Do I Need a Lawyer? Yes – Here Are 4 Reasons You Must Hire a Car Accident Attorney!


Maybe you were driving fast and you recklessly rear-ended another person. If you were going over the speed limit and you were the cause of the car wreck, then the accident is your fault – now what?

What if you were driving along the road, following the rules, and you skipped through a yellow light – and you were rear-ended by someone else. What now? Who is at fault? How do you proceed in court? All of these questions can cause you to wonder how you should proceed next and whose fault it was.

If you were in an accident, no matter how minor, using a car accident attorney from Betz and Baril is the best way you can figure out whose fault the crash was, receive any potential monetary compensation for your injuries or damage, and continue with your life. In some cases, you might be the person who was at fault in the wreck – if this occurs, having a professional on your side who can help you avoid hefty fines and jail time is essential to your case.

On the other hand, if you were the victim of a serious car wreck that involved numerous hospital bills and thousands of dollars in car damage, then using a car accident attorney is the best way that you can get the compensation that you need and ensure the other person’s insurance covers the costs of your damaged vehicle.

No matter the cause of the accident or the outcome, using a car accident attorney is the most effective way that you can avoid any legal battles, long-standing medical bills, and financial concerns. Let’s see the main reasons why hiring a car attendant attorney is an absolute MUST to move on with your life!

The professional will focus on your case


If you have been injured in an accident, then hiring a accident lawyers in Las Vegas, NV is the best way that you can simply focus on getting better instead of having to worry about legal issues and financial troubles. The car accident attorney will be the person who will be in charge of your case – not only will this take away lots of unwanted stress in your life while you are trying to get better, but it can prevent you from making a mistake while trying to formulate your own case.

Avoid any issues with your case moving forward and missing any details by using a car accident lawyer who can do all of the hard and complicated legal work for you. After all, they are well-versed professionals in the legal industry who know what they are doing – let them do what they are best at while you simply focus on getting better and fighting off any injuries that occurred as a result of the car wreck.

Formulate your case


The next reason you should use a car accident attorney for your case is so they can do exactly that – formulate your case. If you find that you were the victim of a car accident and a negligent person caused the wreck, your lawyer will be able to figure out how they can use the data gathered from the scene and the aftermath to fight your case in a court of law.

If you were the person who was at fault in the crash, then the attorney will still gather evidence and formulate an argument that has your best interest in mind. The attorney will have to do a lot of research and information-digging to find out what they can use to help your specific side of the case. The most important information that the car accident attorney will focus on is getting a police report of what happened in the accident, speaking with witnesses, finding out the best witness to ask for testimony, using expert testimony, and speaking with your healthcare staff to see the injuries that you sustained during the crash.

Prove negligence


The third reason to use a car accident attorney for your case is to help determine the presence of any negligence. If you find that the other person who caused the crash was negligent in any way, then the lawyer will be able to find out information and gather data on how they can PROVE this occurred – and how you can benefit from the other person’s negligence at the time.

The most important aspects of proving negligence in your case are as follows:

  • Duty of care – The first aspect of negligence that your car accident attorney will focus on is the duty of care. The other people on the road owed you a duty of care – since they breached the duty of care, they are responsible for the crash.
  • Causation – The second aspect that your lawyer will determine during his investigation is that the person’s duty of care breach has caused you damage to your car and health concerns.
  • Damages – The last aspect of proving negligence for your case is when your attorney cites the damages that were suffered as a result of the breach of the duty of care.

Gain financial benefits


The last reason to use a car accident attorney for your case is so they can help you with any financial issues during the crash and the aftermath of the accident. If you have to pay hospital bills and the damage to your car is extensive, then you have to be in a financial position to do this on your own. If the lawyer proves the other person was at fault, they can help you obtain funds for the pain and suffering that you went through during and after the accident, medical bills, mental health problems as a result of the accident, physical therapy costs, and any lost wages as a result of not being able to work.


If you have been in a car accident – whether you were the person at fault for the wreck or you were in a negligent situation – then you should use a car accident attorney to help you get the funds you rightly deserve and fight your case. If you were at fault, this lawyer can help and try to get you off scot-free. If you were at fault, this professional will help you get the financial compensation that you rightly deserve for your pain and suffering.

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