The Advantages Of Granite Floor Tiles: Why They’re A Smart Investment


Unlike one particular singer, most of us can’t walk in the sunshine. Yes, we know, it’s a metaphor, but either way, walking on a firm surface is always better. If you’re in the process of renovating your home, building new, or simply laying down a floor foundation in any part of your home or backyard you’ve come to talk with the right people. In this text, we are going to talk about the advantages of granite floor tiles.

Floor tiles come in many shapes, and sizes, and are made of various materials. Why are granite ones a good investment? Well, there are plenty of reasons. We are going to run you through those that we see as the best fitting for your floor.

If you’re having doubts about which material to pick, or you’re simply unsure of your selection, this article will swing the pendulum. If you’ve already set your mind on granite bathroom tiles you can find on this site exactly what you’re looking for. In the meantime, you can take a look at our reasoning why granite tiles are your best choice. Let’s start.



When you’re investing time and money in a property you want it to last as long as it can. Usually, we’re looking for a lifetime of usage. If you want your floors to outlast you, and even to live with your heirs, granite should be your choice. We’re talking about the material with amazing durability. In terms of tiles, it is almost unparalleled.

This is what makes granite tiles so appealing to home builders. When we’re talking about areas where you’ll be dubbing your feet all day long, and where you’ll have many guests over, this is a clear-cut choice. Just pick a good supplier and leave all worries aside. We’re talking about decades without having to worry about your tiles.



Granite tiles are not only durable and possess immense longevity, but they are also quite artistic. We are talking about the numerous colors available. If colors are not enough, you can also select from various patterns available. When you combine all the colors and patterns available with this material you get an almost infinite number of combinations.

When buying this material people usually think that their selection is limited to only a few colors, black and white. But, there are markets in the world that can give you access to green, pink, and even red granite. The best part is its original patterning. Granite tiles will come your way with distinct patterns that were formed in quarries over millions of years.

No Stains


If you’re going to install these tiles in an area of the house such as a kitchen where food and beverages are consumed every day, or in a  bathroom where you’ll work with a few chemicals, granite tiles are a perfect match. The reasoning is simple. Not only that you can match it easily with any type of kitchen furniture or bathroom elements, but it is also highly resistant to stains. What’s even better is that you can wash it easily even when you spill something. Of course, it is important to use the proper cleaners intended precisely for granite.

Added Value

We mentioned that we’ll also discuss the money part of granite tiles. When you create with his tiles, it might be a costly endeavor. In principle, these tiles come at a price. But, they offer an immediate effect on the appearance and quality of your homemaking. In the long run, the benefits are even greater. If there comes a time when you have to, or desire to sell your home, owning these tiles as part of your property will add value to it.

While essentially you should aim to install these tiles for your well-being and comfort, they will be of great aid when you start looking at the resale value of your property. To put it simply, having these tiles is a form of investment. No, you will not become Donald Trump, or some other construction mogul overnight, but granite tiles are a wise investment nonetheless.

Low Maintenance


With time, you’ll learn to love your tiles made of this material. The majority of us love to take good care of our homes. But as more time passes it gets harder to maintain it and take good care of your property. Old age will do that to all of us. This is why you’ll love to hear that these tiles come with low maintenance needs.

They only require some light mopping and sweeping. Even if you’re hardworking and love to take good care of your tiles, you’ll be glad to hear that they don’t need too much of your attention. When you combine their durability, agelessness, and sheer volume of quality with the need for no or some light maintenance you’ll finally understand why this is such a smart choice.

Hypoallergenic Properties


Considering the time and age we’re living in, having floors made out of hypoallergenic material is amazing. These days, kids all over the planet, and adults even, suffer from various forms of allergic diseases. Asthma is one of them. Alleviating the symptoms of allergic diseases is a favor to your future self or your kids.

At this point, you understand that no other choice can parry granite tiles in so many departments. When you know that they’re easy to maintain and that they are hypoallergenic you start understanding that with little to no effort you can mitigate some of the issues most people sustainable to allergies have. A smart and healthy move. Two flies with one hit. Or is it three or four?

It’s Heavy And Difficult to Install

You must be wondering how this is an advantage. It is not an advantage per se, but we’re talking about what makes these tiles so great. What makes them so hard to install is their weight. It is not easy to maneuver with these tiles. But, that’s also what makes them so great. Their weight is a  testament to their quality. While it can make them hard to operate, when you get the real deal, and have professionals installing them, you easily turn a disadvantage into an advantage.