5 Reasons Why Succulents Are Great Office Plants – 2024 Guide

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Many people are forced to spend most of their hours of the week in their offices, making this space something like a second home. Since so much time is spent over there, it is only logical to be aware of the ambient and how it can affect the mood of people inside. Everyone likes those places that radiate peace, relaxation, and feel natural. This kind of environment influences productivity, creativeness, and good mood, essential for work progress. So, this should always be something you strive towards when looking for a perfect office environment.

Unfortunately, offices are very often organized in a way that they seem sterile and without character. Too many people gathered in a small space, tons of cables and electronic devices, no air circulation, are only a couple of things that define the modern working environment – office concept. Then what do you do to enliven such places? Easy, you bring in the plants. However, not every plant can survive such an environment, so you need plants that are used to a tough environment, such as succulents. Plus, you would be surprised how many interesting and cute looking succulent plants exist. Visit succulentmarket.com for more inspiration.

Here are 5 reasons why succulents are great office plants.

1. Increased Work Productivity

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Believe it or not, there have been tons of research in the past that aimed to prove how plants in general can increase the productivity of the employees. Hence, it is the quickest way towards getting a raise. It’s a subtle method, to influence the inspiration, which will automatically influence productivity and the amount of money one receives.

This study results have shown that having plants in the office can increase productivity and creativity by more than 40%, and the overall mood by 50%. It was conducted in an improvised office, where everyone who took part had the same task to perform, but the results were much better in the environment with plants.

Since not all offices can make sure the plants survive, it is only logical to choose the toughest species available – succulents.

2. Better Air Quality

As we wrote earlier, these plants are made to be able to withstand the toughest environments, such as the deserts, where temperatures tend to rise above what normal plants are used to, and the nights get very cold. Not to mention the lack of humidity. This is the reason succulents collect moisture and store it inside, so they can use it when in need. The water inside of the plant is essential for producing oxygen. Having fresh oxygen around you increases the quality of the air. Most regular green plants depend on the sunlight, therefore are able to produce oxygen only during the day. Succulents, on the other hand, can produce during the night as well.

Sunlight is nice, but what about our productivity when we have to work long shifts, or during the winter? The answer is, surround yourself with succulents. Fresh air will circulate, you’ll breathe in full capacity and have your mind focused sharp.
On top of it all, the air will be clean.

3. Healthy Environment

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Yes, fresh air improves concentration and productivity, but there are many more important factors these plants can contribute to, such as health. It’s not a surprise that we are often prone to experiencing different medical conditions caused by all the radiation from the devices we are surrounded with (mobile phones, computers, receivers) and some toxins from the construction materials used. All of this we have very little influence on, since we do not choose where to sit. However, plants like succulents make sure all this is somehow filtered or depreciated.

A plant such as this can only take a couple of hours to clean the room from the toxins. And it will act as a shield from all the negative radiation coming towards you while sitting at work.

4. They Don’t Require Much Care

As opposed to green plants and different requirements each has in order to thrive, succulents are much easier to handle, because they do not require much attention. That doesn’t mean there will be no obligations at all, they are living organisms.

When it comes to surviving in challenging environments, we have mentioned they are quite capable, but one thing that makes them even more suitable for offices is the fact that watering doesn’t have to be so frequent, as in other plants. It’s totally ok to get carried away with work and forget. Moreover, if you go on a business trip or a holiday, even show up after three weeks, they will still look fresh. Different sorts, require different handling, but there are no drastic differences. Simple watering from time to time is enough for these plants to look their best and perform their duty with responsibility.

5. Reduced Stress

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Offices and every working environment are places of high-stress accumulation, this comes as no surprise. That’s why anything that contributes to stress reduction is more than welcome, for obvious reasons. These plants are also very successful in creating a stress-free ambient.

There was research conducted on one of the USA universities about how they contribute to stress reduction. It was found out that surrounding employees with succulents will reduce stress by an amazing 12%, and give one additional perk – turn their reaction to stress in a positive direction. The research included a very boring test given to employees of one company, on a very old and slow computer, but in different offices. The results also showed that those who were surrounded by plants gave much better results.

Being able to react to stress adequately, results in sharper focus, and increased self-confidence about the daily tasks one needs to perform. Any business will be happy to benefit from such a simple investment.

If you are a business owner or an employee that cares about the progress made at work, then surround yourself with succulents. Not only you will experience all the benefits stated in this article, but you’ll also enjoy a classy looking office.