4 Signs You Need A TV Signal Booster

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Antenna problems are real and they are easily explained. But sometimes, an antenna won’t deliver the expected results. In that case, a TV signal booster is a solution to your problems.

More commonly known as amplifiers, TV signal boosters are very convenient gadgets that help get the most of your aerial and digital TV antenna.

But do you even know you need one? If you’re looking to add a TV signal booster, here are the 4 signs that tell you it’s time to do it.

1. Weather Causes Signal Issues

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One of the biggest problems with aerial TV is that bad weather largely causes an issue with the signal. This prevents you from watching quality TV. Bad weather interferes with the signal quality, causing poor picture and audio.

While certainly an annoying issue, there is a way around it. By using a TV signal booster, you will make it possible to watch interference-free television during bad weather. Although it might not make the problem go away completely, this gadget will amplify the receiving signal and make it easier to watch television.

Lousy reception due to bad weather such as heavy rain and high winds is a big problem for aerial television users. But a TV signal booster is a gadget that solves some of the issues.

2. Transmitter Too Far

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The whole point of aerial TV is for you to watch television by receiving a signal through a broadcast tower. The concept is quite simple, but not every household will get the same level of reception. Rural areas are oftentimes much further away from a transmitter, meaning they either lack some channels or the signal is gradually weaker.

When this is the case, a TV signal amplifier gets the job done. By some estimates, an amplifier will increase the transmitter range by an additional 100 miles in radius. For many rural households, an amplifier is the only way to get the signal from a broadcast tower.
Since these gadgets effectively boost or amplify the signal, it will make it easier to watch quality television and the channels you’ve been previously missing.

3. Antenna Issues

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You might not know it but a faulty antenna set up makes it a nightmare to watch television the right way. This is probably the most common cause that leads to bad reception.

That’s precisely why you should always hire the right people for the job. Aerial TV installation companies are there to offer a professional service. But not every company gets the job done. Scouting the internet is one way to make sure you hire the right people for the job.

Otherwise, you are risking signal issues. But as mentioned previously, you might not be aware that this issue exists. So in that case, an amplifier will get the job done. But the underlying issue still exists. So what are your options in that case? If you feel that you’re not getting the right reception, then it might be due to hardware issues or installation issues.

In any case, the only way to solve this issue is to hire the right company. If you’re looking for a professional aerial TV installation company, then make sure to visit here.

4. Your Home Is Made Out Of Signal-Blocking Materials

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Surprisingly, this is a very common sign that tells you you need to get a TV signal booster. Safety is always a priority when building homes. But some materials used work counterproductively when needing to achieve maximum signal strength.

The most common signal-blocking materials are found in every home. Some of them are brick, wood, steel, concrete, and metal. These materials all do a good job of blocking the signal, especially when using an indoor antenna. An outdoor antenna doesn’t face the same issue as an indoor one. But for better reception, you should get an amplifier.

How Does A TV Signal Booster Work?

TV signal boosters, or amplifiers, are meant to give you the reception you need to watch quality television. These gadgets do that by boosting the signal. Whenever your antenna picks up a weak signal, the gadget will amplify the signal.

By doing this, you are making it easier to watch television that is clearer. These gadgets go into your antenna and TV. By performing this simple task, you increase the pick-up range by an additional 100 miles in all directions.

Other Ways To Boost the Signal

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You can do a lot of things to boost the signal and watch interference-free television. Many consider an amplifier to be a last resort. But you should always have one just in case.
If you don’t, however, then here are other ways to amplify the signal to your TV antenna.

• Position the Antenna the Correct Way

You would be surprised to find out just how effective this one is. Many think that reception depends on the distance between the broadcast tower and your antenna.

But what many fail to understand is that the terrain also plays a big role. More so, the direction you point to the antenna also dictates how strong a signal you’re getting. If you point the antenna the wrong way, then you won’t be able to watch television the same way.

So the first thing to do is to know where the nearest TV transmitter is and point the antenna in that direction.

• Place It Higher

The higher the antenna is, the easier it is to avoid signal-blocking terrains such as houses, buildings, and trees. This is one of the golden rules of aerial TV installation. The thinking is that the antenna should be placed as high as possible.

Although in some cases this is a lost cause, it will get the job done if there is a house of trees blocking the signal.

• Replace Cables

Hardware issues are surprisingly common and can make it difficult to get the signal. One of the most common hardware issues is a faulty cable. So if you’re experiencing interferences all the time, it might be smart to replace the cables with newer ones that come with more protection.