7 Horse Racing Betting Tips You Can Use in the Breeders Cup

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The Breeders Cup is one of the US’s most important horse racing events. It’s an event filled with wealth and prestige, which many bettors, trainers, and owners join every year. Horse racing fans and bettors anticipate this year’s champion as they celebrate with all they’ve got as the event ends.

It’s certainly an event no horse racing enthusiast would ever dare to miss. If you plan to attend this year’s Breeders Cup, you might want some help winning your bets. Luckily, we’re here to discuss some of the most effective horse racing tips you can use in this year’s Breeders Cup. Let’s start.

1. Check the List of Races

The Breeders Cup has several races that you don’t want to miss once you’re there. Some would be the Breeders Cup’s Juvenile Turf Sprint or the most anticipated Breeders Cup Classic.

These are the most awaited events in the Breeders Cup, so you should expect that many people would be betting on them. Whether you’re looking to set a budget for each race or you’re looking to parlay, you should familiarize yourself with the most important races in this event.

2. Ignore Coaches/Jockeys’ Opinions

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If you want to have some information on each horse, it’s probably best to ignore the ones from the coaches and jockeys themselves. They are most likely biased and are looking to sell their horse. There’s a reason why they’re the most unreliable source of information in horse racing events.

Instead, you can do your research to get information. You can check the horse’s track record and see if it already has experience with the race. You could also see if the horse has won the race on the Breeders Cup before and it’s running on the race again. In short, it’s best to ignore information based on bias if you’re looking for information.

3. Look at the Jockey’s Experience

While you can ignore what the jockeys say about their horses, you need to check their experience with the horse and track record. One of the biggest mistakes that people often make in horse racing is that they just check on the horse’s track record.

The horse can only go so far without the help of their jockeys, so you can bet that jockey experience is also important. You can then ask questions about their recent races, experience with the horse, their experience with the event, etc.

4. Don’t Blindly Bet on Favorites

The main reason a horse is chosen to be the favorite is statistically, they have the biggest chance of winning. However, as we all know, horse racing can be so unpredictable sometimes that it’s not a farfetched idea that even the most underdog horse can pull out a comeback and win from time to time, which is why it’s often a bad idea to bet on the favorite blindly.

In fact, favorites only win a third of their races, which means they only win one out of three of their races in a given instance. There are even false favorites, where the horses are called favorites even though their chances of winning aren’t that big. Always do your research before betting on your favorite, or any horse, for that matter.

5. Vary Your Bet

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When you get into horse racing, you should always familiarize yourself with the types of bets you can make and vary your money into different bets. Experts suggest that varying your bets will make you more likely to make a substantial win and a better overall ROI in the long term.

For example, if you’re looking to bet $10 in a single race, you might give $2 on the win, $2 on place, and $1 for show. The rest of the $5 will be for the across-the-board bet. Not only will you have a decent amount of winnings if at least one of them wins, but your payout will be huge if you win all of them.

6. Choose the Best Odds

Shopping for odds has been proven to be very effective if you’re looking to fatten up your bankroll. By shopping for odds, you can find plenty of other betting sites that offer more favorable odds like TVG breeders cup odds and bigger payouts. An additional $1 might be too small for your taste, but it could stack up to well over $100 in the long term.

You’ll also get a chance to take advantage of bonuses on first-time account creations. A lot of betting sites usually give out deposit bonuses and discounts if it’s your first time creating an account, which can also help you out a lot with mitigating losses later on in the event.

7. Try Out Horse Racing Betting Strategies

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If you plan to bet for the Breeders Cup, then you should at least read up on some basic strategies you can use for the event. There are many simple ones out there that beginners can learn quickly. For example, you can use matched betting. Matched betting involves betting on a horse on one betting site and betting on the horse to lose on another.

You could also use ditching, one of the most popular betting strategies in horse racing. Dutching involves betting on multiple horses to win in a single race. All you have to do is find three horses you think have the most chances of winning the race. Once you pick those three, you can then divide your bet among the three of them.

There are a lot more simple strategies out there that you can use for the Breeders Cup. By using these strategies, you can at least give yourself a chance to win big on the event.

Final Words

The Breeders Cup is fast approaching, and it will be big. It’s one of the most prestigious horse racing events in the US, so if you’re a fan and a horse racing bettor, this is one event you must not miss. And with the tips we discussed above, you’ll have some profit to go home with after the event. Good luck and see you there.