Are Jeep Wranglers and Good for Towing – 2024 Guide


Here’s a car, which has long become an icon of off-road driving and a synonym for every real or just wannabe SUV. It’s the one you see in most television shows involving adventures and driving in the wilderness. For years, it has been appearing in a new, more advanced, and more capable edition than the previous one.

There are cars that even those who do not follow the car industry at all, will immediately recognize. The Porsche 911 is one example of such an icon in sports cars. The second is certainly the Jeep Wrangler, which has nurtured its distinctive appearance for 15 years longer than Porsche and which has become synonymous with an entire category of cars in the last 70-plus years.

A couple of words about its features…


Seven ribs on the radiator grille and a distinctive light signature with high ground clearance and pronounced fenders are the trademarks of every Wrangler. The new one comes in two body variants, with three or five doors, and is powered by equally new and super modern engines (if we ignore the 3.6-liter version of the Pentastar unit that is primarily loved by Americans).

It is a two-liter petrol engine with a turbocharger and 272 hp, which we know from the Alfa Giulia Veloce and from the same car of the well-known 2.2-liter diesel engine and 200 hp. We are sure that this version will be the most sought-after. An eight-speed automatic transmission is in charge of all powertrain versions.

Unlike most SUVs, the Jeep Wrangler is really designed for nature trips, where there are no real roads. Hard-core off-road is in his blood and no matter which version you choose, Sahara or Rubicon, you will leave behind all four-wheeled make-up artists in dust or mud. The new Wrangler retains the reference off-road features and the real chassis on which the body is located, but the interior has made a significant shift in terms of quality and functionality to stay in line with the times, but also practicality for everyday tasks.

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But since most drivers choose this vehicle for its off-road superpower, they want to know if and how good are they for towing?


To cut the long story short, this vehicle is ideal for towing.

The classic lever next to the gearbox is used to select a drive that goes from 2H (rear-wheel-drive only) for asphalt, over 4H car where Wrangler depending on the conditions transfers up to 50% of power to the front wheels, then 4H (part-time) which locks the drive to permanent 4WD in a ratio of 50-50 and the last 4L in which the gearbox is turned on so that you can get out of the most difficult conditions and overcome the steepest climbs.

For an additional fee, you can get a differential lock that locks the rear and, if desired, the front differential for situations where a wheel is in the air or on a slippery surface, so just one wheel on a surface with the flu will be enough to pull the whole vehicle. The Sahara is somewhat more adapted to urban environments, as can be seen in the footwear in which it comes (M + S tires), while the Rubicon comes with extreme off-road tires.

Another feature we are used to with the Wrangler is the ability to easily remove the door, roof and even folding windshields so you can enjoy an indescribable sense of harmony with the environment in which you drive (of course, if it does not snow but drive on a beach in summer or mountains). Such a naked Wrangler is truly a unique sight and definitely reminiscent of his famous ancestor Willys with whom the whole story of the Jeep as a brand began during World War II.

This vehicle’s offroad tricks don’t just end in the great drive, as even the best drive becomes powerless if the wheels lose contact with the ground. That’s where it dominates and it’s really hard to put it in a situation where one wheel is in the air. For such diagonal and transverse loads, the Jeep offers the option of separating the balance bar on the front wheels. After that the articulation of the wheels is maximal and you always have the ground “under your feet”. Best of all, it does it so elegantly that it’s enough to stop and press the “sway bar” button and wait for the message that the balance bar is off.

Different capacities for different models


As is the case with other vehicles, this one also has different models with different towing capacities. For instance, two-door models can reach up to 2000 lbs, while four-door models can easily tow up to 3500 lbs. To find out more on its towing capacity, visit

Aside from what it was already made to be able to do when it comes to towing, additional towing gear can be purchased, to increase its capacity. This can include anything from additional light bars, aux switches, wiring harnesses, etc.

Although large and powerful, it works very quietly and refined, while vibrations are kept to a minimum, and despite the heavy and totally non-aerodynamic bodywork, it is able to move very briskly and dynamically. Although by today’s standards acceleration from about 10 seconds to 100 km / h does not sound like a special undertaking in a car the size and weight of a Wrangler, it seems extremely fast. Once you get used to the body tilt and indirect steering, it can be fast enough on a paved road, but it still suits the relaxed pace much better, both for cars and passengers. So, it can be a great choice of a car even if you don’t go off road that often.

The Jeep Wrangler is truly the best of this brand dedicated to SUVs. With the last “update”, it received the necessary dose of modern technology, but also sophistication that will allow comfortable use in urban areas as well.