8 Best Toronto Nightclubs

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Toronto is famous place of diversity and culture. That is why it is one of the biggest attractions for tourists around the world. This city is equally active day and night. While during the day you can enjoy its charm, food and culture, when it gets dark it becomes even more active. Then every neighborhood in the city is lit, and read some of the best places you must visit as soon as the sun goes down.

1. Lovechild

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You can enter this club alone if you are 19 years old or older. If you meet these conditions, trust us that you will have an unforgettable time if you visit this place. It is mostly visited by people aged 19 to 23, the university / college crowd. So, we can say that this club attracts students the most. If you like it, because you are also a student who has just finished the first year at the university and you are completely ready for crazy fun, you must visit this club. Despite the fact that it is mostly visited by students, it also cares a lot about aesthetics and has the status of an elegant club, unlike some other university clubs.

2. Rebel

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Toronto is a place that has a very high standard when it comes to nightlife, and the proof is the many clubs that you will surely like. One of them is Rebel. It is a huge space with a striking design. Its architecture is unreal, and the sound is even better. If you visit it, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the bright lights, various details that will delight you, as many guests have already before you. That is exactly the goal of the people behind this club. If you want to be seen when you come to this club, we recommend Party Bus Toronto and surely everyone will know when you arrive. How exactly does it look, check on titaniumpartybus.ca

They will do anything to convey to you the innovative, multimedia universe that lies within this place. An incredible combination of theater lighting, video production, interactive performances, etc. will contribute to that feeling. You will constantly experience fun that never stops. In addition, the club has a beautiful view of the city skyline, the coast and other places. We have to mention that only the most famous faces perform here like Drake, ASAP Rocky and many others.

3. Call Her Juliet

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If you prefer blue, purple, pink or other colors neon aesthetics then this club is the right choice. Hip-hop, rap and rap are mostly played here. So, the audience that is oriented towards these musical directions is gathering. The ambiance is perfectly decorated, and the sound system will amaze you.

4. The Drake Hotel

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This good old hotel has been known for good entertainment for years. It even has three levels which means you can find different things in this place. For example, on the upper floor there is a roof and a bar which would be most suitable for those who want to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere. You will find just that there, but you can also have casual conversations with others who have come for the same. When it comes to the main floor, there is a dance floor and a bar. This floor mostly contains the largest number of people and the bar is almost always busy, and this is a great place if you came just for crazy fun.
The lower part is also called “The Drake Underground”. Here you can hear eclectic hip-hop bangers and there you can play more, and themed parties take place. Here you can expect a mix of genres. The club is mostly visited by an audience that is over 24 years old.

However, you can also find younger people. We must mention that you will not find booths or bottle service here, and that is what contributes to the casual and relaxed atmosphere of this club. You won’t have to prove yourself there.


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Coda is the right thing for all those who want to stay awake all night and spend time in a nightclub. It works until dawn and we guarantee a great time to everyone who wants a wild time during the long night hours. In addition, the club is known for its aesthetics, but also for its music. It will relax you perfectly if you like EDM, Tech House and Deep House. In that case, the place will certainly not disappoint you. The sound system suits everyone, and the lighting contributes to the crazy atmosphere. We must not forget the space for dancing, which is huge, but that is not all that awaits you. During the dance breaks, you will have the opportunity to eat snacks such as chicken tacos and other things. The great news is that you will not stay hungry at two in the morning, because you will always be able to order something to eat.

6. The Piston

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If you occasionally miss tunes of yesteryear then go to this club. There you will find the craziest disco parties, ’90s video dance nights and’ 60s mod vinyl DJs. You will have enough space for dancing to indulge in old hits to the maximum. There is also a separate bar for relaxing.


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Given the popularity of this club, our advice is to get there a little earlier so you don’t miss the opportunity to find the ideal place. This club exudes Queen Street and Hip-Hop vibes. However, this space is not that big. So, it is a smaller restaurant that can accommodate a little more than 200 people. Be aware that crowds can form very quickly, but you will not regret it. You must be 19 or older to enter it, but it is mostly visited by people aged 21 and over.

8. Lost and Found

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We present you another one of the most exclusive clubs in the city. Even though this club is at the bottom of the list, it does not mean that it can offer you less than others. The only thing that can make you a problem is the barrier to entry, but if you are a woman it will not be a problem for you. The condition is to get ready for bottle service and keep that in mind before you enter this club. Celebrities will occasionally stop by here.


People who live in this city definitely know how to have fun. So feel at least part of that excitement by visiting their clubs. There are many clubs that will give you the best time in your life. The list of attractions will suit all visitors, because it will be adapted to everyone’s interest.