How to Choose the Best Vape Pen for You as a Beginner Smoker From Your Local Smoke Shop


If you are new to the cannabis and dispensary world, you might be confused as to where to start. What do you look for? What methods are best for beginners? What accessories should you purchase with your latest apparatus? Figuring out what type of flavor you want, the type of high you want when ingesting cannabis, and the after-effects you want from using the apparatus are all key to figuring out how you can find the best vape pen as a beginner.

But what is a vape pen? Fortunately for beginners, this method is very easy to use, simple to operate, contains few moving parts, and provides only a minimal high that you can easily control – making it ideal for new users who are scared about getting too high during their first cannabis experience.

How to choose the best vape pen for you from a smoke shop!


For a newbie who is browsing around online stores and in-person dispensaries to find the perfect vape pen for their needs, it can feel like you have such an extensive selection that you do not know where to start. Due to the wide variety of these accessories, you need to make sure you take various things into account before you choose the ideal pen.

Those who are considering buying a vape pen need to know what it is, how it operates, and what you can find in a starter kit. This is ideal for engineers who have never smoked before and need some guidance on what to do, how to use it, and the accessories needed for a successful smoking experience.

Although a beginner or “starter” kit can seem like it will be insufficient for our needs, they are the perfect way to save money, buy everything you need in one fell swoop, and only need one trip to your local smoke shop. Instead of having to do with experience when you hear “starter” kit, it simply means that it has all of the basics that you need without having to go to the store multiple times.

The main components that you can find in a vape starter kit at your local smoke shop include the vape device, which can be a vape pen or e-cig, e-liquid cartridge, charger, directions, and replacement coils.

But how can you choose the best starter vape pen for your needs? We recommend choosing a kit instead of a singular one so you can have everything you need and be ready to go as soon as you leave the shop! Here are a few examples of the best vape starter kits that you can purchase at your smoke shop like The Freeze Pipe.

E-cig starter kit


One example of an alternative that you can find at your local smoke shop is the e-cig starter kit, which is extremely popular among beginner cannabis smokers due to its small size, fluffy vapor instead of tough smoke on your throat, and affordable price that make it ideal for consistent use.

Vape pen starter kits

The second type that would be best for beginners is the vape pen starter kit, an easy-to-use option you can purchase at your local or online smoke shop. The starter kits come with the vaporizer in pen style, making it discreet, easily usable, and sleek and stylish when using on the go. You can customize the accessories depending on your preferences and needs, making this a good choice for beginners who soon transform into advanced vapers.

Box mod kits


The third type of an alternative that you can purchase as a beginner is a box mod kit. This is a good way to transition from a beginner smoker into an advanced user, since you can add features, increase the power, and increase the intensity of the high!

Vape pod kits

The next type that you can purchase as an alternative from a local smoke shop is a vape pod kit. This is a new product on the market, which offers e-juice pods for added user convenience. These pre-filled pods are refillable and make it easy to change the flavor and refill the vaporizer with ease.

Benefits of buying a beginner vape kit


There are numerous benefits to buying a beginner vape pen kit from your local smoke shop instead of going with another smoking apparatus or advanced method.

  • A vape pen starter kit can get you prepared for smoking in the future, since you only need to visit the smoke shop once to get all of the parts and accessories you need. Instead of spending time, effort, and extra money going to various stores, you can simply go to one shop and make one purchase.
  • Great value – the second benefit of purchasing a beginner kit is the great value for your money, since you will be purchasing it with everything included, it will be much less expensive than buying each component separately.
  • Available for a wide range of experience levels – just because you are a beginner, it doesn’t mean that you won’t soon become an advanced vapor. In this case, you can still use your starter kit!
  • Great gift option – the last benefit of purchasing it from a smoke shop is the ability to give this as an ideal present to your fellow smoker! You can customize it to make it suit their personality and their smoking style.


If you are considering purchasing a kit as a beginner, we think this is a great choice! Not only will you be able to save money by buying everything together, but you will save time and effort going to multiple stores. Instead, go to one smoke shop and purchase everything you need at one point in time!