7 Best Garage Storage Cabinet 2024 – Complete Buying Guide

best garage storage cabinets

Considering the fact that no one likes a messy garage, getting a cabinet to free up your space and get rid of all that clutter is a great solution, but where to begin? For starters, explore the cabinet market and find out what’s out there so you can choose the one that is perfect for your garage but also consider all the stuff you want to store and how big of a unit you need.

Top Picks in 2024

Take a look at the following list and our buyers guide to make that decision easier.

1. NewAge Products Bold Series Gray 8 Piece Set

NewAge Products Bold Series Gray 8 Piece Set, Garage Cabinets

If you require a lot of storage space and have a big garage, the cabinet set made by NewAge Products could be a perfect solution for you. It contains 2 multi-use lockers with the capacity of 800 lbs, 1 base cabinet that can fit 600 lbs, 3 wall cabinets of 100 lbs capacity, and 1 rolling tool cabinet that can store 600 lbs.

Those 2 lockers come with 4 height-adjustable shelves and are suitable for storing a large volume of items, and of course, locking them ensures the safety of your precious items like tools and whatever you find valuable. The rolling tool cabinet is a really useful unit since it can be moved whenever you need it to. This cabinet comes with a stainless steel worktop that is 6 feet long and presents a perfect workspace for any of your current projects.

As for the built quality, there is no doubt this unit is very well-made. All cabinets are made of 24-gauge steel so it is obvious they are strong and long-lasting, and most cabinets come completely welded so installing them is easy.

The only downside to this unit we could find is the price. It requires a pretty generous budget, but given the quality and the size of this storage system, it might be worth the money.

2. Sterilite 01423V01 4-Shelf Cabinet

Sterilite 01423V01 4 Shelf Cabinet

The complete opposite of our previous pick is the Sterilite 01423V01 4-Shelf Cabinet when it comes to size. Still, this unit is worth checking out, especially if you have a smaller garage or you don’t own many tools that need storing. This cabinet is 69 inches tall, 25 inches wide, and 19 inches deep. It features 5 shelves perfect for all sorts of items you want to store, and 4 of 5 shelves are adjustable allowing freedom when organizing its content. The total storage capacity of this unit is 200 pounds.

This cabinet comes in two colors: dark gray and white platinum, so incorporating it in your garage interior is simple since these colors get along with almost everything and the elegant and simple design makes that task even easier. It is made from sturdy plastic material, that won’t rust like some steel units.

One thing you might not like about this cabinet is the handles. They are not classic handles with a hole for your fingers, but they feature a bar you have to pull to open the cabinet door. This should be no obstacle, except you won’t be able to lock the doors with a padlock.

3. Keter Storage Cabinet

Keter Storage Cabinet with Doors and Shelves

Another cabinet compact in design that won’t consume a lot of space in your garage but gives you just enough space to keep your mess organized. This unit is built from polypropylene resin material so rest assured it is tough and robust and mold-resistant – a quality that is especially handy if your garage is prone to humidity.

Now let’s talk storage capacity. This Keter Storage cabinet is 67 inches tall with a depth of 15 inches and a width of 26.8 inches. It features 5 shelves, and four of them are adjustable in height. Each shelve can hold 45 lbs of weight, and if you need to store some house items like a vacuum cleaner or a broom, simply remove the shelves and gain extra storage space.

This cabinet comes in pieces, so you will be required to assemble it yourself, and it can take up some time, but given its cheap price, it is worth checking out.

4. Suncast 72″ Resin Base Garage Storage Cabinet

Suncast 72" Resin Base Garage Storage Cabinet

If you choose this garage storage cabinet, you’ll get premium-quality with amazing construction that is extremely strong and resist bending and denting. This unit is built from platinum with metal reinforced shelves that can hold up to 75 pounds each without the risk of breaking. It features 3 amazingly strong shelves that are placed in a 72″ casing.

Locking the doors of this cabinet is no trouble since it comes with two small handles that are placed near each other, so a standard padlock should do the trick. The doors also close very tightly together so no one can pull the fingers through and the dust can’t get in. this cabinet is also very easy to clean since the material is smooth and shiny, and it goes well with every garage interior.

Assembling this cabinet is fairly easy and should not take up a lot of your time. In fact, there is just one thing you’ll need to put a little bit of effort in and that is to lock the shelves into place but once you do, they stay stable and secure.

5. Seville Classics Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet

Seville Classics Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet

The total capacity of the Seville Classics Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet is 850 lbs giving you plenty of room to store your tools and other things that get in the way in your garage. The adjustable shelves can hold up to 150 lbs each, with the bottom panel with a weight capacity of 350 lbs. The unit features a built-in security lock that keeps your valuables safe and secure, and if you happen to lose the key, don’t worry – an extra key is provided.

This cabinet is made from steel that gives it a very “garage-looking” appearance but also ensures stability and durability. The metal doors look like they keep your tools safe, and they actually do. The handles on this unit are convenient and easy to use.

