

For example, IFTTT offers many applets for working with Instagram. One of them allows users to automatically post Instagram photos to Twitter in image format rather than links. Another applet makes it possible to sync Instagram posts with your Pinterest and Facebook account.


Mention is a service for tracking brand mentions on social networks. In order to access the demo version, you must fill in the contact details and provide information about the company.

After processing the request, the administration individually contacts the user and negotiates all the details. There’s a web version and an application for Android and iOS. The platform’s tools will suit business owners.

They will be able to control the work of marketers, independently find out the results of promotion and make sure that the brand has a good reputation on the network. Digital agencies have all the tools they need to create effective customer promotion strategies.


If you’re unsure of which note-taking app to choose, try Evernote. With this service, users can create regular notes, and also make lists of web sources, leave comments on images and documents, and manage large projects. But that’s not all.

The mobile application makes it possible to take photos in order to immediately attach them to documents. Evernote even reads and decodes text in images, making them searchable by keywords.

Google Analytics

It makes no sense to use digital marketing tools without being able to track its results. Understanding who likes your content, how long the user stays on the page and where he goes helps to improve content quality and achieve success.

The Google Analytics mobile app makes it easy to track all the analytic properties of your website from your phone. This app offers detailed reports and analytics about your website, target audience, and the results of your digital marketing efforts.



Trello is a free app for small teams. The application is ideal for setting tasks and tracking their progress in the company. It’s convenient that the program is available both on a desktop and on a mobile device. Plus, you can sync it between various devices.

We can say that Trello will replace your CRM system for organizing the workflow in a team. In the service, you can use the setting of tasks for different departments and track the progress of the task from start to its completion.



The ability to focus positively affects business development. If you can’t get away from your smartphone, from social media notifications, or communicating with colleagues, then install Forest and start growing trees. What does it mean? You set the app timer for 60 or 120 minutes, i.e. for the time that you need to complete a specific task, and press start.

The virtual tree in the application starts to grow. As soon as you want to switch the application ahead of time, your tree will die. The longer you do not use the gadget, the more the tree grows.

For each tree you grow, you get a reward in the form of new tree species. Each user can share their achievements on social networks. So, in a playful way, you can easily learn and get used to focusing on the tasks of the project, which will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your productivity.



This simple time tracker is perfect for any type of activity, especially digital marketing. After you have created many tasks and planned them, you need to track the time of their completion. Time tracking available at Checkiant allows you to organize both one person and an entire team.

When you are working on a specific task, you need to start the timer, and then you can analyze the completed tasks and the time you spent on them. For your convenience, Checkiant has a history of rates, flexible settings for building reports and charts, as well as a system of intervals and commands.