How to Bring Your Vaping Experience to a Higher Level


If you are new to vaping, everything is exciting to you. The amount of smoke coming out of your mouth with every hit makes you look cool. You enjoy your new vaping devices, vaping kit, charging them cleaning them and trying different juices and flavors.

Vaping is a great pathway for those who are looking to stop smoking. It is healthier and less expensive. You no longer need to buy a pack of cigarettes every day. All you need is to find your favorite vaping device or e-cigarette and get the juices and you are ready to go.

Vaping devices mostly have either integrated or removable batteries. That means that you will have to charge them whenever that’s necessary. However, they are charged quickly and ready to use.

Experience vapers know all this. And they are looking to bring things to a new level because after some time, it can become monotonous. If you want to upgrade your vaping experience, this is what you need to do:

Buy high-quality devices


Vaping becomes much better when you have the right tools for it. Keep in mind that even if this is smoking we are talking about, vaping devices belong to the tech category. Once you move on from the regular e-cigarettes to more complex units and bongs, you will discover something like a product called Switch. At, you can find everything you want to know about this product and you can rest assured that it will change your vaping experience forever.

Not only thing, but there are always new vaping kits to discover. Some offer overcharge protection and fast charging. The first one helps you preserve your battery in case you leave it on a charger and the second one will charge your device in minutes.

All those devices are high-quality tech stuff that you need for the ultimate vaping experience.

Increase Your Power Setting

Vaping at a higher power setting produces more vapor and you receive more nicotine. Vaping devices have a VW mod that allows you to turn your wattage up or down. The modern ones come with the recommended wattage range. As long as you stay in that range, that’s great, but going to an upper limit will make things more fun.

Not all vapors have this type of a setting. For those that don’t you may want to reduce the resistance of the coil to get more power. In the manual, there are instructions on how to do this, but if you are not sure and don’t want to mess with it, that’s ok.

Take Longer Puffs


One way to get more from your vaping device is to take longer puffs. This is very simple because you inhale more vapor and therefore get more nicotine from it. There is a difference between experienced users and beginners.

Commonly, experienced users take longer puffs and get more nicotine from each puff, whereas beginners take short puffs. You shouldn’t confuse this with inhaling more sharply. You don’t increase the intensity of each vape, but rather the duration.

On the other hand, beginners often make mistakes and do chain vaping. This is when they wait for just a few seconds in between two hits. By doing this, you can experience a dry hit, which isn’t really what you are looking for.

Switch Between Juices and Flavors

Experienced users have already found their favorite flavor. However, if you want to improve your experience, you should switch between different juices and flavors all the time. In case you stick with just one flavor, you will get used to it and after some time, you literally won’t feel a thing. Therefore, it is essential that you mix things up a bit and surprise your taste buds.

We must also point out that there are different types of juices and liquids. When looking for a liquid for your device consider the nicotine levels in each. Furthermore, there are also naturally extracted e-liquids that are more satisfying than the traditional e-liquids that you can find in stores.

Clean the Vaporizer regularly


One of the things many users don’t realize is that they should clean their vaporizer constantly. Clean and charged vaporizer will bring the best it can offer and you will enjoy vaping much more. Maybe, you don’t have the same feeling because your vaporizer got dirty.

Each vaporizer is maintained differently, but you need to clean it after each session. Also, approximately once a month you need to clean your vaporizer thoroughly.

For the steel and glass elements you can use isopropyl alcohol and cotton pads. Furthermore, don’t forget to check the manual for cleaning and follow it. This is the safest way to ensure the purity of your device.

Store the herbs and e-liquids properly

In case your vaporizer uses herbs, you need to have a good container for storage. Keeping herbs in the appropriate conditions will allow you to get the best flavor possible. Any glass container will do the job and we suggest you keep the herbs in a dark and dry area.

The same goes for e-liquids. If you don’t store then properly, they will lose their characteristics over time.


One you know what you want to achieve from vaping, you will be able to get to that level. Going one level higher is normal after some time. There’s not much you can do to improve your vaping experience drastically, but these small things will definitely help you out.

Regular maintenance and cleaning go a long way. And so does using your favorite type of vaporizer. If you are using something that your friends recommended for you but you don’t like it, you will not enjoy vaping.

Combine high-quality devices with different juices and herbs and change these constantly to keep the experience new. Always try different flavors and you will definitely get your vaping to another level.