Top 5 Gambling Movies On Netflix This 2024

The latest movies and TV shows are now released on virtual platforms where people can comfortably watch it from their homes as we live in the era of online entertainment.

Everyone enjoys the flexibility and freedom that comes with watching movies on online platforms. You can watch what you want when you want and how many times you want to.

One of the most popular online platforms is Netflix and numerous people use it. Everyone has different interests and choices in what they want to watch.

For that reason, Netflix needs to have a variety of options in movies that are suitable for everyone.

Whether you want to have a lazy day in your bed or a family night, you will find your favorite movies on Netflix. The online platform includes some of the most unusual movies and the least-known genres as well.

From holiday classics to gambling movies, everyone will find something entertaining. Gambling movies might appeal more to people who have an interest in gambling or sports betting.

People who regularly play gambling games at casinos or websites like Bovada would find these movies to be more engaging. However, gambling movies can be entertaining for everyone.

Movies are always known to provide viewers with an experience they can’t or haven’t gotten in real life. Similarly, gambling movies can also give you an experience and glimpse into the gambling world.

If you want to know or develop an understanding of the gambling world, movies about it are always a good option. Here are some of the most entertaining gambling movies on Netflix in 2024.

1. Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems

This movie stars Adam Sandler who plays a gambling addict. Sandler’s character owns a jewelry store in New York City; however, he is struggling to pay back his gambling debts.

To pay off his loans to his brother-in-law, Sandler places bets from the money he earned on a basketball game but is unable to get that money.

Later in the movie, Sandler earns good money but places another bet on a basketball game instead of paying the loans off. Uncut Gems gives out the message about people’s greed for money and how the cycle of wanting more money is never-ending.

2. Win It All

Win It All

The movie follows the story of gambling addict, Eddie Garrett who stumbles upon a situation where he must guard $50,000 for an acquaintance until he comes back from prison. While Garrett is told not to open the bag, his temptation gets the best of him.

Garret eventually loses the money and seeks help from his brother, Ron, who gives him a job. After working hard for a while, Garrett gets the shock of his life that his acquaintance is getting released from prison early. Panicked, Garrett gambles once again and loses all the money he had earned.

While this movie is about a gambling addict, it does have a heartwarming vibe to it. It shows that it’s not too late to change and anyone can lead a good life by making the right choices.

3. Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven

This thrilling crime movie about a casino heist will keep you clinging to your seats and has a star-studded cast featuring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and many others.

After being released from prison, Clooney wants to create a team to pull off a heist in 3 of Vegas’ casinos, the Mirage, the Bellagio, and the MGM Grand. The execution of the heist is filled with unexpected twists and turns. The film’s blend of humor, action, and drama makes it a must-watch for any movie lover.

You will certainly enjoy this movie as it highlights Las Vegas’ scene as well as giving a riveting plot by the cast.

The movie is a remake of the 1960 movie. Ocean’s Eleven also became quite successful as it spawned two sequels and one remake. Its success is a testament to the engaging storytelling and charismatic performances. The sequels continue to explore the intriguing world of heists and cons.

4. Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead

This movie follows Dave Bautista who plans a heist and must take out $200 million from a casino safe with his team. However, there’s only one hurdle in their way and that is a horde of thousands of intelligent zombies.

In a futuristic world, people are dealing with a zombie apocalypse. The combination of heist and horror elements creates a unique cinematic experience. The suspense and action will keep you on the edge of your seat.

This interesting blend of a zombie apocalypse and a thrilling casino heist gives the movie an intriguing take. You will definitely be surprised by this innovative mixture of genres and have an entertaining time.

The film’s creativity and unexpected twists make it a standout in the genre. The performances and visual effects add to the overall enjoyment. What is more, the music score is very cool and fitting.

5. 21


21 follows the real-life story of an MIT Blackjack team that wins money from casinos because of their math skills. Of course, this goes sideways for one student, Ben Campbell, as the world of casinos and gambling isn’t as simple or luxurious as he thinks.

The film offers a fascinating insight into the world of card counting and casino culture. The tension and drama build up to a satisfying conclusion which is always nice.

This movie is the perfect light-hearted watch on a Friday night or a lazy Saturday afternoon.

You will easily enjoy this movie and witness a story about how math students became experts in Blackjack. The film’s charm lies in its relatable characters and engaging plot. It’s a fun and educational ride that’s worth the watch.

Final Words

While this list includes some nice and entertaining gambling movies, you are always free to choose something else. If none of these movie’s appeal to you, don’t worry as the Netflix movie list keeps changing. Netflix will always have something for everyone’s tastes and choices.

Keep exploring the vast library, and you’ll surely find something that resonates with the resonate gambling fan within you. Remember to look for some tips to improve your game as you watch!