Signs That Your House is Marked


Several signs may show that your house is marked, but this might only sometimes be true. Therefore, doing your homework well before taking a step, like calling the police, is best.

In this article, we’ve narrowed down the list to the most common signs that your house is marked. These include:

  • Unfamiliar vehicle (repeatedly showing up)
  • Flyers and stickers
  • Fake emergencies (the jogger who needs to use your washroom)
  • Unusual foot traffic
  • Tampered security and more

But as already stated, the signs may mean something other than your home is marked.

Unfamiliar Vehicle


Notice a suspicious vehicle that repeatedly appears and seems to stick around with no activity? That might be a sign your house is marked.

When hunting for their next target, most burglars want to learn as much as possible about the house owners. They want to know the following:

To gather this information, some burglars may use vehicles with tinted windows. That is for the cover-up to get as close as possible to your house.

So if you notice an unfamiliar vehicle that irregularly shows up and loiters around your area, take action. Note down the registration number and the time the car appears. Ask your neighbors whether they are familiar with the vehicle. You never know; it might be a distant cousin who has visited.

Flyers and Stickers

If you have lived in your house for several years, it’s possible to note something odd. It could be a sticker, a flyer, paint, or a chalk mark on your fence.

For some burglars, once they’ve scouted the area, they may use stickers or flyers (even commercial flyers) to mark the house they want to raid. If you notice a sticker on your door or fence you didn’t authorize, it’s best to get rid of it.

According to reports from England, some burglars would even use small white stones to mark a house with valuable goods.

Install security cameras to keep an eye on all who access your compound or have a fierce chihuahua to guard your fence.

Shuttered Window


Shuttering windows is one of the tests burglars use to mark houses. If homeowners do not repair the broken windows after a week, that may mean they are away.

If you find your window broken, fix it as soon as possible. You never know; it might save you from a raid.

Accumulating Mail or Newspaper

Aside from the window test, burglars may also mark your house by your mailbox or the newspaper pile on the front door. For them, it’s simple maths— if you do not empty the mailbox or the newspaper continues to pile, it may mean you’re on vacation.

Some may even send you mails or drop letters on your front door to check if anyone is there to collect. Make a habit of clearing the mailbox and train the dog to collect the letters on the front porch. If you are traveling, ask a friend to do it for you. It might be a lifesaver.

Unusual Foot Traffic


It’s always good to observe traffic around your house. If you are in a gated community, it’s easy to recognize an unfamiliar face.

Burglars may pretend to be jogging and request to use your washroom. But their concern is to observe loopholes in your home security; some may even take pictures.

Be on your guard when you notice unusual persons taking pictures of your house and walking away. However, not everyone on the street is a burglar. Maybe the stranger has found your home design fascinating.

Tampered Security

Have you noticed your cameras aren’t working lately? Or do the motion sensor lights seem to have a problem suddenly? It might be an indication your house is next in line.

Statistics prove that a house with a security system is less likely to be burglarized. However, it’s not always a limitation for seasoned burglars who can easily tamper with the wires.

Plus, having a rusty old 1960 camera or an outdated mechanical alarm system is only a joke to bandits.

Nonetheless, if your security system is not working as it should, it’s good to take action. Repair your cameras immediately. Or replace the street bulb that mysteriously vanished when you were at work. Burglars might have tampered with the security to prepare for a raid.

Additionally, it’s essential to have your security system up to date to keep potential robbers away. Avoid those DIY camera installations. Have an expert access your home security, and seal the loopholes.

Missing Trash


It may sound far-fetched, but missing trash is a common sign that your house is marked. Remember, a burglar (a seasoned one) will want to have as many details as possible about you before breaking in.

The garbage bin is where to get the trashed documents containing your details. These include bank statements or receipts from a booked flight this coming summer.

If you notice your trashed papers are missing, be careful. Pass all the sensitive documents through the shredder before tossing them into the trash bin to avoid your routines from leaking out.

Calls From an Unknown Number

To learn your routine, the time you’re in or away from your house, burglars may frequently call your landline. They may not even initiate a conversation; if you pick up, they hang up.

Take note of an unknown number that irregularly calls your landline for no specific reason, especially if they hang up when you receive it.

If the call seems suspicious, block the number or share the number with the local authorities and let them investigate it.

Your Missing Dog


A sizable dog will keep away any burglar. That’s why the first move is always to remove the dog. No thief can break into a house with a barking dog in the compound. If your fierce chihuahua has gone missing, it might be a reasonable sign that your house is marked.


Not all the signs above may show that your house is marked. However, it’s best to be cautious and take action to keep yourself and your family safe. Learn more on home security.