Car Accident or Hunger: Products to Avoid the Dilemma


No secret that US motorists like to eat behind the wheel. It’s one thing when you move around the city, where you can find some catering point at every step, and quite another when you have to go from Indiana to Kentucky. However, even a quick snack behind the wheel may result in distracted driving.

To minimize risk, it is always best to drive a good commuter car, like the collection of vehicles, described at Other tips are respecting the speed limit and set aside 5 minutes for rest, bite, and sup. Remember, that almost any gas station in the US will offer a complex lunch, a rest and even shower room for travelers.

The best food while driving

The general rule is simple: avoid fatty, salty, and heavy foods and dairy products on long trips. Such food can not only cause indigestion but leads to fatigue in the body and a drop in the driver’s concentration. What to prefer instead?

Fruits and vegetables


Vegetables and fruits will not take up much space and will satisfy mild hunger while providing the body with fluid and vitamins. The main principle in the vegetable and fruit selection for a snack is their size and juiciness. A piece of watermelon will significantly interfere with the driving process, while a banana or apple will fit in a hand and will not distract the driver.

Dense plums, apricots, pears, small carrots, or gherkins will be an excellent, healthy snack on the road. It is best to focus on foods rich in vitamin C. They will help increase efficiency, and at the same time, accelerates the reaction speed of the motorist – apples, strawberries, and black currants. Tangerines or oranges are not the best choices, even peeled and put in a container. They are too juicy, and the driver will have to wipe sticky fingers.

If taking bananas, avocados, or a bunch of fresh greens, the amino acids will contribute to the reaction speed of the driver and, possibly, help a dangerous situation.



We are talking about classic sandwiches with bread, ham, and cheese, not multi-tiered American burgers. Sandwiches are uniquely effective in terms of energy value. Their shelf life is not so long, but they will give a feeling of satiety quickly and for a long time. It is not recommended to spread butter on bread so as not to stain your hands, interior, and clothes. But a leaf of fresh lettuce definitely won’t hurt.

Rolls and burritos


These dishes have a common idea – a variety of fillings are wrapped in a flat cake. It is advisable to make such snacks at home for several reasons. Firstly, in a store or café, these dishes may be too large. You have to hold them with both hands, which is impossible while driving. Secondly, the purchased burrito may contain fatty ingredients, spicy sauces, or too much filling that will fall out.

Prepare rolls in a small format, fill them with healthy ingredients, and make them vegetarian, with chicken meat or fish.

Biscuits and crackers


The simplest food: long-lasting, perfectly satisfies hunger, easy to use, does not require packaging and warming up, and does not stain hands, steering wheel, and clothes. It is not for nothing that biscuits are included in the soldiers’ dry rations for the ability to satisfy hunger quickly. Among the varieties and types, give your preference to unsalted products and never chips.

Dried fruits and nuts


These foods are good for those who does not have allergies and if consumed in moderation. They enrich the body with the necessary micro elements, and due to the high caloric content, they saturate it, giving vigor and concentration. However, excessive absorption of nuts or any mixture of dried fruits can provoke constipation and add a couple of extra pounds.

Therefore, if a motorist knows a passion for pistachios, it is better to take a limited amount, harmless to the body and health.



If a motorist has to drive often and for a long time, it is worth acquiring such an indispensable thing as a thermal mug powered by a USB or car cigarette lighter. With a bottle of plain water taken with you on any long trip, you can cook any instant soup in a couple of minutes. Or, at home, fill a mug with ordinary chicken broth and warm it up in the car. Broths are often recommended as a health food for their beneficial properties and effect on the stomach, and also it is simply a tasty and nutritious dish.

Cold drinks


Plain water, natural juice, or green tea are the best drink for a long road. Sweet carbonated drinks tend to increase thirst and only distract the driver. Also, do not be zealous with really cold drinks taken literally from the freezer. They have an extremely negative effect on the stomach, can cause pain in the teeth, and at the same time, itching and coughing, which are extremely disturbing during the trip.

Many US motorists prefer hot drinks while driving, aided by the numerous roadside coffee shops and simple cart vendors of popular beverages. That’s just the statistics of accidents that occurred due to spilling hot drinks on themselves are absurdly high.

Drivers planning a night trip love to drink coffee. This addiction can play a cruel joke because coffee invigorates quite rapidly, but it also loses its effect just as quickly. Theobromine replaces caffeine, which makes you tired and drowsy. Moreover, experienced motorists know the phenomenon of the 18-mile syndrome – the distance they manage to cover on caffeine before they start falling asleep. Therefore, the largest percentage of accidents occurs just between 18 and 30 miles.

And despite the above-mentioned products being good snacks, it is better to experience a light feeling of hunger than fullness while driving. So the concentration will be higher. And the pleasure of a proper meal at the destination will be a hundred times greater!