Probably the coolest this cabinet features are the large wheels at the bottom that allow you to move the unit around as needed. When you want it to stay in place, simply lock the wheels and forget about it – it’s guaranteed the cabinet will not move. You can take the wheels off if you are sure the cabinet will always stay in one place, but we do not recommend it since they do not represent any trouble and allow you to swipe the floor beneath the unit (which you won’t be able to do without them).

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6. Rubbermaid Storage

Rubbermaid Storage 72 Inch

Rubbermaid storage unit is made from polyethylene material that makes it just as strong as some steel cabinets but also lightweight and humidity-resistant. It comes in a standard gray color and is fairly easy to assemble because the process requires no tools.

This cabinet has a storage capacity of 690 lbs with a total storage volume of 21 cubic feet. It comes with 4 shelves that are not height-adjustable but can endure heavy loads, so storing some robust tools and heavy items is no problem. The unit features 4 individual doors, so organizing your items and getting around is simple. If you want to take it one step further, you can label each compartment and make it neat and well-organized.

With the measurement of 36″W x 72″H x 18″ D, and a fairly affordable price, this cabinet can be a perfect addition to your garage.


HODEDAH IMPORT 3-Shelf Bookcase Cabinet

The smallest cabinet on our list is the HODEDAH IMPORT 3-Shelf Cabinet that is primarily a bookshelf but can very well be used as a storage unit in your garage. Whether you prefer a classic wood color or dark black, this unit will fit in with every garage and give you that much-needed storage and allow you to get rid of that chaotic clutter.

This is a cabinet made from wood, and it is prone to molding, but if you have a dry garage it should satisfy your needs. It comes with 3 shelves. Each shelve has its own door with a convenient handle, so organizing your garage items should be a piece of cake. It is a highly-practical unit that comes in different sizes so pretty much everyone with a small garage can choose the right size that suits them best.

Buyers Guide

how to choose the best cabinet


There are several different types of storage units that you can install in your garage. The most common ones include traditional shelves, pegboards that go on the wall, overhead hanging shelves, and cabinets.

Traditional shelves are usually wired shelving racks and they can come in different sizes, both in height and width. These shelves are customizable and can be rearranged for your convenience. They can also come with wheels so you can move them around as you like.

Wall-mounted pegboards go up against the wall and take up much less space in your garage. They are ideal for small items like tools and are easy to organize.

Hanging shelves that go over your head are a great solution for saving up space since they utilize the space on the ceiling and leave the floor and the walls free.

Cabinets are the most common and most popular garage storage option since they are very versatile in size and form. You can get them with drawers and shelves.


garage storage cabinets different sizes

When choosing a garage storage cabinet, you should keep in mind how much space you need (how much stuff you need to store). You’ll want a cabinet that can fit all your tools because, after all, that is the reason you’re getting it in the first place. Keep in mind that shelving systems can be upgraded at any given time, while cabinet systems cannot be expanded and you will need to buy a whole other cabinet to get more room. Just to be on the safe side, we must warn you to measure your garage space and get a cabinet that fits.

Weight Capacity

Depending on your needs and intentions, you may need different weight capacities of your cabinet. If you plan on storing heavy boxes and tools in your garage, make sure your cabinet can endure all that weight and doesn’t break. It is always safer to choose a cabinet that is stronger so you don’t face any risks.

Materials – Built

How your cabinet is built directly affects the quality and weight capacity. Choose the one that is made from durable materials and will last long, so you won’t have the need to replace it after a while. Most garage cabinets are built from steel and wood that guarantee endurance and stability, but there are some cabinets made from other materials like plastic. That doesn’t mean these kinds of cabinets are less durable. In fact, some plastic materials are proven to be as durable as steel. Either way, you go, make sure the shelves are stable and can handle the weight.

Ease of Assembly

It is very important to assemble your cabinet right, without damaging it or even doing it wrong so you can prevent it from breaking. You want to be sure you can do it right, so look for cabinets that come with clear instructions and save yourself both time and money. Most cabinets are really easy to put together and won’t take up a lot of your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

garage cabinets faq

How deep should garage cabinets be?

That depends on your storage needs, but the usual depth of garage cabinets is somewhere between 16” and 24”.

Is it cheaper to build your own cabinets?

While buying premade cabinets is much easier, it does require a certain budget. If you are confident you can build a cabinet on your own, you will spend less money, simply because you won’t have to pay a professional to do it.

Can I use kitchen cabinets in my garage?

The simple answer is: YES. There is no law against using your kitchen cabinets in the garage, and this can be especially useful if you plan on getting a new kitchen and don’t want to throw off the old one.

Why are garage cabinets off the floor?

Garage cabinets are usually 4” off the floor to make cleaning and sweeping easier. Some cabinets come with legs that keep them off the ground, while others have a set of wheels that not only keep them lifted but allow you to move your cabinet without trouble.


As you probably already know, there is no perfect garage cabinet that fits all garages and suits everyone’s needs. For that reason, it is important to think about your storage needs and find the right cabinet for you. Be sure to check out our list, but we encourage you to do a little searching yourself, so you purchase a cabinet that is just right for you.

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